Glowing inhabitants of the oceans

Even in ancient times Carthaginian and Arab sailors watched the glow of the sea. Carthaginian admiral Hanno in V. BC. e. He noted that in the south of CERN, he saw the sea, «burning into flames.» But the glow of the sea for the first time described the Portuguese navigator and commander of the XVI century Juan de Castro in his book on the Red Sea.

Now we have had many colorful descriptions of this phenomenon. Here are the most interesting ones.

I not passed by this phenomenon and the French zoologist Edmond Perrier. «Suffice it to a short stay

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Mystery of glowing people



In May 1934, the newspaper "Times" reported on "a luminous woman from Pirano." Signora Anna Monaro suffered from asthma, and for a few weeks while sleeping on her chest quick pulse proceeded blue light. This phenomenon has been observed by many doctors, but have not been able to give him a reasonable explanation.

One psychiatrist suggested that "the phenomenon is caused by electrical and magnetic organisms that were strong enough development in the body of the woman, and therefore emit

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Scholars have commented on the abnormal glow in the sky Chelyabinsk

June 16, 2013. Scientists have commented abnormal glow in the sky, on the night of Sunday, June 16, is concerned about the residents of Chelyabinsk and the neighboring towns, and even in the Sverdlovsk region.

Eyewitnesses strange phenomena have decided that saw the northern lights. However, it usually occurs in the northern latitudes.

Residents of the South Urals actively pay attention to the various natural phenomena after the February 2013 Chelyabinsk famous throughout the world since the fall of the meteorite. In social networks witnesses unusual glow shared experience: "Lord, in the sky above the Chelyabinsk — the northern

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The light went out of the clouds




In the sky at Stary Oskol arose gigantic church lamp

Abnormal glow near the village Babaninka.

At dawn, just before the presidential election, the atmosphere

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Abnormal heat and cold — from the bottom of the energy well

March 1, 2013. Recently, the inhabitants of the earth began to notice what became frequent and powerful weather events. Everyone remembers the hot summer of 2010 when drought and fires have covered many regions of Russia. Record heat is regularly in Europe and in the United States and Japan, replaced by unprecedented rains and cold weather, turning into the flood.

So different at first glance, the events are unlikely to be a coincidence. The same was said and the new work of an international group of climate scientists, including Professor and the German Institute of PIK Vladimir Petukhov. In an

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UFO over Kirzhach. Video


7.10.11.Zhiteli Kirzhach region periodically see .. UFOs. For example, the assurances of the witnesses, unusual lights can be seen on the so-called "Gagarin's forest." This is where the world's first crashed astronaut. About unidentified flying objects, and versions of the death of Yuri Gagarin, Valentina Ivakina material.

VALENTINE Ivakin, correspondent: What happened on this forest in 1968 — is still a mystery. During this time, dozens of suggestions have been put forward — what exactly could cause a crash, "Gagarin's MiG." But recently in the media more often featured the option that before, because of its absurdity, simply

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Red aurora over Australia

Red Aurora Australis from Alex Cherney on Vimeo.

Why the sky is red? Yes it is the aurora. Solar storms have passed last week and caused the 1402 sunspots — pummel particle flux and stirred oxygen atoms high in the atmosphere of the planet.

In the picture the red glow visible just above the horizon that occurred last week near Flinders, Victoria, Australia. The sky in the night, but also covered more familiar and remote object, namely, the central disk of our Milky Way galaxy on the left and next to the large and small Magellanic clouds

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Fire tragedies ghosts

April 5, 2012 6:44

The phenomenon, which will be discussed, is known to mankind since time immemorial. At least one of the first mention of it dates back to 373 BC and refers to the ancient Rome. Over the past century has accumulated a lot of facts about the unusual light effects associated with earthquakes. These effects were observed both at the time of the earthquake, and shortly before the first tremor, thus playing the role of original (optical) harbingers of disaster.

The many aspects of the phenomenon

Lighting effects in relation to earthquakes on the manifestations can be

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Unusual glow in the sky over Baku — Photo

In the project "Mobile reporter" regular reader sent Day.Az interesting photo.

The reader who sent this photograph, said the unusual phenomenon was filmed them in the airport in Baku. Bright glow may result from the play of light in the clouds at sunset. And maybe …  

Choose glow in Vladikavkaz

On the night of 6 to 7 August, to be exact at 00:24 Vladikavkaz turn off the lights in the entire city, in some areas, for a moment, the other for 2 hours. At the same time as the sky lit up off a strange glow. Explosion no one heard. Describe the color in different ways — some who had noticed. I am, after the lights went out and the room was illuminated with light, went to the balcony and watched the houses in the West as the sky lit up with a blue-white. This has not seen. Light source

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