Over the last year more expensive petrol fifth time

The official explanation states that madeabout this in connection with "the increase of customs duties, rising oil prices and in order to ensure the attractiveness of the domestic market in Belarus." Night surprises "Belneftekhim"Prices usually increase NIGHT MODE. As said at the station "Belorusneft", prices for some grades of fuel rose from 70 to 110 rubles per liter:"A-95 at the moment we have is 2310 rubles, AI-92 — 2020 rubles, 80 minutes — 1600 rubles, diesel fuel — 1610 rubles."Reporter: "In other words, Belarus is fast approaching to Europe?""So it’s everywhere so. Concern raises prices, and we only obey. Neither

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My dear homeland, you do not even have real prazdnichka Independence

Vladimir, Polotsk "Belarusian TV" pleased "news: on its territory Venesuela allowed us to extract as much 2 million tons of oil per year. During 1-x, this is not enough. Vo-2, there is a saying:" Beyond the Sea Cost heifer, it cost exactly mite, but the ruble per trip. "If the price of gasoline, made from Russian oil, we have passed the buck per liter, will cost how much gasoline from Venezuelan oil. taking into account all costs of production, transportation and so on? It will be a tidy sum. So fill the car with petrol is not to everyone’s pockets.

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Now NIGHT MODE once again rose gasoline and diesel fuel

To dispose of "Belneftekhim" concern, 5% increased prices for all grades of gasoline and diesel fuel.For example, gasoline A-95 rose by 100 rubles per liter and is currently being implemented in the equivalent of more bucks — 2200 rubles. A-92 rose from 1840 rubles to 1930 rubles per liter. 80th petrol currently sold for 1530 rubles instead nedavneshnih 1470 per liter, and diesel fuel soared to 1540 rubles for the same amount.In This year increase in prices of petroleum products already in January. And at the end of 2006, prices were adjusted in the direction of growth three times within

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YANOS goes to the Euro-5

June 15 at the factory JSC "Yaroslavnefteorgsintez" (YANOS) commissioned a hydrotreating catalytic cracking gasoline.

Setting the capacity 870,000 tons per year is designed to reduce the sulfur content in gasoline while maintaining its high octane number. It consists of nine interconnected blocks. The costs of the development and implementation of the project amounted to 5.05 billion rubles.

The transition to the production of gasoline and diesel Euro 5 was made possible thanks to a program of modernization of production facilities, which is implemented in the factory of "Yaroslavnefteorgsintez" for more than ten years.

From 2002 to 2010 in the

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Shebelinsky gazopererobny plant zbіlshiv virobnitstvo gasoline by 15%

Shebelinsky gazopererobny Plant (Balaklіysky area Harkіvska region., To include structured DK «Ukrgazvidobuvannya») in sіchnі virobiv 57.5 tis.t gasoline scho 15% bіlshe, nіzh sіchnі 2011 at p. About Tse Dire povіdomili 14 «SQ» in the «Ukrgazvidobuvannі.» Virobnitstvo svіtlih naftoproduktіv on zavodі sklalo 49 tis. t have to chislі motor gasoline — 34 tis.t, dizpaliva — 14 tis.t.

Dovіdka «SQ». Shebelinsky gazopererobny plant viroblyaє avtomobіlny gasoline grades A-76, A-92, A-95, a diesel palivo, skrapleny gas, mineral spіrit, fuel oil, bіtum, bіopalivo that INSHI naftoprodukti.

Shebelinsky gas processing plant increased gasoline production by 15%

Shebelinsky Gas Processing Plant (Balakleya district, Kharkiv region., Is part of the DC "Ukrgasdobycha") in January produced 57.5 thousand tons of gasoline, which is 15% more than in January 2011 This was reported on February 14 "SQ" in "Ukrgazvydobuvannia." Production of light oil at the plant was 49 tonnes, including gasoline — 34 tonnes of diesel fuel — 14 tonnes

Help "SQ". Shebelinsky gas refinery produces gasoline grades A-76, A-92, A-95, A-98, diesel, liquefied petroleum gas, mineral spirits, oil, bitumen, biofuels and other petroleum products.

Again become more expensive fuel

"Belneftehim" introduced new retail prices for benzyn. A-76 petrol now costs 1850 rubles per liter (price increased by 90 rubles), AI-92 — 2350 (rose by 120 rubles), AI-95 — 2670 rubles (rose by 130 rubles), diesel fuel has risen in price most of all — 190 rubles and costs at the moment — 2130 rubles per liter.Last roughly the same scale fuel price increase was a month back. The same reason — an increase in oil prices in global markets. For past year fuel rose in price 4 times — generally by 19.4 percent.

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Gasoline can not be cheaper oil

Spokesman of "Lukoil" said"At this point in all statesah Europe is an increase in prices for gasoline and diesel fuel. And strike. And in the UK, and in Bulgaria, Indonesia 35% raised the price of motor fuel, although the oil-producing countries. It first due to the growth of global oil prices. But there are countries that are struggling with this somehow. In Venezuela, very deshevenky petrol and all there is tremendous ride on American cars. And in Iran is very a cheap gasoline prices. Closed country. "The question why in Belarus prices do not change, the spokesman said that gasoline

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Khabarovsk refinery goes to the production of gasoline Euro-5


Since the beginning of 2013 the Khabarovsk refinery started production of gasoline Euro-5 standard. Now the entire output of gasoline AI-92, AI-95 and AB-80 for 5 class. Only the A-98 will be on the Euro-4 standards.

Transition to production of high-grade gasoline is made possible through the implementation of the 2012 work on the reconstruction:

• the facility is built AGFU additional block — deizopentanizator (DIP);

• for the isomerization section an additional stabilizing unit, increased power of the reactor block is replaced with the catalyst.

Total improvement in

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Khabarovsk refinery ramping up capacity to produce gasoline

At the Khabarovsk oil refinery company "Alliance" completed the reconstruction of the block SPB and the reformer, which will increase the production of high-octane gasoline.

Reconstruction carried out in the period of planned maintenance in April — May. SPB on the block that prepares the raw material for reforming the reformer and the replacement of equipment.

New equipment — compressors, pumps, heat exchangers, process furnaces and internal arrangement of columns — best suits the requirements of industrial safety.   the reconstruction efficiency of the plant is increased. Power supply MTBF increased to 1,000,000 tons

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