Yes, we know Ron is well-known and hardly ‘unsung’, but read on: Bertie Simmonds makes the case for Rocket Ron being knighted for the passion he’s put into motorcycling, despite the odds and some tragic personal losses.

It’s always those people who are quiet and unassuming whose talents and efforts get ignored, or passed over by those more willing to talk about themselves or big up their achievements.

I think this of Ron Haslam and I’m making a pitch for final recognition of the passion, dedication and sheer effort that Ron has put into motorcycle racing and two-wheels in general

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I GOT TURNED on to The Hunger Games last summer and immediately read all three books over the course of a few days while on vacation in Hawaii. It drew me into a world that wasn’t just fascinating but totally unique, and, specifically, the character of Pete really appealed to me. We’ve been fans of Josh H. for a while here-he was in the October 2009 issue-so we already knew he was down-to-earth and talented; when we learned he was going to play the leading role of Pete in the movie adaptation, opening this March, he was an obvious choice

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Pilgrims Tale

With just a guitar, the odd overdub and a string quartet for company, the jazz/fusion great reasserts his lifelong passion for the music of the Beatles with a 14-song testimonial. Interview by Pete Langman.

A failing dictaphone in a noisy dressing room at London’s Ronnie Scott’s and a wayward internet connection from a hotel in the Ukraine are not the best advertisement for the wonders of modern technology, but it seems apt considering that Al Di Meola’s latest project, All Your Life: A Tribute To The Beatles, was recorded entirely analogue at Abbey Road studios. It’s the kind of move

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On board with Virgin Galactic.

We spoke to the President of Virgin Galactic, Steve Isakowitz, about the work this pioneering private space company is doing and what we can expect in the future.

Why are space planes like Virgin Galactic’s SpaceShipTwo so important for the exploration of space?

Well I think it’s going after one of the toughest problems in space exploration, which is that if you’re ultimately going to reduce the cost of getting people into space, one needs to demonstrate a routine ability to reuse hardware and to fly things over and over. [Space travel is] really the only transportation mode, whether it’s

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My shot: Chubby Chandler.

A jinx and a blessing are never far apart. When Graeme McDowell, who is no longer with us (International Sports Management), won the 201 o US Open, I couldn’t help but feel we were jinxed. Our players had never won a major, you see. I felt happy for Graeme, but what about our lads? When Louis Oosthuizen won the Open Championship a month later, I thought, okay, we’re fine now. After Charl Schwartzel won the Masters and then Rory Mcllroy the US Open, I went from feel blessed. After what happened to Darren Clarke at the Open Championship, I wonder

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WHEN I JOINED THE family mannequin business in 1976, all the other companies were doing very ladylike and elegant mannequins. So we sprayed ours out in high-gloss colors. We went where someone else wasn’t, and that became the design philosophy of Pucci from there on out.

I LOOK FOR PIECES that are unique, simple, timeless and, most importantly, that have soul. I don’t look for furniture that’s been mass-produced; I look for special pieces that have been touched

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As we embark on the Champions League season. Reuters photographer PHIL NOBLE talks to Will Roberts about his love of sport and the conflicts within the industry.

At 38, Phil Noble is still a young man in the world of photography, but he speaks with the authority, experience and passion of someone much older.

His career — starting off as a newspaper photographer before moving on to news agencies -has coincided with a massively significant time in the news industry; a period of substantial upheaval. He took his first steps as a professional photographer when the printed media was king,


Eileen Collins: Rocket Woman

Interviewed by Jonathan O’Callaghan

Having served as both the first female pilot and first female commander of NASA’s Space Shuttle, Eileen Collins boosted the involvement of women in space exploration to a whole new level.

Interview Bio

Eileen Collins

Age: 56

First mission: STS-63

No. of missions: 4

Time in space: over 872 hours

Born on 19 November 1956, Eileen Marie Collins served as a pilot in the United States Air Force before becoming one of the most decorated astronauts in NASA’s history after her selection in 1990. She served on four separate Space Shuttle missions, including the first American

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Bryan Cranston and Аrrоп Paul tell ushow their sensational show slowly took оver the world…

Hello chaps! We’re a bit gutted that Breaking Bad is coming to an end. How did you both feel after seeing the last-ever ep?

Bryan: I had a big smile. I’m going to quote Dr Seuss: “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” That’s the way I felt. We did this and it was great.

Aaron: It was devastating. Bryan and I read the final episode together out loud, at his house. When Bryan read the final description that

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It’s nice down there, in an apocalyptic sort of way a temperate rain cave, thanks to the misting spigots that are used to settle all the ancient dust. The rat population, too, must have learned to be skeptical after all these years, because, on this particular visit, there were no rodents in evidence. Maybe they require greater traces of urine in die atmosphere. Nor was there a third rail no risk of electrocution. The spelunkerʼs attempts to imagine himself as Snake Plissken, fending off’the Crazies in «Escape from New York» were undermined by the sandhogs cheerful graffiti: a smiley face

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