Komi Republic. Base extraterrestrial civilizations? (08.10.2011)


Rats appeared on earth for forty-eight million years earlier than men. They are the longest mammal can survive without water. They live in cities and villages. On ships and boats. They make their way to the aircraft. Survive in the Arctic Circle and can adapt to any environment, especially if there is a man. It does not matter even elevated levels of radiation. But here, in the Komi Republic, there is a unique area — an area where rats do not live. But local residents told us that live in these rivers are the

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Golden Woman — Great Goddess of Hyperborea

Golden Woman — is the Vedic way of the Great Goddess (mother of the gods), which owes its origin in matriarchal Hyperborea. She and Isis, and Freya, and Artemis, and Lada-Mother …

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