If all goes according to plan, in 2016 we will have a mega-complex of hotels, resorts, and casinos in a brand new strip of reclaimed land on Manila Bay, the City.

There, big money will flow in a frenzy of high stakes gambling and ‘total entertainment,’ our attempt at taking a big chunk of the fun from the little Monaco of the east. It’s that or an easy win over Las Vegas, which has been losing a lot lately. Unless, of course we botch the entire thing…

When Solaire Resort and Casino opened in March at that new stretch of

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AMD Gaming on a Budget

This month, we build an affordable AMD-based gaming rig to find out just how good (or bad) a CPU/GPU combo can be


THE MISSION. We’ve put together some spendy systems recently. Hey, there’s a reason this mag is called Maximum PC. However, it’s caused a few readers to wonder if we drive gold-plated Humvees to work. As if! We have chauffeurs for that kind of thing. The fact is, we like the challenge of building to a rig’s optimum potential, at any price. So this month, we turn the tables and

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Guest night air — the first public editor of Liberty Ira Kozulin

In "Night studies" is now ending series devoted to the spread of gambling in Belarus. In the past we had read about the days of the increasing number of clubs with gaming machines and television latyareyav boom, now — about casino: Belarusian gaming market expected influx of Russian, and some MPs suggest all Belarusian casinos take in the deepest. Grodno inhabitants speak out why people play in casinos. In addition in "Freedom Night" interview with the winner of the contest "Win the book Freedom" Dmitry Kavetskaya, reporting from Bobruisk a day or poetry festival "Word Order", information about Prime» ers

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Minsk deputies against armed bandits

According to the Economic Department of the Ministry of Sport and Tourism, in Minsk has about fifteen hundredths arcades. Hundred "armed bandits" (also referred to as indiscriminately as these devices) are registered in the regional and district centers.Machines are sitting around for several daysStaff clubs where there are devices gaming business, do not hide game is addictive, people who can not resist the temptation to degrade.Zahar Garkun two years gave chips in one of Minsk halls and states that more vorachivatsya in this business is not going to:"I’ve seen enough of typecasting that nightmare. They virtually all around the clock,

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Will Belarus Russian fifth area gaming business?

Last year, for bringing order to the gaming industry took personally Russian President Vladimir Putin. By him, in this area turn into billions of dollars, untaxed. Putin compared the dependence on roulette with alcoholism and drug addiction that threatens the gene pool of. Presidential concern supported the deputy head of the State Duma Vladimir Zhirinovsky, who first advocated for the fact that the casino (similar to correctional institutions), to move to remote areas.Or converted to Minsk "alternate airfield" Russia?Winner casino network "Dankoff" enterprise "Zhorzhyk K" Yuri Dankoff position control of Russia considers incorrect. But states that have not yet sees

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In Volgograd, opened a sports and gaming complex coastal — kids

On International Children’s Day at the Voroshilov district of Volgograd was inaugurated sports and gaming complex "Riverside — Children". The object at his own expense built commercial and industrial group "BIS", which also erected a modern houses.

The guys now have a multi-purpose sports field for games and competitions. Nearby is a playground with slides, swings and roundabouts. Around — the lawns with flowers, paving paths of colored tiles. The company’s investment in the development of social infrastructure amounted to 3.5 million rubles.

Chairman of the TPG "BIS" Alexander Nazarov stressed that the company in the future will continue

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Unforgettable club online slots Club-Vulka provides a better opportunity and fun with the utility to spend time immersed in the world of gambling entertainment, replete with diverse slot machines, where you can play completely free without registration. If you — a gambling man, whose life is simply not possible without risk and no bad feelings, then you certainly need to visit our Online club and show its capabilities in the game on one of the entertainment offered to give all of this is not only positive, and we launched a solid currency. Our Web site is working around the clock, because every gamer

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Online Casino Club Volcano. Slot machines for every taste

For over a hundred years old slot machines are incredibly popular in the world. Since the first of them: Liberty bell (1887 issue) and to this day with them have been numerous developments and despite the fact that now they can play online, principle remains the same. So, welcome, online slots casino "Club Volcano": Http://

A little background.

As I said, the first "one-armed bandit" was Liberty bell (Liberty Bell), slots, which consisted of three drums, which were portrayed 20 characters: bells, horseshoes, card suits and stars. It was invented by German immigrant

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The shadow of gambling in Russia

For him, people play computer games or slot machines? Psychologists have long been considered the problem of game Depending on how the very real illness. The situation with complete gambling on the views of many professionals, threatens national security. Luli get used to playing slot machines to play free of charge so that later become addicted to their own whims.

Initially, gambling may seem innocent fun, but ultimately man loses all control over his senses and converted to a man who turns out to be virtually enslaved by the system. Such man can become an easy target those who

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Slot machines Garage bring real online income

If a woman pays a lot of their own appearance and tries to at least some good time to look at the beauty salon, the guys have their own personal preferences. Specific outlet for a lot of guys who are owners of the vehicle, a garage. And men want in a garage is not only for those to cycle to clean the carburetor or candles in your own car, and in order to come across with their peers over a glass of tea.

Modern companies that are working to develop game software, willing to take into account the preferences

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