Yanka Kupala monument put in Gdansk

Opening of the monument is scheduled for July 7, marking the 125th anniversary a day or birthday Belarusian poet.Site for the monument have been prepared on the Gdansk Kupala street, but Kupala, said experts at the Slavic god and not Belarusian poet. It is located in an area where several streets immediately have names of pagan gods. But some of old Gdansk plans to Kupala street unclear who added the name Janka.

Not sure why Metropolitan own labyzatselya adjust God’s order in his personal family?

On this week 1927 "Our voice," writes: "In the days of {languid strokes is best you can find companions.} By the time the entire Polish press — agree, the top team — byaschelna lied about unmasked" weapon warehouses, "" Bolshevik circular " " tyschah bucks "Found that if something in circles Gromada and ambassadors — at the time, as" their "- hadeki and selsayuzniki — {wrote all sorts of meanness on the organization of the Belarusian farmers and workers,} in physical attacks enemy hands attaching moral poison — while the press peoples who are under Poland is not enough best

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The new U.S. president will not build market socialism

November 4, in the United States Presidential election of the country. The main candidates — John McCain, a senator from the Republican Party, and Barack Obama, a spokesman for the Democrats. Up to this topic:Man: "Everyone imperative Belarus politician need to understand that in America who would not have come to power, the municipal market socialism direction will not build because it is bondage for the people."Next question on presidential elections in Belarus:Man: "On television, past and present deputy Davydko, or he let out, but no one corrected when he said that we had in 2010 is important — will

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We contrasted the church — the club …

"Krasnoarmejsky truth" in 1928, informs: "In lenkutkah and barracks with slogans, held readings, conversations with the Red Army on the anti-religious theme. Together with friendly organizations held a general meeting on" The Cultural Revolution and religion "and staged an anti-religious play … All the Red Army will be shrouded in mass work and, obviously, do not go to church. We contrasted the church — a club clerical luhtse — reasonable fun. ""Star" in 1958, writes: "From the brochure" Is there a god? "P.Pavelkina reader will find out why there were different peoples of different religions and different gods. While white

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Intoxicated priest catch GAI

As a result, his father was fined for three years and was denied the right to drive a car. Colleagues priest drew attention to the fact that such liberties for himself he has permitted during the period of fasting stateliness.This story happened near Mogilev, where the village of East father, of course, a little fun skirovvavsya (inner with him was a young lady, too drunk). Samples SAI employees to check driver’s documents have not yielded fruit BMW: father, though hesitant, but insisted that it is not vodka. Police found the extraordinary humanity and released a servant of God. What a

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Faith in God — is languishing disease …

* "Evening Minsk", year 1978. Junior Researcher BSSR A.Chudnikava explains: "Being unable to explain anything really curious youthful mind," spiritual fathers "are forced to take all their inventions for granted, offering no evidence, apart from the" sacred books. "But all this written by people who were at the lower stages of development. Did they understand life more clearly and deeply than the current generation? Faith in God — is languishing disease, but at the present time there is no incurable diseases! "About the first issue of the magazine "The Source" "Lim" on this week 1988 notes: "Source" came at a

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This is a unique event in the history of mankind

In the book of Genesis is a story of the patriarch Abraham, as he at one point in syadev own tent in the heat of the day, and suddenly saw 3 pilgrims that approached him. He quickly ran out to meet them, saying, "My lord, if I found favor in thy sight, then pray, not mine thy servants. Suppose that bring water to wash your feet for you and Supachai under the tree. I bring bread to you refreshed and later go for myself because of the fact you went to your servant "(Rhode 18:3-5). In fact, it was the

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Christmas: What are we celebrating?

With the second half of November everywhere feel the pre-Christmas bustle. See and hear the annoying commercials, Christmas trees everywhere, "Nikolai" sound carols. I understand — at what time live. I read that rabies Christmas purchases yielded even further cultural Japan. Reconciled with the fact that in England, so as not to offend believers of other religions, is discussed seriously question that, that at the official level completely abolish the very title Christmas and replace it with "Snezhanskim celebration" (December celebration). I understand that in response to the demands of the local rabbi, so close to the Christmas tree at

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Atlantis — Myth or Reality?

About 10 000 years before Christ the whole of North Africa, Egypt and Europe, from Spain to northern Italy, were in the hands of the kingdom by the name of Atlantis (Atlantis), who ruled the continent to the west of the Pillars of Hercules.

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Atlanta descended from the god Poseidon, who produced the first citizens of the kingdom to earth woman named Cleito. Got its name from

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North Cradle of Humankind

The world map has changed greatly over the past few billion years. According to geologists, early Earth was a solid one continent in the middle of the vast ocean. Then this continent was divided into two parts.

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The first part consisted of modern North America, Europe, Central and North Asia. The second part of the continent

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