Yaroslavl golden autumn

Yaroslavl — a city with a history of 1,000 years.

Yaroslavl is probably one of the most beautiful cities in Russia.

The historic center of Yaroslavl included in UNESCO World Heritage Site.  


And Yaroslavl surprisingly reminiscent of Western Europe.

Not by chance, Yaroslavl called "Russian Florence."

Let's golden autumn stroll through the old city of Yaroslavl.

We will start a walk in the early morning before dawn and ended it in the late evening.

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Trans-Siberian Express (hotel on wheels)

Trans-Siberian Railway (Moscow — Vladivostok) — the longest train route in the world. Distance 9288 km. "Golden Eagle" is the most luxurious and expensive train in Russia. The train and the road is quite worthy of each other.

Steam locomotive removed for handouts, really lucky locomotive it 🙂 Otherwise, the tourists would be covered with soot. Express-it's just for the beauty, the train is going slowly with stops for sightseeing. "Golden Eagle" makes long stops at the most interesting points of the route where there are guided tours — in Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Lake Baikal, Ulan-

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The play A Very Simple Story theater Believe won the main prize of the festival Golden Knight

Artistic director of the theater, "Believe!" Vladimir Petrenko said that Dnepropetrovsk Playhouse "Believe" for their production of "It's a simple story" was awarded the main prize at the theater forum "Golden Knight" in Moscow. He stated this at a press conference in agency "Bridge-Dnepr".

Over 260 km of regional roads repaired in Primorye in 2012

This is almost 90% more than the previous year.

According to the Department of Roads of the 2012 facilities were constructed: access road to the international passenger terminal of the airport "Vladivostok"

road "village. New — Peninsula de Vries — Sedanka — Patroclus bay with a low bridge (overpass) De Vries — Sedanka"

road "bay Patroclus — a bridge over the Golden Horn"

bridge across the Golden Horn Bay in Vladivostok on the motorway linking the federal highway M-60 "Ussuri", "Khabarovsk-Vladivostok", a Russian island, was

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Site of LarGOprokat became golden

The company's website, "LarGOprokat" won 12 national open Internet competition "Golden Site" in the category "Transport".

"Golden Site" — one of the most prestigious competitions, the winners of which annually become only the best Web Site friends in dozens of nominations. The contest was founded in 1997, and during the lifetime participation in it has taken thousands of the most successful sites and developers Russia. 

Contestants are evaluated hundreds of leading experts of the Russian Internet, and the victory in the competition raises the prestige of owning an online resource and is a beautiful proof

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Silver Ring of Russia

Vice-president of the Russian Union of Travel Industry Sergei Korneev said that the project is "Silver Ring of Russia": The task — to duplicate the "Golden Ring", but in the north-western regions. After all, these territories are not less rich in tourism resources. Photo source:vand.ru

The structure of the "Silver Ring" includes St. Petersburg, Novgorod, Staraya Russa, the Great Luke Porhov, Pskov, Isborsk, Pechora, Ivangorod, Kingissepp, Vyborg, Korella (Priosersk), Staraya Ladoga, Vologda, Tikhvin.

few attractions north-west Russia (photo)

Photo source:radikal.ru

On Tuesday, September 6 working group is going to create a historical recreation of the "Silver

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In the Yaroslavl region built resort Golden Ring

In Pereslavl district of the Yaroslavl region in 2010, began construction of the resort "Golden Ring." By 2015, it will be one of the largest tourist complexes in Russia. The volume of investments — more than 10 billion rubles.

 Photo source:yar.ru

Resort "Golden Ring" will give more than a thousand jobs for the inhabitants of Yaroslavl and Pereslavl. In addition, according to preliminary estimates, the tourist complex will annually bring to the regional budget by 3 billion rubles.

 Photo source:yar.ru

design of the complex and facilities built for the year (photos)

JSC "Development Corporation"

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Police received badges

 Photo source:arms-expo.ru

The Interior Ministry confirmed samples of badges for police officers and their description. All the characters have a series corresponding to a particular region of Russia. Below, drawings and descriptions of characters.

 Photo source:arms-expo.ru

Employee patrol.

Breastplate officer patrol is made of aluminum in the form of an oval golden brown size 75 x 60 mm and consists of two parts: the base and cover with the code mark. In the central part of the base of radiant red — image heraldic symbol — the emblem of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation

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Russia’s Golden Eagle — a real competitor of the American Robinsona

 Photo source:arms-expo.ru

In Russia, a new two-seat helicopter "Berkut-VL" coaxial, which is the first industrial design patented for mass production. The first official premiere of the helicopter will be at the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2011 (August 16-21, Zhukovsky, Moscow region).. Rotary-wing aircraft with a capacity of 147 LS, developed by private investors in a specially constructed for this project eponymous design office of LLC "Golden Eagle" and is an example of a successful start-up.

According to experts, at the expense of pricing domestic development has the potential to become a leader in its market segment.

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Shack Golden Field is building a granary

 Photo source:mediaryazan.ru

Farming "Shack Golden Field" builds in Shatsky municipality Ryazan region granary is 40 thousand tons.

It comes with 80-ton truck scales, laboratory and rapid drying and purification systems, forced ventilation system is working. All processes are mechanized. Grain storage monitoring will be carried out with the help of computer equipment. Granary will soon be put into operation.

July 27 Governor Oleg Kovalev and the Minister of Agriculture and Food of the region Nikolay Shestakov during the working visit by districts visited the area on a new granary.

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