У каждого из нас есть джентльменский набор софта и сервисов, которые мы используем. И конечно же, он есть у людей, которые профессионально занимаются информационной безопасностью.

Когда мы задумывали сделать подборку лучших хакерских утилит, то видели единственно верный путь составить такую подборку — опросить известных white hat’ов России о том, какими программами они пользуются. Было много обсуждений, какие утилиты включать, а какие нет. Разные варианты для описаний. Но в конце концов мы получили, возможно, первый текст, над которым работало так много людей из индустрии.

Со страницы Intro хочу сказать спасибо тем людям, которые постоянно поддерживают журнал отличными материалами и поучаствовали в

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On the Tube

IT’S been said that the Internet is becoming more like the Wild West every day — it’s developed into quite an anarchic and lawless medium, where anything goes with barely a gun-toting Sheriff in sight. The web grew as a silo of information that lacked the instantaneous interactivity that its users craved. Facebook and Twitter came along at the right time, offering social networks that were superimposed onto the underlying world-wide web. Now users could post their own daily experiences, images or thoughts, direct from a mobile phone app, to enlighten their friends or the public at

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The dark side of Google Glass

The latest invention of Google — augmented reality glasses, known simply as the Glass, — has not even gone on sale, but, apart from the interest excited by the opportunity to look into the future, they cause a hot controversy. Around Glass launched a campaign «Stop cyborg» in West Virginia has drafted legislation banning their use while driving, the device is already banned in a bar in Seattle.

Eight thousand users, Google Glass-equipped glasses and wearing the title of «testers Glass *, ready to begin experiments to find out what you can and can not do with them; their reactions

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iWork for everyone

Apple’s productivity suite is coming to the web with iWork for iCloud

Apple’s forays into cloud-based software have traditionally been limited to its own ecosystem, but the upcoming iWork for iCIoud marks one of Cupertino’s most direct attempts to compete with Microsoft and Google head-on. iWork’s transition to the cloud means that — much like Google Drive and Office 365 — the popular productivity suite will soon be available not only on Apple’s own computers, but also on Windows machines. That’s a significant shift for Apple — which has traditionally limited its cross-platform options to iTunes and the Safari browser

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Feedle vs. DiggReader


When Google decided to pull the plug on its popular news reader, millions of users were left in a state of shock. The service they relied on to deliver their headlines and content since its 2005 launch came to an end on July 1, leaving a gaping hole in the market. However, with plenty of alternative RSS readers out there, it’s fair to say users won’t be stuck when it comes to choice. Feedly and Digg Reader are the two services that are in prime position to wear the vacated crown, but which one is the best

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Mobile Office for Android

Simultaneously with the first BlackBerry device appeared stories of office workers, who trains on his way home like crazy, banging one hand on the keyboard, making operational reports. In those days, at the mobile terminal to enter an e-mail, not to mention the text that contains more than a few sentences, seemed unthinkable.

Back in the present, and it appears that the text input on the phone — not such an absurd idea. The screens become bigger, brighter and more comfortable to view. The close button keyboard for the most part fallen into disuse and gave way to larger

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Internet in the sky.

If several ways. The first — is to be on board a decent airline. Access, of course, is via Wi-Fi. but it is only within the dural colossus. But the aircraft itself, in turn, communicates with the world either through satellite or terrestrial aerial. Satellite antenna on the top of the aircraft associated with the Earth’s orbit, where the satellite signal quick forwards on the surface of our planet. Although a long way in space and back, access speeds up to 11 Mbit / s, which is pretty good. However, by dividing the channel to all passengers it turns

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Map Google Earth allows you to view nearby even for hidden objects

By enabling "Google Earth" can see the cottage from space. Also quite put pressure on the mouse button to locate the image of the presidential administration in Minsk on Karl Marx, 38. Excellent outlines of buildings and courtyards. You can move the image on the right, to the left, up, down, reduce or increase the scale.Spokesman of the State Secretariat of the Security Council Steward said Vincent does not see in the shooting with satellite possible safety."In the age of satellites it is not surprisingly. Well what can you do if the technique allows all it mattersTh? We are a

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Magnificent Katkovsky

With the word memory — Director Alexander Lukashuk Belorussian service. Uladike Katkovskaya as anyone approached the word "first" or "most".He was the youngest employee Belarusian Freedom — the first and most webmasters who took the radio to work specifically in this role. To settle in the editorial work only journalists — he became the first purely online staff. Freedom got back in 2004, unique webmaster. He first took up the Google search engine byelorussization, first, in addition to the highest awards of the Belarusian Internet community captured noble state order from Wikipedia. Vladik was at the forefront of the web

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Or change virtual encyclopedias and reference books?

Specialists search engine "Google" announced the development of its own "encyclopedia of the web", where can be find a description of the major internet technology, marking cuts translate foreign words, and much more. The creators are convinced encyclopedia help users to significantly expand their knowledge. It is planned that each user visiting one or another page will be recorded special meter that will determine the what topics are more popular. Together with "Googleam" in 10 of the most popular websites of the web comes encyclopedia "Wikipedia". And there is a Belarusian version of "Wikipedia", while immediately in 2-versions — traditional

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