Dark humor, rich flavor

Wrong R a m e n gives us a decidedly different take on the r a m e n experience.

he recent surge in the popularity of r a m e n has restaurants competing in terms of authenticity. Not Wrong R a m e n.» Its cramped interiors are flanked by black brick walls decorated with oddball paraphernalia. Scrabble tiles spell out, «The only thing hotter than our r a m e n is you.» Another wall has a list of imaginary overseas branches. One look at the interiors and you immediately know what you’re

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No. 56: The German Eickhorn Commercial Bayonet 2000 WC

The short pommel-cap is of the type developed in the USA and first used on the M4 bayonet-knife. It has a T-section mortise machined completely through its thickness from back to front and is secured by a Phillips screw-bolt. Two spring-loaded fixing catch levers are housed in slots machined into the obverse and reverse faces of the pommel and pivot on slotted spring pins. Like all the steel components, the pommel has a black Parkerised finish. The one-piece black plastic grip has an oval cross-section and has five encircling grooves aimed at improving grip. There is a semi-circular flat on

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Hell over Hamburg

She was a sight to behold. Although I did not fly this particular B-17 Flying Fortress, I did pilot one of her many sister ships. I stood and viewed her in the ‘house of Eagles’, the US Air Force Museum (today the National Museum of the US Air Force) in Dayton, Ohio. The mere sight of this aircraft opened up my memory gates, and I was flooded with over 40 years of sounds, sights and smells rushing back to me.

I remembered so clearly how, once the last hatch was closed and the order to start engines was given, every

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Central Ohio landscape designers routinely handle tweaks and transformations. But translating a Columbus icon into foliage and flowers? Now that’s a design challenge of the first order.

Central Ohio Home & Garden Show planners insisted that the 2012 gardens adhere closely to the theme «Happy Birthday Columbus,» honoring the 200th anniversary of the city’s founding.

Designers found inspiration in everything from City Hall to city history and say visitors will find plenty of ideas, from paving to patios and furnishings to fire places, to transplant in their backyards.

«It was a little bit difficult, a little bit different,» says Charlie

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ELITE 2004

Giovanni Taurino reports from Germany on Exercise elite, the annual German Air Force electronic warfare exercise.

THIS YEAR’S annual German Air Force electronic warfare training exercise, ELITE, was held at the Heuberg training area in southern Baden-Wurttemberg from May 3-14. Fifteen NATO nations, plus three other countries, developed and tested new tactical procedures in the most realistic scenarios possible, with Poland and Hungary acting as observers. For the aircrews, air defence forces and command-and-control personnel involved, ELITE is one of the highlights of the training programme. A total of 1,500 soldiers, some 110 ground vehicles and more than 90 aircraft

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Dr Wernher von Braun.

How the ‘Father of Rocket Science’ went from working for the Nazis to becoming an American space hero.

Von Braun is a man who splits opinion, to say the least. Having helped the Nazis develop the V-2 missile in World War II that was responsible for thousands of deaths, he went on to become a pivotal figure in America’s space programme — without him the manned missions to the Moon would likely not have been possible. Some are willing to forgive him for his role in the war, a role he claimed he took only because of his love for

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1st Lt Frank Oiler

The ‘JUG’ was solid and stable in flight and carried a tremendous load of bombs, guns and gas. It was a tight-turning, hard-hitting, flying truck. It didn’t climb worth a damn, but it could dive.

Those of us that survived fighter pilot training were sent to England. I arrived on 10 May 1944 as a replacement pilot, filling the gap left by those men who had either been shot down or rotated back home after finishing their tours. I was placed with the 78th Fighter Group, 84th Fighter Squadron at Duxford. This is where I learned the real tricks and

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Tuesday at Freedom

Morning6:00 * replay of the webcast from 18.00 Mon.6:30 * "Prague accent." In what condition are presently affairs of Belarus and the European Union? As authorities to respond to the offer of negotiations with the organizers of the "Euro march"? What are the prerequisites sensational improvement Belarusian-Georgian relations? Over these topics in the program "Prague accent" political scientists argue Denis Melyantsou and Vyacheslav Pozniak and vice-chairman BPF Yuri Khadika. Presented by Yuri Drakakhrust.7:00 * F* Who is the last day from the moment of warning» Justus Min 6 parties, including and BNF. Or went to the registration status of new

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German Ayzenah presented Mogilev bust composer E.S.Baha

Opening the bust happened during normal days Ayzenaha in Mogilev. In This year was 11 years as Mogilev and Ayzenah steel twin towns.In Ayzenahu born Johann Bach Sebastsyan. Established in Mogilev bust — gift Ayzenaha Mogilev. This is a clear copy of the bust, which is the homeland of the German composer.At the celebrations of the opening of the monument chief burgamistar Matthias Dot said:"May I take history relations between our towns example of how people with different mindset, together, overcome obstacles and difficulties. Let’s forget what was in the past, will become more open and together we will look

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What interests Belarusian spies in Germany?

How should of disk imaging, located in the German press, the yearly loss of Germany as a result of activity of foreign spies are between 20 and 40 billion euros. Perhaps any German company is tsellyu foreign cyber attacks. The real harm from piracy felt for about 40% of all German companies. At the time when huge countries like China are interested in kidnapping or copying virtually allx German technological innovation, small countries like Belarus have enthusiasm to copy more narrow technology. Belarusian expert Alexander Alesin does not see anything unusual in a similar phenomenon. "In general it is a

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