Bold, nontrivial solutions, unusual design and of course the quality of the wines recognized by wine critics all over the world, quickly entered Tvelftri Michael (Michael Twelftree) and Richard Mintz (Richard Mintz) in the highest circles of the Australian winemaking. Published recently rated Wine Spectator Top-100 2007 once again confirmed this: in seven years, «two hands» have gone from obscure to the novice authors Bella’s Garden 2005, the fifth in the list of the hundred best wines of the year.

General plan

Slow Australian Two Hands owners it is able to confound many. For it is not immediately clear is

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Plants in the garden

Derain WHITE

Derain — is one of the gardener’s favorite plants. That it may be a permanent backdrop of the garden, thanks to stable decorative, perform a leading role at a time when there is a pause of flowering and decorative neighboring counterparts. No other shrub not combine so many positive qualities!

Derain is beautiful in the summer, due to the decorative foliage and abundant flowering in winter, because he shoots and bright berries, which lies snugly snow. In the summer, even in the gloomy weather, variegated dogwood bushes, as if by magic, converted the most different corners of

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Beekeeping in orchards

The successful development of any agricultural enterprise depends on the correct proportions between primary and secondary industries.

Standards of proportional development of beekeeping in horticulture farms, consider the experience of the state farm named after Lenin, the Ryazan region. This bee farm is in conjunction with horticulture and animal husbandry.

It was found that economically feasible rate of bee colonies to pollinate orchards in the conventional method of using family apiary is 2-2.5 per hectare. The introduction of a new method of pollination-replacement families in flowering garden-reducing regulations twice.

Increasing the number of bee colonies per hectare garden leads to

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Let the table will be more fruit

The collective farm named after Lenin (village Goryachevodskaya) Mineralovodskogo production department annually planting fruit trees, strongly increases the yield of the gardens. Yes, and how not to develop this important and profitable crop if it gives up to 40% of the farm cash income. In the best years we get from gardening 1400-1500 rubles. But not only that guided the farm, increasing fruit plantings. We see our duty to fully meet the needs of tourists on the Caucasian resorts.

Most mistakes are farm managers, who are afraid of the cost of the development of gardens. In part, this is probably

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Application of fertilizer in the gardens of the Non-

Research and practice of horticulture have shown that high yields of perennial plants can not be achieved without the extensive use of fertilizers, including mineral.

First of all, we should note the important role of organic fertilizers in horticulture the Non-where soils often have poor physical properties. Regular tillage, improving water and nutrient regimes plantings, at the same time (due to the aerobic decomposition of organic matter in the soil) leads to a gradual decrease in the content of humus in the soil and the deterioration of its physical properties. The soil at the content of fallow on average loses

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Central Ohio landscape designers routinely handle tweaks and transformations. But translating a Columbus icon into foliage and flowers? Now that’s a design challenge of the first order.

Central Ohio Home & Garden Show planners insisted that the 2012 gardens adhere closely to the theme «Happy Birthday Columbus,» honoring the 200th anniversary of the city’s founding.

Designers found inspiration in everything from City Hall to city history and say visitors will find plenty of ideas, from paving to patios and furnishings to fire places, to transplant in their backyards.

«It was a little bit difficult, a little bit different,» says Charlie

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This attractive side courtyard and front garden has more than 40 different plantings within its walls.

The owner of this courtyard is a knowledgeable and passionate gardener who wanted the outdoor space to be a real «gardener’s garden»; one that was botanically rich and also provided space for seating and casual relaxing. Ben Scott, from Ben Scott Garden Design, was approached to design the side courtyard and also the front garden. The design consists of a front and side garden. Neil Jackson undertook construction of both spaces.

The front garden needed to be sympathetic to the Edwardian house facade and

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Looking for winter hardiness, annual fruiting gardens

Gardeners of the country lay the annual fruit plantations over a large area. In nurseries only Mogilev region (Byelorussia) in 1963, more than a million seedlings grown apple. As if we’re doing good, useful work — creating gardens for those who will live under communism. After all, an apple tree lives for almost 100 years, and more than a pear.

But what it will Gardens? In the gardens of the Mogilev region, for example, it grows mainly Antonivka, trees which bear fruit in a year. Antonovka Apples are stored only until January, at best, until February (Antonivka-kamenichka).

To create

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Farewell to old friends

The beauty of the winter is that there is time for the land to replenish with water. Rain that tails in autumn does not evaporate as the trees in many cases are losing their leaves, allowing rain to penetrate deep into the tree canopy and down into the soil.

It all takes time which has been w’ell demonstrated in my own wilderness garden. I’m downsizing thanks to the Christchurch earthquakes to allow for a building expansion next door but I had to wait for the rain so that I could lift trees and plants that I wanted to keep. The

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We live in paradise

Not only Dutch tulips glorious land. Hosts wonderful garden in a small village in the south of the Netherlands in 2012 have received for their offspring, «silver» at the competition "The most beautiful gardens in the Benelux countries" . Their garden collection affects the scope and diversity.

With nature and Catch Rit Deliss «intermarried» with childhood: both parents were farmers. But the passionate desire to create your own decorative garden, the couple appeared only in 1990, when they swapped houses with his parents, father and mother, her husband moved to the center of the village, and he and his

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