In the winery established karavayny record of Ukraine. Photo

August 24 toIndependence Dayfirst parade was held in the winery loaves. It was attended by 40 of festive breads from across the region and other cities of Ukraine. For the most collected and fixed in one place loaves Vinnitsa is listed in the Guinness Book of Records of Ukraine,


"This is the biggest paradeloavesin our country from those that occurred earlier. We were invited to take part in it all vinnichan who possess the art of baking — the director of the Department of Culture of Vinnytsia City Council Irina Frenkel. — Caravan of

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Empire of good

The film is about the process of distribution of "good" America around the world.



And break the yoke as yoke broke More than once the rebel army … Russian born — is too low: They need to be, they should be! I.Severyanin

Vedic Slavs put before the people spiritual goals, so Slavs in Sanskrit is called Society Aryani. Aryan — follower of the Vedic culture, the people, the purpose of life is to achieve spiritual perfection.Long before the new era of the Slavs had clearly defined the concept of morality as the basis for the development of the soul: in this they saw the meaning of human life.  As set forth in the

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Prices have new and pensions — old

Society In Belarus, the consumer continues to boom in the background of the daily price increases. People are snapping up food prices, especially those who once again have to go up — sugar, vodka and meat.

Vitebsk Region

To often do not rewrite the price tags, they are simply removed from the goods

Orsha on fair traders no longer put price tags on goods and products. Consider it a vain thing, because prices change every day following the growth of the informal dollar, says Basil:

"Businessmen, traders — in their price tags do not. If you take something, then

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Discovery scientists: our mind control astral entities

April 16, 2012 11:01

The time has come when even some prominent scientists begin to seriously interested Subtle world, its astral inhabitants and how they interact with us, earthly humanity.


According to the magazine «SA Scientific Journal», a group of scientists from the University of Cape Town made a sensational discovery. Were received confirmation that our mind control astral beings! The value of this discovery is so great that all the research related to the study of the effects were not only classified, but attempts have been made, remove all previously published an article with information

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Business incubator in the field of high technologies was opened in Kazan


Minister of Communications and Mass Communications of Russia Igor Shchegolev and Tatarstan President Rustam Minnikhanov on Tuesday officially opened in Kazan Technopark Business Incubator in high-tech "IT Park", where all the conditions for the development of promising developments.

It is a business platform for the support and development of advanced IT development and further promote them to the foreign market. Business Incubator for 120 jobs, is 930 square meters. His main task is to assist in the development of small IT companies by providing comprehensive support for assistance in registration of the company, legal, accounting, and

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BZHRK: rebirth

Battle railway missile system (BZHRK) RT-23 UTTH "Good" Photo from 

Russian defense industry conducts development work on the reconstruction of combat rail missile system (BZHRK).

In December 2012 the commander of the Strategic Missile Forces said the adoption of the military-political decision on the establishment of the complex. In the case of the development of such a project is likely that deploy this complex will not. It will all depend on how Russia could agree with the other nuclear powers. The government has approved the creation of BZHRK. Development activities funded corresponding budgets. In the

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What would walk down the aisle, is gone to another world

Society The explosion on October 25 in the shop fiberboard concern "Pinsk Wood" claimed the lives of 14 people. Six remain in serious condition in hospital Brest and Minsk. National mourning is declared. "Freedom" continues the reporter's materials from the families of the victims of the tragedy of Pinsk.

Plate Sergei Nikolaevich (1985-2010 gg.)

One of the youngest victims of the explosion at the Company "Pinsk Wood" — Sergey plate. He would have been the ninth of November, only 25 years old. Says mother Raisa G.:

"I have two sons, among them only a year difference. But he, Jr.,

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Tolerance and the psychology of the slave

In the New Testament, the Gospel of Luke, Chapter 6. 27 — 30 poems read the words of Jesus: "… Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, pray for those who mistreat you. Strikes you on one cheek, and another, and him that taketh away thy cloak forbid not to take thy coat. Everyone who asks of you, come, and from him that taketh away thy goods ask them not back. "Everything said or written metaphorically, can be understood by people is ambiguous. Some people will understand only what is literally

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Conversation in the Circle

It did not take more creativity Creators decided to invite to the meeting of all those in whom the spark shone creator and lead their congregation Aran. It was agreed also that jealousy will not play any role during the interviews, it will not be allowed to them. Is it just bring it Arlegi dark, and then for himself.

Down to the weakness of some of the guests, as the site of the meeting, was elected a giant planet orbiting arhigigantskogo purple sun. Spirits of the Force promised to bring to the meeting of those who,

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