The power of Galactic tides

Galactic tides are capable of shearing entire galaxies in two and ejecting stars and debris into interstellar space

A galactic tide is a cosmic process in which an object of small mass is distorted gravitationally by one of larger mass, such as a satellite galaxy being influenced by a larger galaxy.

This process occurs as gravitational attraction between two objects increases with a decrease in distance, with objects in close proximity to each other experiencing stronger attraction and greater probability of generating a galactic tide.

A good theoretical example of a galactic tide is two galaxies located close to each

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Samsung Galaxy NX

Build and handling

The Samsung Galaxy NX looks very similar in style to the firm’s own NX20, although measuring 136.5×101.2×25.7mm the Galaxy NX is larger but with a thinner body profile. The size increase is largely due to the giant 4.77in screen on the back of the camera. This screen covers most of the camera’s rear, leaving only a small amount of space for a raised, rubberised thumb grip. Coupled with the large handgrip, it is really comfortable to hold, especially with larger lenses. I find both thumb and fingers have great support.

There are very few buttons on the

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Messier 106

How this incredible galaxy has helped us map the universe.

This image of Messier 106 (also known as M106 or NGC 4258), a spiral galaxy located approximately 23.5 million light years from Earth in the constellation Canes Venatici, shows the intricate details and structures of this fascinating region of space. It is one of the brightest and nearest spiral galaxies to Earth, and has also proved useful in calculating cosmic distances.

At the heart of M106 is a supermassive black hole, however, unlike others, such as the one at the core of the Milky Way, it is actively eating material

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Galaxy classification

Edwin Hubble’s monumental discoveries revealed that the universe consists of a variety of vast galaxies that exist far beyond our Milky Way galaxy.

Edwin Hubble can be ranked as one of the great astronomers, whose discoveries are as important as those of Nicolaus Copernicus and Galileo Galilei.

In 1919, he began working at the Mount Wilson Observatory in California. A few years later, he used the newly built 2.5-metre (100-inch) Hooker Telescope to study Cepheid variable stars located in spiral nebulas. From these observations, he found that they must exist far beyond the Milky Way. In 1925, he presented his

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Space Archaeopteryx

The telescope «Herschel» discovered in the constellation Cetus, at a distance of 11 billion light-years away, a giant galaxy. It was formed as a result of the collision of two large galaxies more (X01N and X01S), consisting of about 400 billion stars each. The galaxy, which was named NHMM01, new stars began to appear — to 2000 units per year! For comparison, in our own galaxy — the Milky Way — are born every year is only two or three stars. Collision of galaxies in the cosmos is not uncommon. The singularity of the findings in that.

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Energetic black hole spawns galaxy with four arms

Astronomers create the most detailed portrait of the M106 galaxy.

The combined efforts of the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope and two amateur astronomers has not only produced the best view of neighbouring spiral galaxy Messier 106 to date, but the exquisite detail of this 20 million light-year-distant star factory could have helped to explain why it appears to have four arms.

One of the brightest galaxies that we know of, M106 has an impressively active supermassive black hole at its centre which devours material that falls into it, and this heavyweight object’s insatiable appetite is thought to be responsible for

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The largest galaxies in the universe are giant ellipticals – huge clouds containing trillions of stars whose overlapping individual orbits create an enormous, fuzzy-edged ball. These monsters can grow to be ten times the size of the Milky Way, but even by these standards, IC 1101 stands out: it has a diameter more than 50 times that of the Milky Way, and is roughly 2,000 times heavier.

IC 1101 lies at the heart of a galaxy cluster called Abell 2029, over a billion light years from Earth. The cluster has an overall mass of around 100 trillion Suns, though most

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Adam Scorey contemplates the future of cameras on a trip to South Korea to check out Samsung’s latest camera smartphone, no, smartphone camera…

There should be no surprise that Samsung, this giant of a Korean electronics company with over 236,000 worldwide employees, should continue its development of the NX system, this time with the launch of the Galaxy NX -essentially it is the Galaxy Camera but with interchangeable lenses.

Now, the Galaxy Camera caused a bit of a stir due to being the first camera that combined 3G, or the ability to take a phone sim card, with a powerful,

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Battery Stamina


He likes the camera but complains about the battery life being short and I wanted to know if this is a known issue or if it’s a faulty camera?

A: As you’re well aware, Richard, the Samsung Galaxy camera is a product that’s designed to bridge the gap between compacts and smartphones. Much like a compact, it provides an optical zoom that gives it an advantage over a smartphone, but also features Integrated 3G technology and cellular network connectivity to give users like your son the chance to upload and share images on the fly when

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  November 30 at the plant in Marietta company Lockheed Martin gave USAF second so-called «Productive» military transport aircraft C-5M Super Galaxy.   Plane with number 85-0001 was the ninth C-5M Super Galaxy (including three experienced machine) in the U.S. Air Force and will be coloring the interior Air Force Base National Guard USA Stewart (pcs New-york), before as to the scene of constant dislocation Airbase Dover (Delaware pcs).

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