Types of giant stars

Red supergiant

The biggest red giants are the largest stars in the universe, swollen to diameters of a billion kilometres or more by changes in their cores as they near the end of their lives. As they swell in size and brighten to hundreds of thousands of times solar luminosity, their surfaces cool to a distinctive red colour. But many scientists say these stars are supergiants rather than true hypergiants.

Yellow supergiant

Yellow supergiants seem to be a rare intermediate stage, though again they get their name from their size and brightness rather than their mass. They seem to be

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I have plans for destroying every fortress … and ships, which can resist the fire of all the heaviest cannon … I can make armored cars…”

That’s Leonardo da Vinci, asking the Duke of Milan for a job. ten years before Columbus discovered America.

Leonardo got that job. He went to Milan to make huge bronze statues, giant cathedrals, enormous canals, secret tunnels, and a bristling host of giant, terrifying, remarkably sadistic war machines. Leonardo had plenty of plans — volumes full of them, plans stuffed in the margins of his plans. But Leonardo never shipped the products. He never



The largest galaxies in the universe are giant ellipticals – huge clouds containing trillions of stars whose overlapping individual orbits create an enormous, fuzzy-edged ball. These monsters can grow to be ten times the size of the Milky Way, but even by these standards, IC 1101 stands out: it has a diameter more than 50 times that of the Milky Way, and is roughly 2,000 times heavier.

IC 1101 lies at the heart of a galaxy cluster called Abell 2029, over a billion light years from Earth. The cluster has an overall mass of around 100 trillion Suns, though most

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Dwarfs, giants

Composing with children

How are gnomes?

What are the growth? What do they wear? As they say? How to go?

All questions can be answered and the words and movements.

And, you can draw a picture.

How are the giants?

What are the growth? How do they say? How to go?

How easy is it to them to see what is happening on the ground under their feet?

And these questions can be answered in words and actions, and then draw an interesting picture.

Then you can hang all the pictures in the exhibition examine them properly and then

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Gamma-ray telescope reveals new secrets of the universe

Gamma-ray telescope reveals new secrets of the Universe Facts

Each type of radiation from radio waves to gamma rays is helping scientists discover new facts about the universe and its electromagnetic spectrum. Some wavelengths are best suited for the study of black holes, the other for new stars and planets, and some of the early stories reveal the mystery of the cosmos. For us, the most powerful type of radiation are studied gamma rays.

With the space telescope Fermi, studying gamma spectrum, NASA scientists were able to get the first full sky map of high-galaxies at the edge of the

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Another collapse the Earths surface in China filmed on video



This giant hole formed in the ground in a street in the city of Shenzhen (China) and led to the death of the guard, who, unfortunately, was crossing the road just in this place. The tragedy was removed one of the CCTV cameras. Everything happened in a flash — the man had no chance to escape.

According to Chinese media, the size of the hole — about five to eight meters and the depth — a four-story house. The reason

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In the British family had a baby giant. Video



In late February, a British family Kings baby was born, the weight of which was almost seven pounds. Dimensions young George is almost twice the size of ordinary newborns. It is noteworthy that the young mother gave birth to a son, a giant on their own, without the help of caesarean section. Genera lasted 16 hours.



A few

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On America could collapse a giant tsunami

May 17. California and Hawaii threatened by giant waves, such as those that hit Japan last spring.

A study conducted recently in New Mexico, at the Institute of Mining, showed that the fault crust on the seabed in the south of the Aleutian Islands can generate an earthquake of 9 points.

Earthquake-prone zone — Aleutian subduction zone is in a place where the edge of the Pacific plate goes under the North American plate. In March 1964, the collision of these two plates has caused the most powerful earthquake measuring 9.2 points. Then the victims of disaster are 145 people.

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KAMAZ will participate in the International Conference of Lin-

Photo source:profi-forex.org

Delivering a speech at the briefing held in Kazan, organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Republic of Tatarstan, Chairman of the Development Committee of the Production System OJSC "KAMAZ" Igor Medvedev announced his intention auto giant to take an active part in the VI International Lean Conference to be held in the capital on November 22, .

The theme of "Effective processes — high performance", which is dedicated to Lin-conference as a speaker noted, urgent for "KAMAZ". The introduction of lean manufacturing tools (on "KAMAZ" this is from 2006) has already given the

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Baltkran manufactured 100th anniversary, a giant crane weighing 300 tons

September 28. The workshops of the factory "Baltkran" made 100y giant crane, which has not usual characteristics: length 45m, 300t weight, the weight of the hook 7.2 t, while at the same time the crane can lift a weight of two winches 500t.

 Photo source:baltkran.ru

Shirokoproletny giant will be delivered to Novovoronezh nuclear power plant and will head a system of three bridge cranes working simultaneously in the engine room of the station on two levels, one above the other. The new loader will carry out high-precision assembly, to the nearest centimeter, and the service super-heavy equipment. From

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