With gold Bookshelf

We arrived in Crimea to-the path to the screen — meet with the heroes of favorite books. «The White Poodle» Kuprin. «Bambi» F. Salten (in retelling Yu Nagibina). How many children (of different generations!) Unconditionally accept them into the world of his childhood with them, and know the section of the first lessons of beauty, wisdom and goodness.

«The White Poodle» owes its birth to the Crimea. Here, in the country in Mishor, Alexander Kuprin became acquainted with the old organ-grinder, a small acrobat Serge, white poodle, heard the story of their wandering life and described in the famous story.

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Karas is represented by two species — silver (oblong) and gold (ordinary round) carp. Goldfish — Carassius d1eIo. Golden carp — Carassius Carassius.

They differ in shape, color and some external morphological features. Golden common carp is one of the hardiest species. Goldfish different silver colored abdomen and sides. It can occur in large rivers where the preferred location without rapid flow. Silver carp grows faster and reaches the common carp weighing more than 1 kg. Carp less susceptible to dangerous diseases, making them more profitable farming.

Meat golden carp has valuable gastronomic qualities. It is easily separated from the bones. If the meat has a specific smell carp algae or slime, then carp grew in swampy pond.

Contents and habitats Carp


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Cosmodrome — the first and largest cosmodrome in the world, who is now the territory of Kazakhstan, in the Kyzyl-Orda region, near the village of Tyr-there. Construction Baikonur was the great achievement of Soviet science and technology, a breakthrough in the field of astronautics.

Today few people know that originally the world’s first Baikonur cosmodrome was built as a test site for Soviet intercontinental ballistic missiles. In the early 1950s, the R-7 rocket, developed for the delivery of the hydrogen bomb, demanded a new place to test it. Previously, all the launches of Soviet missiles were performed at Kapustin


More expensive than any GOLD

We flew over the famous Chukotka reindeer herder, a delegate of the XXVI Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, the foreman of the farm reindeer brigades «Kanchalan» Gregory acanthus. During a stop in Pevek, in the heart of the industrial area, the conversation turned to the industrialization of the remote Chukotka, building mines, concentrators.

— I understand that all this is necessary, — said acanthus. — Mind understand that gold is necessary for our country and that it is necessary to extract oil … But if you think twice, what will our future generations, if we do

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Breast milk — the best food for your baby

It is known that due to the structure of protein molecules goat milk is easier to digest cow. In addition, goat milk cow is richer in content of some natural minerals and vitamins (vitamins A, D, and minerals Ca Se), and folic acid, vitamin V12i Zn have higher bioavailability.

There are other benefits that we consider the example of the recently appeared in Russia on the basis of a mixture of goat’s milk Kabrita® GOLD (Netherlands).

With a view to the maximum possible adaptation to the natural breast milk in goat’s milk are added:

• Whey proteins natural goat’s

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Ups and downs «Luzhniki»

Russian triumph

7 gold medals the Russian team

A few days before the tournament starts to boycott it because of «health problems» declared Olympic champion Yuliya Zaripov, Sergei Kirdyapkin Olga Kaniskina Yuri Borzakovskiy. Spiteful critics started talking about «fear not pass a drug test,» experts — that the country «will miss guaranteed medals», and the national team can not show the result, which is calculated on the sports officials. Fortunately, the fears proved groundless. For the second day of competition the Russians won the first award the highest standard: it is on account of 20-year-old debutant tournaments such rank

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In recent years, among the top 25 gold mining regions of Amur region stably takes 6th place in terms of gold production. In addition, specific gold production per unit area of ​​the territory of the Amur region on the subject takes 2nd place in Russia in the intensity of gold. According to preliminary estimates, total industrial production in the region in 2003, the share of non-ferrous metallurgy accounts for 23.1%. About 70% of profits in industrial production of the Amur region is derived from gold mining. Gold sales in 2003 reached 4.5 bln. Rubles were produced 13 tons

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Gold, Silver and … Blue Lions expect their own masters

Films, directors, actorsImmediately after the opening ceremony was shown first competitive film — "Vykuplenne" 35-year-old British director Joe Wright.Romantic drama based on the novel by Ian Makyuena claims by critics views, not only on the merit of the prestigious festival, but even in the "Oscar". In the story, a 13-year-old blames the girl’s older sister of the groom’s own rape he did not commit. And it affects the fate of heresy heroes.The main role — 22-year-old actress Keira Knightley, which acquired popularity after starring in the movie of the same director’s "Pride and Prejudice". Keira Knightley thinks that it will

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Gazprom: Belarusian side will not be able to enter the golden share

Application anticipates midst else phased (during 2008-2010) increase in wholesale margin to the cost of gas, which implements Belarusian consumers "Beltransgaz". This document also provides for commitment Belarusian side not to introduce a special law of the country ("golden share") for a role in the management of "Beltransgaz".

Figure a day or: January Belarusian banks sold 84 kilograms of gold

The National Bank said that the most popular gold bullion 5 grams. Silver bullion was sold at 47 kg, platinum — 1 kilogram. Population buys gold, platinum and other precious metals as a store of savings.National Bank and commercial banks sell precious metals population since 2001, during which Time wasof realized about 2-tons of gold.

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