By days of internationally Against Homophobia

May 17, 1990 Global Health Organization removed homosexuality from the International systematization diseases. Idea of setting up a day or filed against Homophobia French writer and scientist Louis Georges Ten, so supolnastts recognized international lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, especially in those countries where this orientation is still a taboo.From April 17 to May 17, the Belarusian Internet portal gay, lesbian, transsexual and bisexual spent Month Against Homophobia in Belarus. The main goal of the month was verbovanie attention to the dilemmas of homosexuals in Belarus. Knows the admin portal Alexander Polujan:"Virtually all activities that we had

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Marching army of Satan

Last Saturday, June 30, 2012, in the Bulgarian capital Sofia has hosted the fifth anniversary of the account gay parade "Sofia Pride 2012". It became quite clear who organizes and manages a bunch of demons in an Orthodox country — parade led by salting the U.S. in Bulgaria James Warlick and salting England Jonathan Alan.

Salting the U.S. in Bulgaria James Warlick welcomed the Ambassador of Great Britain Jonathan Alan saying, "I'm glad you build on the Sofia Gay Pride 2012!"

Apart from these 2-the most advanced buggers (did not want to write about as official representatives of the 2-states,

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KGB is trying to recruit LGBT activists

Society KGB is putting pressure on activists of the international public association IDAHO Belarus Barbara Krasutski and Roman Navoeva.

"They offered me a job in the KGB, conditioned by the possibility of a full-time job. After my failure I was asked to co-operate informally. Expected me to report on the plans of gay unions, the date and venue of the shares, the lists of gay activists, their personal data and the possible pressure points on them "- says Barbara Krasutskaya.

"When I refused to help, I was shown pictures of my family. We used the direct and indirect threats. Threatened

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Five minutes of sexual freedom

Society February 14 St. Valentine's Day with activists of sexual minorities held in Minsk rally against homophobia in the Belarusian society. This action has been allowed by the authorities for the first time.

"Belarus — without homophobes," "Equal rights without compromise!" — A couple of picketers chanted slogans against homophobia in the square in front of the Justice Ministry. They also held banners that read: "Love who you want", "Love — a basic human right," "Homophobia = fascism." Picket lasted for about 5 minutes. Such brevity of the organizers explained the frosty weather. Deserted in the square of the

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Gay activist put money claims of the presidential administration

Society Sergei Androsenko known in Belarus gay activist and organizer of the gay pride parades, filed in the Leninsky district court of Minsk on the administration of the President of Belarus.

He asks to recover from the administration in his favor 10 million rubles — for the fact that the decree Alexander Lukashenko Number 60, relating to the Internet, limits, according Androsenko, his rights to privacy and threatens the safety of his private correspondence.

Leninsky district court has refused to prosecute the activist on his complaint, citing the fact that the decrees Alexander Lukashenko "Lack of jurisdiction" of

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How are the children in homosexual families?


Dumbledore was gay

Introducing "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" in the United States, Harry Potter author JK Rowling announced that Albus Dumbledore has always been a gay man.

The first years of independence, we live in a society that is entirely devoid of fear. This short time impulse of freedom was so strong and fit, even years of Lukashenka's regime could not drown out the cravings of people to say what they think they should, and do not hide in front of other nature. Then, in the mid-90s, there were the first Belarusian gay community, clubs and periodicals.

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