Wild at Heart


As a boy in Milan, Pasti dreamed of someday becoming a florist or a writer; he grew up to be a gardener and an author, not only of several gardening books, but also of a translation of Proust’s letters to his mother, and an outstandingly original novel, The Age of Flowers, a maximalist fantasia about a young man’s botanical obsession.

The novel is an homage to Pasti’s private garden, itself a maximalist fantasia: 5,300 species of plants, flowers, and trees — plus whatever snakes, rats, birds, lizards, and frogs choose to

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Shady gardens

What to plant in a shady garden is only a dilemma if it isn’t thought through properly.

Many options exist when it comes to manipulating the amount of shade in your garden. But, how shady is the area to start with? Obviously, a shady garden is one with limited light. Solid shade, where light is quite dim, is often caused by tall buildings and walls, and is common in urban areas with high-density housing. Tall screening shrubs and hedging, or all-weather pergolas, also create low light conditions. Such garden areas are often in shadow for most of the day.


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On conserving some historic gardens and landscapes of Delhi.

The built heritage of Delhi is more commonly defined both by experts and lay people by its historic buildings. What it eludes in the process is, of course, the city’s considerable landscape heritage, both constructed and natural. Examples of the constructed landscape heritage would include the extant Moghul Gardens, such as the Safdarjung Tomb Garden, Shalimar Bagh among others, and examples of the natural landscapes would be the Ridge and the River Yamuna. Both need to be conserved for the same reasons we invoke to conserve the heritage buildings; but they are not.

At one level the problem is related

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Not many people in this country have the liberty of a huge, sprawling estate with multiple garden rooms, each in a different style with a different purpose. As such we have to compromise on what’s most important to us, whether it be an outdoor dining area, kids’ play area or a lawn for the dog, for example. We all have different priorities and combining some of those priorities may not be as hard as you think

The number one question I am asked as a designer is how to combine a great-looking adult garden with a kid-friendly garden without it

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Looking beyond the core area.

The exploration of Mughal Gardens has largely focused on the gardens in the cities of Agra, Delhi, Lahore and Srinagar and additionally those that are found in their place of their origin in erstwhile Persia. The four cities mentioned were at the core of the Mughal Empire at the time, not only geographically, but culturally too and it is only natural that the best and most representative examples would be found here.

The Mughal garden falls within the greater Islamic tradition of Char Bagh garden building (Richards, 1992). This Islamic garden type of the char bagh is also to be

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Central Ohio landscape designers routinely handle tweaks and transformations. But translating a Columbus icon into foliage and flowers? Now that’s a design challenge of the first order.

Central Ohio Home & Garden Show planners insisted that the 2012 gardens adhere closely to the theme «Happy Birthday Columbus,» honoring the 200th anniversary of the city’s founding.

Designers found inspiration in everything from City Hall to city history and say visitors will find plenty of ideas, from paving to patios and furnishings to fire places, to transplant in their backyards.

«It was a little bit difficult, a little bit different,» says Charlie

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Five former kindergarten PAC opened in Vladivostok

November 23, all five former kindergarten PF otkrylis.Teper these institutions operate in the status of municipalities. With the transfer of the gardens at their disposal the municipality has received 235 pre-school places — so many children are designed to ex-military gardens.

 Photo source:vlc.ru

Three of the five gardens to address the military were closed from the beginning of autumn. Department of Defense agencies did not communicate to the balance of the city. The mechanism of transmission of the defense department was launched only in the beginning of November. Then the on-line began to bring in the order of

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In Magnitogorsk, opened a new road

Day of the road transport Magnitogorsk (Chelyabinsk region) celebrates the opening of another road, so necessary for the city.

This year, the road to the gardens Michurina turned 30. Back in 1982 it was put themselves gardeners. Without overhauling the road lasted a surprisingly long time, but to repair it, of course, was necessary.

Besides the fact that the citizens will now be easier to get to the gardens, people will be able to get from the Right Bank to new areas, having gone round all the traffic jams. Special attention will be given to township roads: now pave the

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Scientific and Production Association Gardens of Russia (Chelyabinsk region.) — Modernization and development

Today NGO "Gardens of Russia" employs more than 300 workers. The company has two acres of land, on which are placed the greenhouse. Here are grown seeds, seedlings, tubers of dahlias, gladioli, branded luxury potatoes, roses for gardeners all over Russia.

NGO "Gardens of Russia" delivers more than 1,000 varieties of plums, cherries, apricots, grapes, winter and spring garlic, potato, onion, ornamental plants, is a serious breeding work.

The company intends to expand and build new greenhouses by 8 acres of land. The next year, as planned construction of a three-story complex that will house the first in the Russian

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Farm on the roof are increasing in the confined space of Hong Kong

Farm on the roof are increasing in the confined space of Hong Kong Facts

On the roof of high-rise 14-storey residential buildings in Hong Kong over vanity producers of organic crops grown in vegetable gardens, for example, potatoes and cucumbers. This need has appeared in a growing consumer demand for organic food in one of the most densely populated places on the planet.

"Better to grow food, you buy it in the supermarket," — said one of the residents of Hong Kong, who attends the "urban farm" twice a week. "Undoubtedly, the vegetables that people grow themselves, juicy

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