Генералу снился страшный сон: поле боя внезапно стало холмистым, самолеты, вместо того чтобы ползать по земле, вдруг вознеслись в небо, а во главе подразделений встали невесть откуда взявшиеся офицеры с лицами, похожими на агитационные плакаты. “Приснится же галиматья”, — по-доброму подумал Генерал и перевернулся на другой бок.

Скажем прямо: если вы думали, что от акселерированной трехмерности происходящее на экране стало выглядеть хоть чуточку реалистичнее или хотя бы менее ортодоксально, чем во всех предыдущих “Генералах”, включая Rites of War, который совсем не General, вы страшно, жестоко ошибаетесь. Игра по-прежнему является картонной декорацией, хотя уже и стала больше похожа на пенопластовый макет


Israel Unveils Kela 2008Fm-Year Plan

AT A meeting of the Israel Defence Force’s General Staff on June 21, a revised five-year defence plan — Kela 2008 (Catapult 2008) — was discussed, which again raised the controversial subject of whether or not to purchase additional AH-64D attack helicopters (see Israeli AH-64 Controversy, February, pi5, and the major feature in the August issue, p30).

Proposals to exercise the six outstanding options for AH-64Ds were discussed and Air Force Commander Major General Eliezer Shkedi stated that he believes that the current 12 AH-64Ds on order are not enough and a further 12 should be acquired. However, under the

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Way General

The name of Lieutenant-General Konstantin Pleshko widely known and highly authoritative among the border guards, despite the fact that he is now retired. Service Konstantin took place in different regions, and for many people the border guards, who served under him, it is an example of the military commander.

All the generals were once lieutenants. We offer you the material — a kind of touches to the portrait of Konstantin Konstantinovich since his youth officer …

Many years have passed, and Lieutenant-General Konstantin retired Pleshko today remembers the details of a scientific conference at the Military Academy named after Frunze.

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Recently launched under W. Atelier’s umbrella of brands, Toto Kitchen specialises in modular-style designer kitchens. Spearheading the label is German expat Daniel Magg, who is backed by more than 15 years of experience in the European kitchen business, and is also a gourmet with a zest for cooking.

What do kitchens and cooking mean to you?

My parents owned a butchery, so food has always played a big role in my life. The kitchen in their home is always busy, and I grew up with my mum’s cooking because food in Germany isn’t as readily available and cheap as in


CAF to vote on new HQ.

The Texas-based Commemorative Air Force (CAF) has recently decided to update its planning strategy in order to increase its profile and the relevance of its message to the general public, reports Richard Mallory Allnutt. The organisation will establish several «Airbases» around the USA which will be, for the most part, existing, well-established facilities within the CAF structure, featuring some of the more prominent aircraft within the fleet. However, each of these operations will transition into a more formal aviation museum, open to the general public on a daily basis with interactive displays, educational activities and events, which will include an

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A-10 — «the ugliest and the most beautiful plane in the world»

Pentagon’s decision to withdraw from the fighting strength of the U.S. Air Force A-10 attack aircraft is a painful but necessary step to save money, reports March 14. Chief of Staff, U.S. Air Force Gen. Mark Welsh (Mark Welsh) at a meeting of the Congress said that the decommissioning of the 283 «killers tanks» will allow save for 5 years 3.7 billion dollars plus 500 million will be saved from the cancellation of the planned modernization of the stormtroopers. Savings will be used to fund other programs the Air Force, including perfecting stealth fighter F-35, creating a new

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Drunk driver biting a traffic policeman

"Narodnaya Volya" prints an interview with the creator of the idea of the Baltic-Black Sea oil reservoir Stanislaus Husak, who spent 30 years in the Belarusian energy. Among other, the emperor Husak discusses the idea of building a nuclear power plant in Belarus. In general, he supports the idea and believes that the emergence of nuclear power would be a step forward in the energy sector, but with certain remarks: he believes that the official propaganda soon defends the interests of, and emphasis on the fact that Russian nuclear reactors are not terrible Western. The expert believes that if put

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KGB major suspect in the bombings dachynennii to Vitebsk in 2005

At KGB Major Andrei Demidov brought the case to the third part of Article 295 of the Criminal Code. He is suspected of illegal distribution of explosives and devices.If his guilt Justify KGB officer threatens to limit the freedom of up to 5 years, or imprisonment from 2 to 8 years, with or without confiscation of property confiscation.Major Demidov was in remand prison after being denounced by the 1st of freelance own informants in the garage which has found the explosives. The informant said he got them from the curator of the KGB.July 19, Andrey Demidov held in detention. The

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In New York, starts 62th UN General Assembly

Moments in the midst of the discussion of today’s session — the role of the Iranian favorite and his scheduled speech to the Colombian Institute. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said that UN sanctions fail to stop Iran’s nuclear program from. Visiting New-york Minister Foreign Affairs Sergei Martynov starts on September 25. Planned and his speech.

The UN General Assembly, established in 1945 in accordance with the UN Charter, is the main deliberative, policymaking and presentable body of the organization. In the Assembly includes 192 friends. The Assembly shall meet another yearly session from September to December, and after already necessary.

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NEW BOMBER WILL NOT «jump TECHNOLOGY» — Chief of Staff U.S. Air Force

Chief of Staff, U.S. Air Force Gen. Mark A. Welsh-third (Mark A. Welsh III) aggressively spoke about respecting the timing and price of creating a new distant bombers, reports November 13. General said that any configuration requirements for the newcomer to the plane must pass through it. «I’m not going to say anything (in configurations applets), if I’m not entirely sure what they needed,» he said. Welch recalled that the latest bombers B-52, located in the Air Force, were built first 1960s, the B-1B in 1988, the B-2 in 2000. «We must be willing to have a new bombers,

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