When Gavrilo Princip opened fire on Archduke Franz Ferdinand, he killed not just the heir to the Austrian throne, but sentenced to death over million people in four years. But if assassination was the excuse, it wasn’t the cause…

1 February 1864


British foreign policy is redefined after the Prussian invasion of Denmark

Prussia and Austria’s devastating seizure of the ethnically mixed territories of Schleswig and Holstein, which separated Denmark from what is now Germany, shocked the young British Prince Edward — the future King Edward VII — who was only months into his marriage


Part 2 Fighter Floggers

BEFORE THE introduction of the MiG-29 in 1986, the MiG-23M, ML and MLD successively provided the backbone of the Soviet Frontal Aviation air defence forces in East Germany for around ten years. Based at Wittstock, 33 IAP, which was the presentation unit of the 16th Air Army, became the first regiment to relinquish its MiG-23Ms for the new fighter. In all, eight regiments converted to the MiG-29 prior to the reunification of East and West Germany.

During the final years of the Soviet occupation and subsequent withdrawal from Eastern Europe, two regiments were equipped with MiG-23MLDs, one in East Germany

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Hitler at War

Since the fall of the Third Reich in 1945, our verdict on Hitler’s leadership has mostly come from the pens and mouths of his generals. Many of these men had grown to resent their former leader, and with the fall of Germany they seized the opportunity to criticise and embarrass the Fuhrer at every opportunity. But beneath the facade of slander and betrayal, was Hitler’s military leadership style truly so unpopular — and to what extent did his decisions determine the outcome of World War II?

«So much of what we thought we knew about Hitler for many years came

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Dutch Confirm P-3 Sale to Germany

THE DUTCH Ministry of Defence announced on July 20 that agreement has been reached on the sale of eight P-3C Orions to the German Navy to replace the ageing Br. 1150 Atlantics of MFG.3 at Nordholz. On April 28, the Dutch Parliament gave approval for disbandment of the Groep Maritietiie patrouille-vliegtuigen (MARPAT -maritime patrol aircraft group), closure of naval air station Valkenburg and sale of all 13 Dutch P-3Cs.

Germany will reportedly pay 295 million Euros for the aircraft, spare parts, flight simulator and additional support equipment. All eight will have gone through the Capabilities Upkeep Programme (CUP) by the

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In Germany and Denmark exposed terrorists

Now reported that the German police warned attacks on Frankfurt airport and a number of U.S. military facilities in Germany. German Defense Minister Franz Josef Jung said that the threat was "close." Three people (two Germans and Turks), suspected of preparing terrorist acts arrested. First week of terrorism suspects were detained Also in Denmark. Detainees blame preparing a bomb attack. According to Danish intelligence agencies, all those arrested — Islamic extremists associated with "Al-Qaeda".According views Fleryyana Geier, Centre for European Policy analyst research, Islamists have their motives for the attacks particularly in Germany and Denmark. For example, Germany took an

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What interests Belarusian spies in Germany?

How should of disk imaging, located in the German press, the yearly loss of Germany as a result of activity of foreign spies are between 20 and 40 billion euros. Perhaps any German company is tsellyu foreign cyber attacks. The real harm from piracy felt for about 40% of all German companies. At the time when huge countries like China are interested in kidnapping or copying virtually allx German technological innovation, small countries like Belarus have enthusiasm to copy more narrow technology. Belarusian expert Alexander Alesin does not see anything unusual in a similar phenomenon. "In general it is a

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Hans-Georg Wieck Belarus — part of my life

Karatkevich: "When you have finished their formal diplomatic activity, you said that now will be able to afford for themselves in their own activities are not controlled mandate diplomat and controlled Mandathat peoplea. Please explain what you want to say this? "Vic: "I worked in the German diplomacy almost 50 years, and it was 50 years after the end of the second World War I, it was a job to restore peace and freedom in Europe — not only in my country, and in our adjacent countries in cooperation with our neighbors, the European Union and the OSCE. I think

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Poland — Germany: war cartoons

Recently the latter, a very principled Poland Euro Union summit in Brussels, where the Warsaw stubbornly fought against the adoption of the new system of voting in the Council of the European Union, the German weekly "Der Spiegel" published a cartoon on the cover, which Lech and Jaroslaw Kaczynski are sitting on the neck of Angela Merkel .The creators of cartoons by this method showed persistence of Governors of Poland, which instead of having to take what is actually supported by other 26 EU states, abut and threaten a veto, which would mean the failure of the summit.Cover the latest

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New German ambassador to Belarus will Gebgard Weiss

Sovereign Geker leaves Belarus at the end of this week. Weiss Emperor arrives in Minsk in the midst of July.

New salting Germany in Belarus was born in 1946, since 1975 he has been working in the German Foreign Office, in 1995-2000, the department manager on disarmament and arms control MFA. In 2000 —2004x — salting in Croatia, with 2004 — salting in Kazakhstan.

In Germany — the baby boom after the World Cup

As shown, the connection is flat. The last football World Cup was very garish world event, it caused a strong surge of interest in Germany. In including in this area. German doctor are presently cared for pregnant women say that their pregnant patients in memory of this event, especially in the general euphoria that atmosphere made them such a souvenir.Future boys, most of these ladies is planning to call Lucas — in honor of Lukas Podolski, recognized the best young player of the championship — 2006, as Bastian (in honor of the German Shvayntaygera) and Michael (in honor of the

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