Tomorrow is here.

Ruchi Sawhney visits the office of Kumar Group, steered by celebrated architect Gopakumar and his son Anuj in Kochi. There is an established architectural firm, rooted in the rich cultural legacy of Kerala, ready to take a bold leap forward.

Kerala’s architectural heritage is much celebrated and cherished by its people but sadly, the march of consumerism and growth are taking design trends to a new direction. Kochi used to be a city where the eyes would sweep over the swaying coconut fronds and beyond to the blue skies, but alas that was a good 20 years ago. I’ve seen

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Through the magic door…

It may look like your average incredibly charming Chelsea cottage, but Annoushka Ducas’s London house is SECRETLY an oh-so modern LA-style hacienda crash-pad. By Georgina Blackwell

We are in a secret nook of Chelsea: a storybook Georgian cottage accessed through an alleyway that in spring is thick with wisteria. The cottage is a sedate two-up two-down — until you get inside. Pass through the front door and the period exterior morphs into a sunny Los Angeles bolthole.

This is the London crash pad of Annoushka Ducas and her husband John Ayton, the founders of Links jewellers. You might be surprised

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Style points

First up: Mid-Century classics are reinterpreted as outdoor rockers. Vintage materials take shape in lighting. Plus: a bit of wit, whimsy and color for contemporary interiors. By Julie Smith Vincenti.

Strapped out

What can add a Mid-Century vibe to outdoor living areas? The Kantan II can, and it mixes brass with straps to make a home look good. Brown Jordan’s original Kantan, a 1950s vinyl-strap series by Tadao Inouye, is newly minted in brass and given high-performance Suncloth straps in either Sage or Marine. In addition to a chat-height lounge chair, a side table and a cocktail table, Kantan II

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An iridescent green glass tile forms the backdrop of this renovated bathroom.

Beauty may only be skin deep, but sometimes that might be all you have to work with. Small spaces are a given in most apartment blocks in New York — and the rooms in this 1960s-era apartment were no different.

«The apartment was in its original condition when my clients bought the property,» says Alan Berman AAIA, president of Archetype. «We were contracted to carry out a complete remodel, which included updating the guest and master bathrooms.

«The construction comprised 75mm-thick concrete walls with wire mesh and

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Product trends. Ready for Impact.

Impact-resistant windows offer 24/7 hurricane protection for coastal residents and added benefits for those in any region.

Windows provide numerous benefits for homeowners, but when faced with severe weather, nothing is more important than impact resistance.

Along coastal regions where hurricanes are strong possibilities, windows must be able to withstand high wind speeds as well as flying debris.

One hot spot for inclement weather is Miami-Dade County, Fla., where many of the building codes for hurricane-protection windows originated. Now, however, these codes are expanding.

«Some of the codes are migrating a little bit inland, so where it used to be

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This Frenchman not only rescued the Italian firm Fontana A r t e, he also ushered in a new era of exquisite glass designs.

When Italy’s Fontana A r t e firm named Max I n g r a n d its art director in 1954, he wasn’t an obvious choice. The company, founded in 1932, showcased the Italian mastery of glass manufacturing by using the material in cutting-edge light fixtures, furniture, and accessories, and it relied on the talents of top Italian designers. I n g r a n d was a Frenchman best known for producing stained-glass windows,

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I rarely have down time as I am usually working or playing with my two boys, so when I do sneak off for a little «me time,» my secret indulgence is Erewhon on Beverly Boulevard. While rushing around town, I slip in for a quick 100-percent organic cold-pressed juice, and for those few moments of pure bliss, I feel completely rejuvenated. Choose this over coffee in the

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The dark side of Google Glass

The latest invention of Google — augmented reality glasses, known simply as the Glass, — has not even gone on sale, but, apart from the interest excited by the opportunity to look into the future, they cause a hot controversy. Around Glass launched a campaign «Stop cyborg» in West Virginia has drafted legislation banning their use while driving, the device is already banned in a bar in Seattle.

Eight thousand users, Google Glass-equipped glasses and wearing the title of «testers Glass *, ready to begin experiments to find out what you can and can not do with them; their reactions

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Its all in the walls!

Mechanical engineer Erwin van der Weerd takes ‘green’ living to the next level with his eco pods that offer the ultimate in temperature control.

The comfortable temperature comes as a pleasant surprise as you step into the latest modular timber home by mechanical engineer and designer Erwin van der Weerd and his company Perfect-Places. Despite a very chilly morning in the small town of Greyton in the Overberg. there is no air conditioning or heater In use. Not even the fireplace is lit.

‘With a properly insulated and ventilated house you won’t need to spend money on heating or cooling.

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Sweet board


It is non-caloric dietary recipe for gingerbread. For those who keep themselves in shape.

You will need: half a liter of sour milk, 1 cup sugar, 1/4 tsp. Baking soda, about 3 cups flour, vegetable oil.

All the ingredients mix well and knead dough. Roll out and cut his roundels. Bake until golden brown.

by the way

Gingerbread cookies can be baked from rye dough: 2 cups rye flour Take 2/3 cup honey, cloves, anise, ginger and a little soda.

Puff in English

Take your family and prepare in the afternoon, these surprisingly delicate and delicious puff.

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