Liberty Poll: go to the European March?

Guy: "Yeah, I heard about the" European march. "It will begin on October 14 at 14.00 at October Square. Going to go. "Man: "I heard about the" European march ". Think I’ll go. "Woman: "Have not heard anything."Man: "My friend read something. Maybe we went there and, on "European march".Guy: "I beheld ads on poles."Reporter: "And they themselves are going there?"Guy: "No. I do not participate in such actions, do not listen to these ads."Lady: "Surely, this march for Belarus to join the EU? Yeah, I heard. Unfortunately, I will not be in Minsk, and on the other would have

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Will you go to the European March?

Lady: "Be sure to go. Something needs to be change in our lives. The time has come. I hope that will many people and be able to change something. "Youth"Hardly him going. Well, just need to finish my studies in another institute. You understand that they can send it somewhere further from the educational institution."Guy: "Surely, I will go, as I am against the current state of our country. "Student: "The meaning of this march? While studying in the institute and do not think that my business to engage in politics. Need to finish my studies, and later will promote

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Do the citizens of Minsk on European march?

Reporter: "Did you know about the" European march "? Are you planning to take part in it? "Lady: "Was mailbox newspaper. But I’m not going to go, because nothing has changed. "Guy: "Heard. Oct. 14, it seems, and 14 hours. Do not know, I’ll go, since differences in society — do not know for whom to go. As usual."Woman: "Of course, heard. Stickers all over town, it’s hard not to see. I’ll go, since democracy — something lacking our country. Maybe it would change anything. "Man: "I do not go for such shares. Maybe they needed, but I’m on them

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EU countries supported the European March

Viktor Ivashkevich during a press conference, told reporters that despite the arrest of informational materials (newspapers, leaflets, stickers calling to participate in the "European march"), people know about the campaign, which will be held on October 14 in Minsk."How many people will come? As much as people in Minsk considers themselves as Europeans. At the moment of every citizen depends — will go Belarus European method, or we will be people in the swamp. Released 100 thousand — train go the direction of Belarus. Come one tyscha — only one percent have on Belarus will the European method.So, everyone —

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S.Shushkevich plans Putin: We have to go by another method

"In Russia, formed the party in power. And distinguishing feature that within the existing constitution they find a method to stay in power. I think, that this step is fascinating, and that that structure — almost Veche former Communist Party and the KGB — is kept in power, but it works correctly.But I do not really like that in Russia no Prospects have their opposition. I think it is quite accurate, and it will not be there in this situation. Our homeland exists due to large quantities of petrodollars, and no one forbade live well, if you can live with.

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Lebedko: From Ukraine to go positive impulses

"Winning orange in these elections — very importantth factor for us. Why? Since there, from the Ukraine, will positive energy and momenta. At the moment the official Belarusian propaganda will be even less likely to show an example of how Ukrainian hopeless case. Now do not say that people are actively entering into the streets and fight for their standards do not bring results. "• "Lukashenko is very interested in the orange power in Ukraine.", 01.10.2007

Do devaluation of Belarusian ruble?

Tsigankov: "Michael, who is more inclined to trust you — IMF professionals or representatives of the Belarusian government that link trade patterns and the highest proportion in the calculations Russian ruble? Who is right? " Zaleski: "If Comrade Stalin asked what bias worse — left or right — he replied:" Both worse. "So there. Only they" are both better. "Maybe not better, but they are just looking from different perspectives. In IMF experts at a high level, they behold the macroeconomic dynamics, operate hundred square meters of characteristics and therefore make such a theoretical conclusion that this course must be

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In Vitebsk, in the underpass bred carp

Fishing — the underpassEntrances to the transition overgrown bushes and airom smell of stagnant water still felt from afar. Depth along the ground — about 2 meters, and where smaller, perfectly visible flocks fry that dart between abandoned plastic bottles, wrappers and other debris. Fish grown in this mud, no risks. And no one can explain how she was able to get a divorce here in general.Fish in this "natural oasis" no riskViolated and would violateCrossroads of incompetent underground passage happened "fish place" for Vitebsk employees GAI. Within a day or there can be fined more than one hundred people,

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Ernest Sabila: It is the will of God that the spirit rises civilization …

Meeting with the priest Belarusian Evangelical Church Ernest Sabil accomplished indoors Company Belarusian schools. Come youth, there are a few older people, see graying head.Sabila: "I was with their community registered in the apartment, the years have passed, now it has become lawlessness. Lawlessness Why is it that has changed? Mood changed father, and the father has changed. Was Shushkevich, Lukashenko has become …"Dmukhovskyy: "Why did my father now can not build the church, why people had hunger strike to achieve their rights? "Ideologue, "Man, who wishes do something contrary, they knocked on this hunger strike. "Dmukhovskyy: "It is their

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Agrotowns or agrahatki?

In geranium Iuye district, which is 3 kilometers from the Belarusian-Lithuanian border, they brought me to the local press about the grand opening of the newest administrative unit here — agrotown. Town with 1.5 tyschami inhabitants comes to number 70 exemplary agrotowns elected at the initiative of Alexander Lukashenko.On the outskirts of geraniums on sight appears neighborhood so called "Presidential houses." They — most importantly, what are going to fix the inhabitants here.The family house Makovsky is believed commissioned turnkey. Spent on its construction 50 thousands of dollars. Wife stood in line two decades. Have three children. Spouse, tractor, whole

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