Interior designers tend to be one step ahead when it comes to house-hunting, which was certainly the case with Torill Tangen. She admits to finding it easy to visualise what any house will look like with her possessions inside it, and also had a clear image of where her new home should be and what it needed to provide. ‘I wanted to live in a small village with shops and easy access to transport,’ explains Torill. ‘The house also had to be in good structural and decorative condition; I’ve done several big restoration projects in the past and this time

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Travel Photography

The secret to good travel photography is simplicity.

Go Travel!

As far back as 1912, Captain Robert Scott, one of history’s great explorers, realised that photography could complement his travel records in an unprecedented way during his much publicised South Pole expedition. Sadly, Scott died on the return trip, but his photographs survived as a testimony to his bravery. Since then, the interdependence between travel and photography has developed to such an extent that today, they’re almost mutually inclusive. And yet, the one doesn’t necessarily guarantee a good experience of the other.

So, what’s the secret to good travel photography?

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A good shave will enhance your leader appeal. Leadership is a calling. Leadership in the boardroom is important so that time isn’t wasted; there is someone to lead and plan. Being a leader means channeling the courage to take risks by thinking of non-conventional ideas on how to execute tasks, being a game changer in the industry. It’s to listen and value everyone’s opinion, empowering your employees to speak and share their insights. And being well- groomed allows you to stay empowered. Leadership is being able to get all the employees motivated and working together on the same goal.»

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CONTACT 01978 265308 www.musicplacewrexham.com

‘There has been a music shop on this site now for approximately 32 years,’ says owner Paul Sturman, ‘I have been trading here under the Music Place banner for 5 years and have built up a fine reputation for quality instruments, percussion, PA, and a large selection of accessories and effects. This area has always been exciting for musicians, and there’s a good live movement here, especially with younger players.’


With just one snug room straight in from the street, The Music Place manages to offer a wide choice of percussion, effects, recording


The inheritance of food

Gastronomy is something of a family heirloom in the Rostang household. But, that didn’t stop fifth generation chef and multiple Michelin star holder Michel Rostang from being one of the humblest chefs Sudeshna Ghost has interviewed.

He comes from a family of restaurateurs, so becoming a chef was an inevitability for Michel Rostang. As he himself admits, «I can’t imagine not being a chef. If is natural, I’ve been living and breathing food since I was a baby.” With seven restaurants, and over 30 years of cooking under his belt, many might say if is time for him to enjoy

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There’s Gold in Them Thar Files

Anyone who has viewed any episodes of the various CSI, NCIS, or Low& Order shows knows that: (a) If something works, then you should keep using, tweaking, and reworking it; and (b) performing autopsies is really, really important because it enables you to do «a.»

You know those TV ads that say you’re sitting on piles of gold in your closets and drawers at home? And they go on to tell you that all your old, forgotten jewelry and silverware can yield big bucks to buy things you need and want today. Well, right

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The pieces of the puzzle that make the YZ250 tick


GYTR nickel-plated exhaust GYTR muffler

You simply can’t have a two-stroke without a pipe and muffler on it. The GYTR system added some aggression and excitement to the already impressive power of the YZ. I prefer it like this; if I wanted a bike that was tame, I wouldn’t be on one of these things. Bring on the arm pump!

270mm oversized rotor and bracket

This made the biggest difference to my enjoyment on the YZ250 so far. Riding both the 450 and 250 two-stroke, I tend to overshoot

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Shoot from dawn till dusk

Dedicate an entire day to taking photographs. Challenge yourself to take as many different photos as you can and really explore a location.

IF YOU haven’t got the patience to set yourself a year-long project, scale it back and make a day of it instead. Start taking photographs at dawn and don’t stop until dusk. There’s nothing quite like waking up at 4am, driving on deserted roads to a new location and finding the perfect spot to catch the rising sun. Once that is done, you can always have a nap in the car before taking a stroll around the

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Well, it must be like beating a dead horse because every month when I write to the DA guys I always say I’m busy. I’m not lying this time, though — I’ve been flat out.

I think I’m about four days late on the column deadline and I’m lying in my motel on a Monday night getting goggles ready for the first GNCC tomorrow, so you guys should feel lucky I took the time to wrote this up. Ha!

So I’m proud to say that my team has come together and once we set everything up at the track this

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Recreational activities


THERE’S A POPULAR misconception that you need to attend major sporting events and venues to bag decent action shots, but nothing could be further from the truth -there’s action going on all around us all the time, and as well as being far more accessible than most sports, it’s also often photographically more interesting.

If you have kids then you also have instant action subjects on permanent tap — and with the summer holidays here, lots of opportunities to get out

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