1. Greenhouses are great places to photograph flowers because the lighting is usually diffused and there is no wind. Wind is the enemy of macro photography. Most public greenhouses allow tripods, too, so you can have as much depth of field as you want.

2. Landscape photography requires complete depth of field virtually without exception. I recommend using f/22 or f/32 if foreground elements are close to the camera. If everything in the composition is far away, then you should use f/8 for maximum sharpness.

3. When traveling to another city, stay in a hotel with a great view. You

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Me and my bike

I got my GPz from a girl I knew up in Topanga Canyon, CA. We’d just come back from the beach when I saw an old motorcycle parked under some tall trees in her yard. It was so covered in leaves and stuff that I couldn’t make out the model. The girl said she hadn’t ridden it in years, and that if I wanted it she’d sell it to me cheap. “Just watch out for black widow spiders,” she said as I began cleaning it off. With the battery charged, the bike f red right up. I hopped on for

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Working with actress Annicka Dolonius was so easy that we couldn’t help but serve her whiskey on the rocks, pop open a couple of beer bottles, and spark some cigarettes in between to know more about the beauty behind indie flicks like Pisay and Ang Nawawala. It wasn’t difficult picking Annicka’s brain, her candidness and endearing eloquence allowed for a day of official business that felt more like a bunch of friends hanging out.

But stripped of tattoos, dark eye makeup, and heavy-metal jewelry, the talented ingenue is a sweetheart through and through. A sweetheart with a switchblade— because you

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  Why is the hymen?

There is no single answer to this question is no. In the animal world virgin membrane there is only the female apes and several species of antelope, and its destination is not too clear. Although the nature creates nothing "just".

There is a point of view that the hymen — is a vestigial organ that has been preserved in the process of evolutionary change. Some researchers believe that it is necessary to keep the vaginal flora.

An interesting hypothesis suggested Ilya Mechnikov: the dawn of human civilization, people engage in sexual intercourse at

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Ukrainian scientists are unique operations on bones and aortas

For the first time in the country girl from Chernovtsy had prosthetic bone removal.

Kiev — June 21, AIF Ukraine.The capital oncosurgeons conducted a unique operation, withdrawing from the girl's body, the patient's sarcoma, the leg bones of the pelvis and a half. Instead, she found prostheses. Now a resident of Chernivtsi is recovering and hopes to get a job caregiver. 

The patient said she would never have agreed to the removal of malignant tumors with the foot. But oncologists told her that bone sarcoma can be cured only by removing them. All

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Ukrainian surgeons conducted a unique operation and saved the child’s life

Ukrainian girl from Kazakhstan surgeons heal supercomplex heart disease by saving her life.

Medics patched heart of a child. Ukrainian cardiologists saved the life of a girl from Kazakhstan, because they put supercomplex congenital heart disease, which rarely survive to adulthood. Parents of little Aisha several years sought help and appealed to the cardiologists from around the world, but they refused to operate, but surgeons Ukrainian Center of Pediatric Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery decided — says the story TSN.19 30. Mother of the girl's eyes now shining with happiness. Her five year old daughter to live —

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Look, who’s talking b …..

With the honor, but WITHOUT CONSCIENCE

There was an incident, wrote about him in the papers. At the stop trolley-bus driver did not see in the side view mirror of a girl exiting prematurely closed the door and drove off. Hearing the cries of the passengers, he immediately stopped the car and ran outside. The girl was taken to the hospital with a broken leg. The same day, the driver, the father of two young children, hanged himself.   He did not see the girl hesitated. But he laid the blame for the incident solely on themselves.

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As speculated for Christmas?

According to the Belarusian folklore researcher Vladimir Vasilyevich, tarot Christmas fascinated not only women:"Gad, and boys and girls. Maid, maybe more, and guys too. However, it is often quicker prevented virgins. Maiden, for example, will transfer over the fence of boots, and the guys on the fly to intercept it, and then have a girl from bribe him not to go after the whole winter season in the same boots. And, of course, the most popular divination was when obymali stakes in the fence, there are guys tasam participated. Walked along the fence, and the girls read: "count the rings,

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Norwegian arranged in kindergarten tasting blood

In Norway, a kindergarten teacher was fired after she treated the kids in their own blood.

A teacher from Sola in western Norway has prepared his players' breakfast vampire. " In a bowl of porridge instead she poured blood from pre-bubble. The girl offered to kids ages 3 to 6 years to try liquid to touch and taste.

"When the kids get their hands dirty and asked how to wash off the blood, she licked her finger. The kids followed suit, "- says an employee of preschool Inger Lise Andersen.

Parents outraged by such practices. The administration of the

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A family in which there is a 12-year-old girl sent a set of three large dolls. On the morning of the next day my mother found out that the room is a mess girls and dolls are scattered in different directions. The following night the girl spent the night at his high school girlfriend, but at the same time in her room was the same. It turns out that all of these dolls were once a real girl, and now

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