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In Kolyma found a strange creature, clad in armor

June 21, 2012 8:00

It is a miracle, even armed with a textbook of biology, not defined …Photo: author

After lying comatose in stasis little dirt discovery was showing signs of life in the ring coiling flexible tail and gently fingering rows of gills.

Internet video has blown up with strange creature found in Kolyma. Near the mine wide during stripping slogger found a strange animal: no fish, with gills. Strange creature, clad in armor, decided to pull out on the surface and the procedure to consider. As recognized by witnesses, rested a bit in stasis coma dirt

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London: human cancer came from the gills




Human parathyroid gland that regulates calcium in the blood, is nothing more than a product of the evolution of gills. This is the conclusion drawn by researchers from King's College in London.

According to the hypothesis put forward by them, the evolution of cancer began at a

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Homo aquaticus: people-and people-Ichthyander sperm

June 11, 2012 12:54

Who can count the number of books written and a film about people who are able to live under water, a man of amphibian? It is unlikely that this can be done. Meanwhile, as the science fiction dream of conquest of the oceans, the leaders of some of the military departments in full swing preparing for the U-boat war, so far to local, in which the main role was given to people-morezhitelyam.

The first man was an American amphibious combat swimmer "seal", 23-year-old special forces commando superelitarnogo Francis Faleichik. Best surgeons of America made him

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UK: Human parathyroid gland — are former gills?




British scientists have found a brilliant confirmation of the fact that the very distant human ancestors sailed the world's oceans and have gills. According to the results of a scientific study conducted at King's College London, our parathyroid (or parathyroid) cancer is a modification of the ancient

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Soon there will be Ichthyander

September 7, 2012 13:00

The idea of the famous science fiction novel by Alexander Belyaev "Amphibian Man" soon may be a reality. Scientists have developed an innovative method of breathing for divers. We will Aquanaut artificial gills and breathe it will zhidkostyu.Issledovaniya shown that mammals can survive, breathing oxygen through a special liquid solution. The photo is breathing rat PFC solution. At the top of the layer of water, which is easier than PFC floating fish.

Conquest of the water element will be possible thanks to a new technology by which a diver will get needed oxygen from a

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