Parrish Art Museum

The architectural firm of Herzog and de Meuron, which has now been operating long enough to be almost ‘old guard’, remains nonetheless one of the most reliable sources of original and gently challenging architectural form anywhere. Having burst onto the scene — at its more conceptual edges — many years ago, it has matured into one of a half dozen ‘go-to’ offices for major cultural commissions of the type that demand buildings of significance, stature and Intellectual depth. Never short of Innovative approaches or applications, from siting to massing to materials, Herzog and de Meuron deliver buildings always worth paying

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Ancient underground shelters.

In many parts of the world there are ancient buildings, some unknown person and for what purpose created. Given the limited technical capabilities of our ancestors, it is simply impossible to believe that they were built by people of stone or bronze age. In Turkey (Cappadocia) discovered a vast complex of underground cities located on several levels and connected by tunnels. Underground shelters built unknown people in ancient times. Erich von Daniken in his book "In the wake of all-powerful" describes these shelters: "… Were discovered giant underground town for many thousands of people. The most famous of them

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