V.Gorbaciov: I avenge strikes company markets

According to the source, the other day he vorachivalsya train from Ukraine "Kyiv-Gomel" together with her daughter Anastasia, and her friends Pokhabov Nicholas, who is chairman of the Minsk branch of the Belarusian trade union of electronic industry. "At the station Terehovo Belarusian customs officers began a search of our things — says Viktor Gorbachev, — some of them videotaped. Train was detained for half an hour. At the same time I was told, thereozhenniki make orders of superiors, they say, he povinet that "climb in politics, organized a strike in the markets on October 2."Victor Gorbachev proves that during

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V.Gorbachev: In a strike involving 30,000 business

"People need to cancel the decrees number number 760, 302, which are focused on the destruction of personal business" — says Victor Gorbachev — In addition, we protest against the collapse of checks and mass confiscation of products. "Victor Gorbachev said on sale now 100% of businesses involved in the one-day strayku.U Baranavichi — 95% in Moscow and Pinsk — 90%, in Svetlahorsk — 70%, in Bobruisk, Rechitza, Vitebsk — 50%. It also joined the strike entrepreneurs Pruzany Berezin, Uzde, grits. V.Gorbachev states that lasts collecting signatures under appeal to the deputies of the National Assembly. The interviewee explained that

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V.Gorbachev: An area appeared tsihary from Minsk

"They — not observers. Moves on sturdy cars license plate under the 5500 Yves 7, 4912 BB 7, 9573 BP seventh Digit 7 rooms determines that the car is registered in Minsk."According to the source, visitors from Minsk — sporty young people. They are all in contact only with the chairmen of election commissions, leave them room own mobiles."One of the chairmen slip that under the control of each of the newcomers are 6-7 areas," — says Victor Gorbachev.

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What utter Gorbachev on NPP construction in Belarus?

The main argument in the construction of nuclear power plants intrigued municipal bureaucrats called lowering the cost of electricity to Belarus on 25-30%.Opponents of the idea of building in Belarus such energy facility refer to the experience of the Chernobyl tragedy, when instead of the expected savings accounts to pay the bills for decades. Or care Belarusian NPP first president of the USSR?One of the founders of the international environmental organization "Greenish cross" first 1990 became the first and last Soviet president Mikhail Gorbachev.Members of the organization registered in Switzerland — three 10-ka government departments "greenish cross" on Worldwide, that

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Borisov relinquish power if the requirements of businessmen?

August 12 about 200 traders in the market for personal Borisovsky rajpotrebsoyuza closed their pavilions in character protest confiscation of the product.Victor Gorbachev says that the current meeting perceive the role Representatives of all five markets town where currently working 4.8 thousand individual entrepreneurs. "Collective we have prepared a document forecast the destruction of this sector of the economy, if they comply with the requirements of presidential decrees number 302 and number 760," — said Viktor Gorbachev.In Borisov markets lasts collecting signatures buyers and traders under the requirement "to end the repression of the business in the form of confiscation

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Entrepreneurs make self-defense committees

"In Borisov, Svetlahorsk Slutzk self-defense committees and traders warn of unexpected mass checks with the confiscation of the product and help in conflict situations" — explained Victor Gorbachev.Businessmen complain that the August 10, tax and sanitation inspections, police and other services that were granted the right to control trade in the markets, reinforced mass checks and simultaneously confiscated product that no hygienic certificates and certificates of conformity. Victor Gorbachev calls these procedures repression and explains where the problem lies: "Entrepreneurs — mobile people. Brought product and sold it. A municipal services impossible at the moment to get a certificate even

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Share business: all ready

The march will take place in Minsk. Entrepreneurs rely, the authorities to pay attention their provisions: 1 January, when it begins to act Decree number 760, without work there about 120 000 people. Recall: Prosecutor’s Office issued a warning Victor Gorbachev about violating the law on mass events. Businessman warned that calls for the role in an unsanctioned rally it be brought to administrative responsibility.Prosecutors also warned Victor Gorbachev of criminal responsibility if he will speak on behalf of an unregistered organization in Belarus "For Free Development of Enterprise." Victor Gorbachev said "Freedom":"Bureaucrats well remember businessmen shares in December 2007

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Belarusian businessmen organization registered in Kiev

Victor Gorbachev clarifies that at the moment Minsk installed contacts with the Ukrainian Embassy in Belarus, the order is determined by mutual cooperation and assistance in the development of the newly established public organizations:"With a decent approach to business, up to 10 thousand people can be brought to work in this organization. The main goal — to participate in the formation of a strong style of middle and small enterprises. Assist in the protection of public activities to lure. "According to Viktor Gorbachev, sample registered in Belarus campaign "For Free Development of Enterprise" continued the second year. Ministry of Justice

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Look, who’s talking b …..

With the honor, but WITHOUT CONSCIENCE

There was an incident, wrote about him in the papers. At the stop trolley-bus driver did not see in the side view mirror of a girl exiting prematurely closed the door and drove off. Hearing the cries of the passengers, he immediately stopped the car and ran outside. The girl was taken to the hospital with a broken leg. The same day, the driver, the father of two young children, hanged himself.   He did not see the girl hesitated. But he laid the blame for the incident solely on themselves.

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Victor Gorbachev: This is not a negotiation

The meeting was chaired by the Commission for industry, fuel and energy complex, transport, communication and entrepreneurship House Anatoly Pavlovich.Chairman of the organizing committee of the public association "For Free Development of Enterprise" Victor Gorbachev expressed the requirements of its own adherents.

Now we specifically meeting and not negotiations

Minimum program — a moratorium on item 1-1 presidential decree prohibiting them from January 1, 2008 have employees.The maximum program — taking the first half of next year, the law on small and medium businesses, he explained to why the current event can not be called negotiations:"And like, that we still

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