Whats Hot & Whats Not: Antiques as Investments by Jerry Shroud

Various categories of antiques go through cycles of popularity based upon design trends and their impact on consumer taste. As a result, some styles which sold for top dollar several years ago are now fetching much less in today’s market; even half what these pieces formerly garnered. By contrast, certain items have seen an increase in prices due to renewed interest. For true collectors or those looking at antique purchases as investments, fluctuation of pricing due to popularity presents a great opportunity to buy when a given style is out of vogue, or the prospect of selling for a higher

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Spring clean your outdoor surfaces and furniture.

Spring is in the air! The days are growing warmer and the sweet scent of flowers fills the senses. After cold winter rains, winds and frosts, outdoor spaces are in definite need of a spruce up. So it’s time to shake off those winter blues and get spring-cleaning outdoors. To start, cast a critical eye around your outdoor spaces and make a list of the chores you’ll need to do to take your outdoor areas from winter drab to springtime fab.


Hose down your outdoor decks and stain or

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£2300 / ruarkaudio.com

Hang about. I seem to be holding a copy of the Habitat catalogue. Don’t panic, gadget fan. Until 2017, when DFS will include the Autonomous Bum-Grinding MechaSofa in its autumn collection, we have nothing to fear from furniture. And furniture is precisely what Ruark has created with its lovely new R7: furniture that also happens to do a very good job of playing music.

Ha! It’s a… a thing! A music thing! Yes, it is a sound system. It’ll play pretty much anything from any source — it’ll stream your music wirelessly over Bluetooth (aptX), use its

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Preface to the revised edition

It was with some trepidation that I accepted the task of revising Ernest Joyce’s work, for in the eyes of so many it had become the woodworker’s bible, helping countless people in their search for woodworking knowledge and their own personal search for excellence. This reluctance to tamper with the bible, which was strong, and shared by many other people, was tempered by the knowledge that much had changed in the world of craft furniture since 1970 when this work was first published— changes that Ernest Joyce himself would well have approved. Writing as he did in the late sixties,

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Kim and Joe Lynch are obsessed with interiors from the past. ‘We’re hooked on the lived-in look,’ says Kim. This explains why every room of their elegant Victorian villa near St Ives is decorated in period style, with layers of rich texture and ornate furniture lending a reassuring sense of history.

When the couple moved here from London in 2002, it took a huge leap of faith, as they had always seen themselves as die-hard city folk. Kim was an art director for a publishing house, and Joe headed up a city advertising agency. ‘I always thought Cornwall was a

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Opinion. The author is an independent furniture retailer.

Heatwave gave us a summer to remember.

We may not of had the Olympics to cheer us this summer but it has still been one to remember, if not always for the right reasons.

Things started off not too badly, particularly at the better-end where at least there is still some decent margin to aim for. But then came the heatwave.

Thankfully, we had a fair few outdoor sets left from last year, which in July was easily our bestseller, and now at least we don’t have them taking up space in the warehouse.

Thanks to the lack of footfall

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Norwalk Furniture, Design you could search through galleries and websites for months and still have no guarantee youll be able to find it. Unless, that is. you save yourself all that headache and go straight to Norwalk Furniture & Design.

Norwalk’s custom orders are made in the U.S.A. of the highest quality, priced competitively and delivered in 35 days or less. With a vast list of detail options — from the shape of a leg to thousands of upholstery possibilities — providing optimal creative control over the design process, every item Norwalk produces has the potential to be one of a kind. It’s easy to specify what you de¬sire and then relax in confidence, knowing your dream piece is underway.

If the ideal look isn’t yet fixed in your mind. Norwalk offers complimentary design service from highly qualified professionals (they

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Media & Starting Point.

Media. Sit a spell.

What better book to read while you’re lolling on your log-home porch (or wishing you were) than a book about porches? Here’s a starter selection to inspire your enjoyment of this great American institution.

Porch Living (Gibbs Smith, 144 pages, $30) by James T. Farmer III. This photographic celebration of porches breaks them into five categories: classic country and rustic porches, casually elegant porches, sleeping and lazing porches, porches for entertaining and garden porches. Nostalgic yet modernly apropos, Porch Living grasps how porches, whether grand outdoor salon or cozy sleeping nook, represent how we live and

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Norman’s prime destination for quality home furnishings and accessories. Theo’s is family owned and operated, celebrating 42 years in business and still dazzling clients with furniture designs to appeal to every¬one’s personal style.

Stick ley furniture and upholstery means enduring craftsmanship and a great tradition since 1900 that’s rooted in the past and destined for the future. It’s American-made and a smart investment.

Theo’s also features Vanguard. Paul Roberts. Wesley Allen. Jeff Zimmerman. Marsh field and Paladin, to name a few. as well as custom hand painted furniture and country French decor.

The Brook haven Village store is home to

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The best storage is the type that you didn’t even know was there. A system of sliding doors on rails, the Close system is specifically designed to close the units of Poliform walk-in closets. poliform.com.au


Hafele’s Elite pull-out storage system is an organisation solution to any messy wardrobe because it can flexibly be adapted to fit different wardrobes. Thanks to an extensive range of trays, hampers and racks that effortlessly fit into the system, everything has a place. hafele.com.au


The elegant Vodder tallboy was designed in 1959 and features Arne Vodder’s trademark

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