Visioneers Gallery

Expanding The Audience

United Photo Industries’ massive public exhibitions bring modern photography to accessible public spaces

In an era when the resolution of smartphone cameras has reached an astonishing 41 megapixels, and photo filter apps can render even the most mundane moment into a Technicolor feast for the eyes, digital photography may seem to be reaching a saturation point. Surprisingly, however, as digital imagery pervades all aspects of our lives, the reverence for photography in the art world has risen to new levels as proven in the sale of a fine-art photograph by Andreas Gursky auctioned for $4.5 million at

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Troops of tomorrow

Начнем разговор с цитаты из одного американского журнала о том, что “Carved In Stone’ — альбом, который не переплюнуть ни Dream Theater, ни Queensryche. Неплохо, а?

“Даже и не знаю, что сказать,» — в растерянности бормочет Карл. “По-моему это невероятнейшее преувеличение,и уж точно мы никогда не поведемся на такой приговор. Но все же приятно слышать такое, потому то все мы большие поклонники Queensryche с самых первых их дней.” “Правда, нужно отметить,» — добавляет Майк, что большее влияние на Shadow Gallery как на группу оказала вовсе не современная прогрессив-метал-сцена, а 70-ые годы, Jethro Tull, Kansas, Yes или Queen — единственные в

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Lets see Jerwood Galery

We visit the latest in seaside art offers, this time a Jerwood Gallery designed by Hat Projects for Hastings, that adds to the town’s unique attractions

Hastings is eclectic. Topographically and architecturally it is an absurd and bewildering amalgamation of faded seaside grandeur, tired boatyards, crumbling , eccentric modes of transport and, what now seems to be the norm in British seaside towns, the carcass of a burned-out pier. This month sees the opening of the new Jerwood Gallery, by architecture practice Hat Projects, on the shoreline of a historically important working beach known as the Stade. It is also

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Herzog & de Meuron and Ai Weiweis

Serpentine Gallery Pavilion – the 12th to date – is complete and drawing the crowds into its subterranean womb in London’s Hyde Park. The view of the bijoux Thirties tea pavilion – a gallery since 1970 – has never been so unobstructed. The Swiss architecture practice and Chinese artist’s subtle insertion is very different from Peter Zumthor’s dense, monolithic structure that went before, or Jean Nouvel’s eye-bruising, fire-engine red structure before that.

Using the sloping topology of the site, the roof – which in effect is a disc filled with water meant to act like a mirror to the elements

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5 tips for a great photo gallery

Showcase your shots with digital galleries

Many of us are guilty of leaving our photos hidden away on computers or memory cards where no one can see them. Instead, why not create a digital photo gallery to display your best images in? This is a great way to organise your shots and get feedback to help you improve your skills.

Don’t duplicate

If you’re looking to create a strong gallery of your shots, be picky with the ones you upload and only include ones you’re really proud of. Don’t include very similar images either — pick the best out of

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Do you have enough space for intellectual self-realization in the boonies?

Phenomenon, but the only personal art gallery in the country is located in the village of Rakov, Volozhin district. Its founders and owners — known person here, brothers Yanushkevich: Valerian architect, painter and scholar Joseph Felix. Located gallery "Yanushkevich" next to the church, sung in the "People’s album." On the street and gathered under the roof of monuments, works of art brothers, a rich local history exhibition. Cancers such as the "navel of Belarus"Leave the family nest brothers are not going to rural status and satisfied all hundredths At least, Felix Yanushkevich already looks to the future and intensely attached

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Chelyabinsk Height 239

CTRP — Industry Group metallurgical complex in Russia, one of the largest domestic manufacturers of tubular products with a total market share of about 20%.

The company's revenue in excess of $ 2 billion in plants CHEP employs about 20,000 people. Among the ten largest pipe manufacturers in the world. CHEP brings together companies and enterprises of ferrous metallurgy: JSC "Chelyabinsk Tube Rolling Plant", JSC "Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant" and others.

On the Open at the Chelyabinsk Pipe Rolling Plant Welding Shop "Height 239" — the first draft of the national "white metal", a brand new type

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Ada Gallery — triumphant international film forums

Filmmaker Vladimir Kolos continues to collect premiums popular European Documentary Film Forum. After nedavneshnego Russian triumph in Khanty-Mansiysk, his film "Ada Gallery" dedicated to former prisoner of the ghetto, the former village teacher Ada Raychonok, received one of the highest awards at the festival in Berlin — a special prize of the European Parliament. Recall that Ada Raychonok art gallery founded in Hiermanavičy under Sharkovshchina and conduct open-air role and zabugornyh Belarusian painters. Now Vladimir Colas returned from Germany, spoke to him Igor Carney. Berlin "Europe Prix" — one of the most notable European competitions television and radio programs. Festival

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Gallery Ada received the prize

The tape was presented at the competition "Europe Prize", which is held in Berlin. Merit Belarusian director handed President of the Chamber of Regions of the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities Council of Europe Lyudmila Sfirlaaga.The film co-production television Poland and TV Belsat "Ada Gallery" Vladimir Kolos associates workaday life of a small village with Belarusian official propaganda.

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In Vitebsk, the premiere of the movie Hell Raychonok

Most of them know how Mrs. Raychonok local Democratic activist who founded an art gallery in Hiermanavičy Sharkovshchina area and has almost 18 years in a row organizes open-air role and zabugornyh Belarusian painters.As an actress, many saw Hell Raychonok the first time, meanwhile heroine herself tape revealed that once wanted to act in films, and this his dream fulfilled filmmaker Vladimir Kolos.Introducing the film, Vladimir Kolos stressed that such figures as Ada Raychonok, there is definitely unique. And because the tape expressed enthusiasm for the company over 10 European countries. Neighbors of the Vitebsk region also discussed hot seen,

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