27 Weeks Pregnant


Each week you are adding much weight. Increases not only the stomach and chest, but the buttocks. It is important to monitor the supply and monitor weight gain: do not get carried away with sweet, salty (additional load on the kidneys), avoid edema (immediately inform the doctor about their appearance). Do not worry about the blurred figure: most of the accumulated leave kilograms at birth, another part — while breastfeeding.


The skin looks wrinkly baby, but closer to the birth she finishes. Weightfruit on this term is approximately 900 grams.


37 Weeks Pregnant


Yours pregnancy now considered full-term. If deliveries will begin, they will not be premature. Now is the time enter into a contract for delivery (if you're going to give birth to charge), to choose the hospital and the doctor (in the case of paid labor).


On the ninth month of pregnancy baby daily gain weight (up to 14 grams). His liver accumulates iron, which will help blood formation in the first year of life.

Baby moves quite active, but the place to train less. He makes breathing movements. In this case, light enters

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38 Weeks Pregnant


Fetal head descends and fixed at the entrance to the pelvis, thus your stomach "Sinks", it becomes easier to breathe, reduces heartburn. At the same time you run to the toilet more often — the pressure on the bladder becomes stronger. In nulliparous stomach usually falls to 2 — 4 weeks prior to delivery. Multifarious — before birth (or not omitted).

Rejoice! Very soon you will become a mother.


Future baby is gaining weight 28-30 g daily. At any moment he could be born. It's time to think about how you call it.


Analysis on genital infections

Analysis on genital infections reveals the most common causative agents of sexually transmitted infections, which include: human papilloma virus and cytomegalovirus, genital herpes, chlamydia, mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis candidiasis.

What laboratory methods are used for the diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections?

ELISA (enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay) — allows you to detect antibodies to the pathogen infection (IgG and IgM); PCR (polymerase chain reaction) — reveals in the sample (a swab from the urethra or vagina, sperm, juice prostate, blood) DNA or RNA pathogen. bakposev (the definition of sensitivity to antibiotics).

What are the indications for screening for genital infections?

abdominal pain, discharge

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Pregnancy and women’s health

In the arsenal of any woman giving birth or planning to have children, there are stories about how pregnancy and childbirth affect the mother's health and beauty. Some say that during pregnancy, the skin becomes smooth and clean, the hair — lush and shiny breasts takes great shape, added strength, resistance to various infections increases dramatically. Others complain of increased hair loss, dark spots on the face, stretch marks on the chest and abdomen, fatigue, depression, worsening of existing diseases. These "contradictions" clearly require explanation. What is a pregnancy? Serious illness, consuming energy and health, or the flourishing of

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Where and how to give birth?

When pregnancy is nearing completion, the question of where to give birth, it becomes especially important. Of course, you can rely on chance — with the start of fights go to the nearest hospital or call the "fast". But wiser to prepare for the upcoming event in advance: after all how will labor, will largely depend on the health of a young mother and her child.

First of all, a woman should choose a hospital, the most satisfying its requirements. It is usually considered living conditions, the admissibility of her husband's presence at childbirth applied anesthesia, choice of

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Where you learn to give birth?

Interest expectant mothers for everything that is related to pregnancy, childbirth and the future baby's life is huge. But where to find a companion? Female doctor consultation refers to the fact that time is short, and a lot of patients. Her friends still do not think about the baby. The questions are many, and even more fears. "Will I give birth normally? Vyterplyu the pain? Are all be okay with the baby? Cope with caring for a newborn baby?"

Pregnant women are incredibly suggestible. One wrong word can hurt future mother (and therefore the baby), whereas now it

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Herpes is usually referred to as small painful blisters on the lips and face, appearing at prostude.No actually variations of it so much more. His reason — highly contagious virus, transmitted from an infected person to a healthy one. Scholars have identified eight types of herpes virus, of which "cold" on the lips can cause two: the herpes virus type 1 (often) and type 2 (rarely). A distinctive feature of all herpes viruses, the ability of finding the hidden within the cells until such time as the decrease in immunity will not allow him to begin to multiply.

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Why do you need insurance policy pregnancy and childbirth?

According to the Russian Ministry of Health, two out of three pregnant women were forced to sit in queues clinics, lying in hospitals, take more research, consult with experts and tremble for the health of the child. As a result, only 31.5% of women from the burden of successfully resolved.

Insurance companies offer special policy, which can ease the burdens of pregnancy and childbirth. In pregnant women who do not want to use the free medical care at the district women's clinic and give birth in the nearest hospital, there are two ways: either to carry money straight

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Fighting Sweden gender stereotypes

Swedish unit of U.S. manufacturer of toys Toys R Us in the pages of its Christmas catalog replaced all the photos of the girls pictures boys and vice versa. As a result, despite the fact that children and even began to play the game unusual for them: the boys — with dolls and girls — voynushku was established equality of the sexes. At this step the company had to go after it accused of promoting gender stereotypes four years ago, according to Swedish newspaper The Local.

The Swedish company Toy Top Toy decided to rehabilitate after the

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