Scion of Muammar Gaddafi confirmed torture in Libyan doctors slammer

Six doctors blamed Libyan kids motivated Infection with human immunodeficiency virus. Doctors themselves had read about his own innocence and allegations of torture. Scion of Muammar Gaddafi agreed in teleinterviyu protection version of the Bulgarian and Palestinian doctors. Seif al-Islam Gaddafi acknowledged that babies were infected with HIV before the arrival in the Libyan hospital 5 nurses and doctors: "It was a tragedy, a disaster. But it came to the case." Safe Gaddafi confirmed that doctors questioned with the introduction of electric shock.Dr. Ashraf al-Hazuz — Palestinian received Bulgarian citizenship — more intense states of torture."Doctors tortured like animals —

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What prezenty get out of the tent Belarus Gaddafi?

A three-day official visit to Libya Muammar Gaddafi favorite in Belarus. That connects the two countries voedinyzhdy? How important affairs of Belarus and Libya in the context of relations between Minsk and the West and Russia? Which specific results can be expected from cooperation between states with 2?Participants: doctoral student registered in Lithuania Euro Humanities Institute Sergey Bogdan and editor of the analytical bulletin "Belarusian Week" Alexander Klaskouski.That connects the two countries voedinyzhdy?

Valery Karbalevich"Lukashenko’s visit to Libya in 2000 was malaplennym. Trade between the countries small. Credit which has pledged Tipo Libya, Belarus has not received. But here’s the

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So read Gaddafi

Perhaps the only more specific Belarusian bibliophiles present in the collection of selected aphorisms Belarusian translation of "Green Book," Muammar Gaddafi — the Analects for all occasions Libyan citizen. This book came out about 20 years back and has become a rarity.Offer only a couple of examples of this creativity aphoristic guest Republic of Belarus:• We are concerned that Obama as a black man suffers from an inferiority complex. And this leads him behave worse than white. It’s just disaster. We urge him to be proud that it is dark, and keep in mind that Africa has always support him.•

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Lukashenko impressed policy Gaddafi

Welcoming the guest, Lukashenko expressed satisfaction with the "victory Gaddafi in the international arena ", — quotes Belarusian manager learned:"We know how difficult it was to survive, endure international sanctions imposed illegally completely your country. And with all this lead the country in the number of countries that now determine policy in the world."Alexander Lukashenko said that he was impressed by the policy of Libya to the UN. "Belarus and Libya are many different approaches to the main dilemmas of order in the world. We, like you, the question fundamentally believe that the world must be multipolar, it is in

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Visit Gaddafi march in Kurapaty not prevent

November 2 will be held in the usual procession Kurapaty. Authorities allowed representatives and BPF, and the Conservative Christian Party BPF holding mass events dedicated memory of days Protz "Dzyady." Representatives of the CCP BPF going with the 10th to 11th around the watch factory, beginning processions in Kurapaty — about 11 hours. BPF Party gathers his supporters near the East cemetery, meant that the march will begin on 12.30. Path passes both lap times on Independence AvenueGAI warned that 2, 3 and 4 November in connection with the arrival Muammar Gaddafi probable periodic restriction of movement of all modes

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Truth and untruth about the events in Libya

Prior to that, explain why not share that beheld and experienced in Libya, immediately upon arrival at the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations first board — on a cargo plane Il-76. Also tell you why I decided to write about it at the moment.

In 1-x, the whole flow of misinformation which gushed from the horns of Middle Eastern, Western and Russian media at the beginning of clashes in the east of the country, put me in a deadlock. I could not understand why Twitter and Facebook every 10 seconds, there were reports in which it was suggested that

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Why do Western countries lined up to the bombing of Libya

Everyone who follows the military developments in Libya, probably saw that only stronger "eager for battle," France and the United Kingdom.

What caused so angry all the same zeal of politicians and generals of the states to be in the forefront of the military operation against Gaddafi?

In some Western media have already flashed the answer with reference to some diplomatic sources. It appears, for a long time before the UN Security Council resolution, resolve the "security measures" against the Libyan regime, the South American politicians have promised to the French and the British, in the case of the overthrow

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Why not throw our homeland Syria?

There is only personal opinion, without any reference to the policy.

For me, as for many others, the confrontation of the legitimate government of Syria, and terrorist groups is the problem of virtual emanating from the screen, "the speaker box."

Yet, analyzing what is happening now with the way the coverage in the Russian media fight the Libyan government with foreign mercenaries, I concluded that Syria will not hand over our government. I will try to expand its position on friday:

1. The volume of incoming info and its sources

Remember Libya. Specifically, reports from that country during that

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After the capture of Tripoli

The war ended in the Libyan capital. The last battles were fought at Tripoli international airport and the southern parts of the town.In Mon, August 29, in the Libyan capital Tripoli have been noted some signs of a return to normal life, has reopened the central market selling vegetables, meat and other food products are required, and in some areas is the free distribution of the population of drinking water.As reported in the European media, Muammar Gaddafi and his second son Saif al-Islam went to the city of Bani Walid, 100 km southeast of Tripoli, where supporters gathered dictator. Some

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Is in full swing preparing for a diplomatic intervention in Libya (+ survey)

Began a diplomatic war against Gaddafi. France and England began to seriously consider the possibility of air strikes on Libya.

France broke diplomatic affairs with Libya. According to Agence France-Presse, the French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced on March 10 that his country recognizes formed in Benghazi National Transitional Council (NPC) as the sole legitimate government representing the interests of the Libyan people. Paris became the first European capital refused to recognize the legitimacy of the authorities in Tripoli.

In the evening on March 10 already Nicolas Sarkozy and British Prime Minister David Cameron in a joint statement called on the

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