If you listen, really listen, maybe you’ll hear the ghost’s lullaby, that song that connects all that thrives in winter’s quiet.

I know there’s a ghost here. I can feel him in the cool hollow of this one-time foresters’ dorm, this place where I must sleep tonight.

I can feel him in the bathroom at the end of the passage, disappearing into the stained cracks in the tiles. I know he’s peering into the mirror with its rusted edges; I don’t dare look.

He’s beckoned us here, with a trail of painted footprints scattered here on rock, there on tree


Ghost hercs

The reaction that greeted XV211 on it’s return to lyneham on September 11 from Major Servicing was mixed, to say the least. «It’s a Yank Here? • Can’t be, it’s got a probe, • Well it certainly isn’t one of ours!»

Over the next few days rumour control went into overdrive with «Stealth Hercules» variations being the most popular (and printable!). The only Stealth properties of ‘211 were it’s invisibility to identification. The size of its markings and their positions on the rear fuselage, make it difficult to identify except at close quarters.

Painted at Marshalls of Cambridge during it’s

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GHOST MASTER www.ghostmaster.com

Released in October 2002

Genre Levorezbovoy sim / strategy / puzzle

Developer / Publisher

Empire Interactive www.empireinteractive.com

For the first time in months I think I am ready to believe that there are still people in igroindustrii soul. Judge for yourself: Empire Interactive offers our atten-mania, a mixture of genres completely unconventional ambassador.

Imagine the most terrible situ-ation: you are the master of a certain ghost, quiet and peaceful there myself for many centuries abandoned Mr. mansion. But once in your possession for the horse-invaded vile sim’bi, began to wander around korido-frames, to sing in the bathroom,

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Belarusians believe in the paranormal?

We’ve learned that many castles in what is sure there are ghosts, ghosts, horror stories — one of the romantic images of Great Britain. But I think that the belief in ghosts, in a romantic tale peculiar to most of the world. Certainly not in such numbers as in the UK, but the filth and evil good ghosts underway in Belarus. This is evidenced by the rich mythological heritage and literature, in which the characters visit other worlds, and then vorachivayutsya home. Belarus also locks once the number of States, and where the locks, there is magic. Something survived to

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Gomel police believe in the homeless and not in ghosts

In the Central district department of Homel police really have a statement from the street resident Khataevich: windows in the evening knocking someone unknown. Also cut one way telepathically telly. Statement commanded check local inspector Vladislav Shukel. Street Khataevich also traveled operational investigative group of dog handlers and forensic experts. But no trace of ghost police officers did not find. I visited there.Evicted by private houses on the street Khataevich rushing into the town center passenger cars and buses. Behind the iron gates of the house number 6 supplies the voice is not very angry pooch.In These days are street

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The specter of communism haunting RF

You can not hesitate in Minsk, Moscow, Kiev and other capitals that were part of the communist empire once, to celebrate the anniversary of October come mostly elderly communists yes, those who exploit the nostalgia of old. Dramatic stories: the ideology Scrapping all ordinary systems of society, which promised in its own anthem "Internationale" "make history untainted leaf", turned into something very limited in some way an old good (for anyone — yes, specifically decent time ).Even in Vietnam, Cuba or China — countries which formally remain loyal to communism and communist parties driven, communist ideology has decayed curtain.There was

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Hayvenmeny — dark forces of roads


About the ghosts, who are the travelers on the road, walking a lot of legends. In England they are called hayveymenami or traffic in human beings. Stories about hayveymenov could be taken as pure fiction, though not a huge amount of evidence: such a meeting — not a rarity …

They say that on the road the French province of Brittany is possible to meet a phantom … death! Anka — a name he was given the locals — it looks like a tall, very gaunt man with long white hair, dressed in all black. On his

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Ghosts — a reflection of a persons thoughts


Nightmares, what is it? From the point of view of conventional medicine, everything is very simple. This is either the result of drinking too warm friendly or consequence clear violation of the human psyche. But, unfortunately, it's not so much a response as an acknowledgment of their complete incompetence.  

Try to understand: Whose are the ghosts in the house and scare people, not always, but sometimes do manage to accurately set: who saw a man in the twilight of the

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On the bell tower in Palermo sees the ghost nun


Cathedral in the suburbs of the Italian city of Palermo became the center of attraction for pilgrims from all over the country. The belfry appeared ghost nun who prays right next to the bell.

Believers saw it as a miracle, and now they are trying to find sacred meaning. But one of the professional photographers solved the mystery: a ghost — and perhaps only an optical illusion. Silhouette — the result of the play of light and shadow from the cathedral walls, beams and, in fact, the bells.


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Ghost Train. From nowhere to nowhere on a train.


Evidence of the existence of phenomena and events that go beyond common sense, a lot. Palm to keep the ghostly people — dying, the dead and the living.

They are followed by the ghostly animals — domestic, wild, or some other-worldly. Do not remain in the side of the house, cars, planes and even tanks, and if you're lucky, you can see the ghost town and wander through its streets, and some even managed to communicate with its citizens. So why not fly out of nowhere to nowhere ghost train?

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