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Analysts again this year, predicting the Russia-Belarus gas dispute

Neither the Ministry of Energy, or the "Beltransgaz" did not explain the position of the Belarusian side in the negotiations. Press Secretary "Beltransgaz" Vladimir Chekov said:"The position of the head of the delegation determine. They know what to say. I did not report a day or agenda. Discusses the issues of cooperation for the next year. Without details and comments. ""Gazprom" has already stated about the gas price for Belarus 2008. Allegedly, it will not be the negotiation process, and the calculation based on the current contract. It is true defined method of calculating prices. But representatives of the official

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Beltransgaz has no debt to Gazprom

Until the 23rd of each month, Belarus should pay for Russian gas delivered.Press Secretary "Beltransgaz" Vladimir Chekov said:Checks, "Debt in the contract no."Reporter: "And how many have listed for August, how much?"Checks "Sum — is working moments. Dolgov no."No other disk imaging in "Beltransgaz" not provided. Also in "Gazprom" did not want to read on this topic.Spokesman of "Gazprom" Andrei Dark also declined to comment on the expression of Alexander Lukashenko.The head of the Belarus said that the official Minsk will be a tough motivation in the negotiations on a brand new contract for next year.Why Belarusian side managed so

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Lukashenka: Gazprom imply raise gas prices for Belarus by 15-20%

"What we as guilty before the control of Russia, I do not know, — said Alexander Lukashenko. -" Gazprom "here earns as they say, great grandmother and profiting at our expense. "According to the Belarusian leader, "some monopolists surpassed this greenish light eyes and they did not behold the not counting funds."Lukashenko said that Belarus will be motivation tough new negotiations with "Gazprom". Belarus will aggressively adhere to the public interest. The Belarusian allocated:"Gazprom" is now on the sale of gas to Belarus has the same yield as in Germany. This means, lead us gas trade with Germany. Naturally, the

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Belarus has been exporting electricity to Poland

"Due to the rise in price of Russian gas for Belarus is not currently exports electricity. Its cost has become unpresentable for Poland" — said Korduba. He added that most of the Belarusian power plants run on gas.In addition, increased electricity demand in the domestic market due to the fact that since June of Belarus does not receive electricity from Ukraine. Belarus hopes for the resumption of supplies from Ukraine last talks, but "there is nothing to boast of," — declared Korduba.Implied in Belarus This year get 3.3 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity Ukrainian, but really only imported 1 billion Apart

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Belarus had found the means to calculate with Gazprom

As spokesman said company "Beltransgaz" Vladimir Chekov, the Belarusian side has fulfilled its obligations to "Gazprom", listing now required amount:"In accordance with the contract," Beltransgaz "one hundred percent paid" Gazprom "price delivered to the country in July of natural gas."Reporter: "Many agencies at all this point and the amount of payment …""That they seek out and find somewhere … certain figures I have. But we completely paid off — I I report to you officially."Citing sources in "Beltransgaz" for the acquired in the past month on natural gas bills "Gazprom" listed about 145 million dollars. Of which reserves continue to

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End quote: 04.08.2007 — 10.08.2007

"From January 1 this year, we collected 100% payment for the gas, but not paid, as we had been promised a loan to pay for it. We just threw. Well, they threw so cheated."Alexander Lukashenko, President of Belarus — in communicating with residents of the village Gervyaty Astravets district of gas decline. "All the conditions to get as it is now seen to be."Sergei Kupriyanov, a spokesman for "Gazprom" — the payment of debts for gas Belarus after the danger of "Gazprom" to reduce gas supplies. "Beltransgaz" is specific Brest fortress — when her pass, then it will start an

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Gazprom will keep control of the gas market in Belarus

Official dealer of "Gazprom" Sergei Kupriyanov, in an interview our radio explained to payment scheme with Belarus: "Payments for each calendar month shall be mades up to the 23rd of each month. We expect that our Belarusian partners will pay more fit. Specifically, because we fulfill our obligations on time. " "The problem can happen if the government will continue its policy of huge costs"First deputy prime minister of Belarus Vladimir Semashko denkov said that in July "Gazprom" is necessary to transfer 150 million dollars. And it is summer, when the need for the gas is always less than the

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The Government of Belarus expects 30% rise in gas prices in 2008

The government has already formed a working group for negotiations with "Gazprom", which includes the heads of the major ministries. In This year Belarus buys gas at a cost of $ 100 for a thousand cubic meters. According to last year’s agreement with "Gazprom" to Belarus in 2011 is expected to reach the market price of gas, which corresponds to European fuel price minus shipping costs. Subsequently, Belarus has to pay 67 percent of the euro price of gas. For example, the price of Russian gas for Poland is about 300 bucks for a thousand cubic meters.Yesterday, after the scandal

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Belarusian-Russian gas conflict worries Europe

According to "Financial Times Deutschland", "The European Union welcomes the similar resolution of the conflict." For all that Europe does not hide concerns about the reliability of Russian energy supplies. As the newspaper writes, "the conflict between Moscow and Minsk has once again assured that Our homeland that used to use gas as a political weapon own "German "Focus" writes: "The threat of termination of gas supply is removed from the agenda forward to. Western Europe can breathe a sigh of relief, as Belarus as a transit country to close the issue of debt. Currently Minsk pays for Russian gas

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Gazprom confirmed the Belarusian debt repayment

Payable to "Gazprom" appeared for the reason that in the first half This year Belarus pays only 55% of the total price of gas. "Gazprom" has agreed to this request Belarusian government, that motivated its need to adapt to the new economy gas prices. Since July, Belarusian side must pay the full price of gas at the rate of $ 100 per a thousand cubic meters. So, in July must pay no later than August 23. Given the fact that in the summer than winter gas supplies or fall, experts at predicting — Belarus in July to pay to "Gazprom"

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