Gomel from computers in the office were only monitors UCP

This our Radio just said on the phone city party branch manager Andrew Tolchin: "We selected system units, as photocopiers. Blocks and took on personal computers, and even broken. I asked KGB officers, why they are not sealed data inputs and outputs of these blocks, possible thither what information you want. And they said, we have sealed the components. "On a personal home is a study of urban offices UCP. It is a legal address and the regional branch. As we reported earlier, the KGB produced a search warrant, signed by the prosecutor that area sovereign Polovinko. They uttered that

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Gomel: another political prisoner

Upon written request of employees of local broadcasting company "Gomel" Zhukovsky "ripped off work" TV. Police officer assured that Zhukovsky read "on the colors and inflated, apart from the fact, on whiteRussian language. "September 18 Konstantin Zhukovsky came to his office broadcasting company "Gomel" to complain about the biased coverage of events in the town.Namely, the fact that the TV does not light tribute way of reprisals against local activists.Central tribunal which is next to the broadcasting company, punished arrests based on trumped-up charges police youth activists Dmitry Zhaleznichenka and Andrew Tsyanyuta.Since the book of comments and suggestions Konstantin Zhukovsky

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In Gomel detained democracy activist Dmitry Zhaleznichenka

Ran detention man who introduced himself as an employee of the police department of Gomel Railway Siwiec. But lawyer Dmitry Zhaleznichenka in railway police station said that a policeman with the naming in their no.According to preliminary data, the democratic activist blamed for rape.About 21.00 about 10 people gathered ka police department, where Dmitri. The policemen said that if young people do not resolve, then they will be used against specific measures.Excellence Dmitry Zhaleznichenka this month was excluded from the Gomel Medical Institute named Scorina for social activities. • Gomel re-classified or provosts policemen?, 17.09.2007 • Gomel Institute excludes A-student

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Gomel: activist judge for solidarity with excellent students

His blame neprelichnoy abuse and illegal distribution of leaflets in support of the A-student Dmitry Zhaleznichenka. He was expelled from the institute named Scorina for social activities.September 14 sovereign Tsyanyuta detained pro-rector of the Institute Sergey Hanenya responsible for educational work and ideology. Vice Rector simply dragged the student in his own cabinet.First vice-rector Yuri Kulazhenko called the police.Youth activist detained, and he spent more than 2-days in prison.• Gomel Institute excludes A-student with an active civilian position, 12.09.2007

Authorities conceal the truth about Gomel Kurapaty

Organizing committee members showed a video made at the site and during meetings with local residents.Memoirs of older people about the arrests of farmers are also bullet holes in the skulls indicate political executions. But the soldiers of the 52nd separate search battalion that led the excavation, it did not want to confirm, says one of the activists of the organizing committee of the Gomel region Andrey Melnikov:"We had everything here is photographed. After all, people from 52 Battalion, who led the excavation, a voice not quite what we beheld with our eyes."According to the researchers are independent, according to

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Police detained participants pastor Sabila with residents of Gomel

Mayor of Gomel Railway police department Vladimir Gasimov together Lieutenant Anatoly bacon and commandos want without a search warrant to enter the house on the grounds there hiding offenders. When the chairman of the city UCP Andrew Tolchin asked to call signs of criminals, Major Gasimov said that "this information is hidden."Eventually the police climbed over the fence and began detaining those participants, in which did not have a pashpartov.Takih accumulated nine people."We were taken to the office and check our names began with a database that has the police. Later released. While the police climbed into the house, all

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Why forbid favorite UCP be activists of the Freedom Movement?

Chairman of the Gomel city organization Joint civilian Party Andrew Tolchin intensively cooperates with "the Movement" For Freedom. "clarifies his position, followed by:"I’m a liberal own essence. And the fact that I am a member public organizations "Movement" For Freedom ", is not contrary to the charter of the UCP. Vo-2, can not be done so that the party was only one world — as in the present leadership of Belarus, where Lukashenko just always right."From the words of Andrew Tolchin, at the moment, virtually all members of Gomel city and regional organizations involved in the UCP "Movement" For Freedom.

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Gomel: salting the U.S. meet with activists of the democratic forces

In Gomel now going regional favorites united democratic forces. Invited to a meeting of the U.S. Ambassador to Belarus Karen Stewart.The diplomat said that the U.S. government as before urges the Belarusian authorities to release all political prisoners."But we also have a basic requirement — to change the existing legislation in order to people wasand freedom of speech and freedom of association "- USA salting allocated to Belarus Karen Stewart."U.S. support as before-independent Belarusian media" — said today in Gomel South American salting:"We do it in different ways — conduct educational applets, seminars, implementing programs from small grants, visit the

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Near Gomel in tracts unearthed the remains of 66 victims

By command of the battalion, on the surface of various graves remains of 66 victims raised — peaceful inhabitants. Riddled skulls and bones have transferred to temporary storage in Prybytkavski village council.Sudmedeksperty have not yet conclusions about the "age" of graves. Not yet, and conclusions about the found bullets that killed the victim.Official version of the origin of mass graves — shot by the Nazis and militia Red Army POWs first war.But local residents indicate there there were mass executions of people in the years of Stalinist repression.Members of the organizing committee of creation of the party "Belarusian Christian Democracy"

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Gomel city did Rada demographic security

Announced that the board will "prevent unfortunate incidents, strengthen families, provoke fertility, promote a healthy lifestyle."Middle of the 1980s, celebrated the birth of Gomel in town 500000th occupant. At this point in the regional center is home to about 492 thousand people.As for statistics, Last year was born in the town 4.5 thousand people, died — 5.2 thousand. Average life in Gomel is 70.1 years.

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