Multilingualism Caucasus. Here are the languages ​​of the Indo-European (Russian, Armenian, Ossetian, Talysh), Turkish (Azeri, Kumyk) and the Ibero-Caucasian (Georgian, Zan, or Mingrelian-Chansk, Svan, Abkhazian, Adygei, Kabardian, Bats, Kisti, Avar, Dargin, Lak , Lezgin, Udi, and others.).

The main task of the Georgian linguists, of course, is the study of Ibe-Syrian-Caucasian languages, that first of all necessary for the development of socialist culture of the peoples who speak these languages. In addition, the Ibero-Caucasian languages ​​are of exceptional interest in terms of the cultural-historical (since the question of the relationship between living Iberian-Caucasian languages ​​with ancient languages ​​of the Near

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The conflict between Georgia and Russia deepens

The Georgian Foreign Ministry now again reiterated his accusations of in the address that its aircraft violated Georgian August 6 airy space and fired a rocket. The missile did not explode, but left a deep crater on the field. Yesterday the President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili personally visited the scene of the incident near the village Tsytelubani that a few kilometers from South Ossetia. He urged the international community to support:"This incident is a link of a chain of events: cyber attack on Estonia, the bombing of the Georgian countryside in March — which are not met fierce reaction from

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Georgia says Russian aircraft invaded its place

Missile was fired near the village Tsytelubani, which is 65 kilometers west of Tbilisi and a few kilometers south of the border of the separatist South Ossetia. Our homeland violations of air space and the shelling of the Georgian countryside denies. The representative of the Russian Air Force Colonel Drobyshevskiy said that mon Russian planes flown in the region and the air did not violate Georgia’s place.Yet, representative of the Ministry Interior Shota Vstsiashvili said:"It’s been two Russian jet fighters that entered Georgian airspace place at half past seven in the evening Mon They crossed the border at Kazbegi. We

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Masterpieces of Georgian cinema again show in Minsk

Tengiz Abuladze Otar Iyaseliyani Zhora Daneliya — these names are written in Georgian directors Cinématographe history of the world. Belarus shows that do not want to spoil things with Georgia because of "personal view" of. Showing Georgian masterpieces in Belarus during the Russian-Georgian conflict — is not bad Event and satisfaction for our audience, says film critic Andrew Rosinskiy:"Georgian cinema — one of the diamonds in the global cinematography. Naisilneyshy more outstanding picture were prepared 70-80s, and specifically these masterpieces will be shown again in Belarus, resubmitted the Belarusian audience. " In primarily it Tengiz Abuladze — trylegiya his "prayer",

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Lavrov met in Warsaw with the role of Belarusians picket

Polish worker Lavrov Radoslaw Sikorski during a joint press conference noted that this case Poland planned to build "confidence." The Ministers expressed their satisfaction of volume of trade between countries, and assured that he would continue the work of the joint commission "By languid issues of Polish-Russian relations."Meanwhile, near the residence of Prime Minister Donald Tusk, who met with Lavrov, picketed Poles and Belarusians — they achieved complete RF interference in the affairs of Georgia, Belarus and other states."Russia in Georgia has shown his true face imperial. May be followed by Belarus, Ukraine, and perhaps Poland. It is a pity

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Political football in Minsk

At first meeting was planned in Moscow, but with the political tensions between countries with 2 Commission emergencies UEFA decided to hold the match on a neutral field. After another 5 days, 10 September, held in Minsk game between the youth teams of Georgia and Poland — to fly to Tbilisi Poles refused. Match between the youth teams of Russia and Georgia will be held at the stadium "Tractor" in 16 hours. Tickets are not sold, it is expected that the entrance to the audience will be free.Yesterday, the team flew to Minsk. Russians lived in a 4-star hotel "Minsk",

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Georgia: the agreement is signed, the conflict is not over

Meanwhile, Georgia accuses Russian troops in undermining the railway bridge near Tbilisi.Now Dmitry Medvedev signed an agreement on the settlement in Georgia. This document was supported by the European Union.Previously, it was signed by the President of Georgia Misha Saakashvili and favorites of the unrecognized republics of South Ossetia and Abkhazia Eduard Kokoity and Sergei Bagapsh. Plan not counting the ceasefire and the withdrawal of troops to pre-war positions implies the beginning of international negotiations over the status of the breakaway Georgian autonomies.

Now U.S. President George Bush harshly criticized the conduct of the Russian Federation and the support of

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BNR Rada expressed support for Georgia

COUNCIL STATEMENT BNRin connection with the Russian anger against Georgian countryBNR Rada that its support and its deepest sympathy to the Georgian people, who became the latest victim of the post-Soviet period of Russian imperialism.Trying to attract the attention of the international community to the latest efforts by Moscow to strengthen his control over its former vassals, Georgia became the victim of a brutal anger Moscow. It again showed the true face of the empire, which is a greater danger to all once enslaved, and now sovereign adjacent countries.BNR Rada encourages democratic world to express their support for Georgia, giving

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Robert Gates: Cases United States and Russia can be aggravated by years

At a press conference at the Pentagon, Gates said that Moscow’s actions in Georgia have led to severe consequences in the field of security and that all dealings with Russia will be reviewed. Gates, but added that the U.S. has no desire vorachivatsya during a cool war. He also said that the South American military personnel in Georgia would only deal with humanitarian issues and that there is no need for U.S. military force in today’s conflict.U.S. Secretary of State naktrovvaetstsa in Tbilisi. George Bush said that Rice’s visit "is the support of Georgia." In Georgia and South Ossetia arriving

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The EU adopted a plan of settlement of the conflict

Contrary to the claims of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia to take a tough statement condemning the actions of, the final document is maintained in a conciliatory tone, which insisted France and Germany.Adopted at a meeting of foreign ministers of the decision confirms support for the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Georgia. In the document there is no criticism of the Russian Federation, which urged the Foreign Minister of Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, as in England.Minister of Foreign Affairs of the English David Miliband harshly criticized Russia. "It’s outrageous anger of, the Russian army outside of South

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