Don Jon

Don Jon

Director: Joseph Gordon-Levitt Cast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Scarlett Johansson, Julianne Moore

Directorial debut of actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt scenario Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the title role, too, he said. John Martello (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), friends called Don Juan for his phenomenal ability to seduce women. But despite the success with the opposite sex, John still appreciates porn: in a sense, these women still can not give him that gives adult movies. In search of the perfect sex, he begins dating the ideal candidate for this, Barbara (Scarlett Johansson). For completeness of sensations at the same time it overlaps with an experienced Estoy

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Before girls names

The Eddie Stobart fleet has become very well known, mainly due to each vehicle being given a girls’ name, and the cult of ‘Eddie spotting’ that’s gone with it. But it hasn’t always been the case, as Bob Tuck found out.

We have to thank L Heritage Commercials reader Howard Nugent for suggesting we have a look through the archives of his good friend Gordon Innes. Although he’s long been retired, many folk — mainly from the Carlisle area — who bought a new commercial vehicle might well have bought them through Gordon, as he was in vehicle sales with

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Tony Blair’s likely successor — a fist, which is very thrashes

Gordon Brown, associate today Prime Minister Tony Blair’s party, many years expected ability to take the post of prime minister. In England, a favorite of the ruling party machine holds the post of prime minister.With 1997, when Blair arrived in Downing Street, Brown was Minister of money. By unwritten law, Brown placed his hopes that Blair will relinquish his premiership after the first or second term, but Brown had to wait two and a half period.Gordon Brown, 56 years old, he was the offspring of a Scottish preacher of the Protestant church, and has repeatedly called for the Protestant values

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Formed in the Atlantic storm Gordon

In the Atlantic, a tropical storm has formed, "Gordon". According to the U.S. National Center for monitoring hurricanes, located in Miami (Florida), now he is in 1035 kilometers to the east of Bermuda.

As ITAR-TASS, the maximum wind speed at the center of the storm is 85 miles per hour. "Gordon" is moving northeast at about 26 kilometers per hour.

Meteorologists are closely watching the situation. According to their predictions, the Sabbath, "Gordon" will reach hurricane strength and will move in the direction of the Azores. As expected, the storm will

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U.S. and EU to discuss new sanctions against Belarus

Society U.S. and the EU consider additional sanctions against Belarus. This was announced on Wednesday, Deputy Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Philip Gordon.

"Because of the deterioration of the situation in Belarus and the imprisonment of former presidential candidate Andrei Sannikov, we are discussing with the EU the possibility of additional sanctions against the country," — Gordon said at a meeting of the Senate of the United States devoted to a discussion of U.S. priorities in Europe.

He added that Washington considers litigation Belarus on the riots politically motivated and said that improved relations with the official

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In Brazil, lives a primitive tribe that avoids numbers




Members of the tribe feasts somehow do without numbers (photo from

Peter Gordon (Peter Gordon) from Columbia University (Columbia University) in New York, studied the small isolated Brazilian tribe that lives almost perfectly without the use of numbers. They simply do not have these people.


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The Devil’s Trap

It was around 1753, Alberto Gordonii strolling through the garden, accompanied by his wife and a few friends. Alberto unexpectedly disappeared, vanished into thin air. People were shocked, his wife fainted. Alberto Gordonii was not an illusionist, how could he do such a focus, it remains a mystery.

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It took 22

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Nightmares in the kitchen to watch online

So-so, but that's a hell of a new project that's a real lover of fiction culinary torture — Gordon Ramsay. Now he's come up with something new, because now the main South American chef travels to all the towns, visiting with all this, the most wretched places. Collapsing unstable restaurants restaurateurs transformed into elegant similarity usual places, and by the restaurateurs have to go through the mental crash course from the Gordon. But izymatelstva over a can and be patient, as the Ramsay satisfied with the glorious life of the previously decadent institution, transforming it with all this in

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Loch Ness monster recorded on camera: the legend alive


Specialists in the study of the Loch Ness monster is now available a new video, which may have sealed a famous creature. A two-minute recording was an amateur on May 26. It shows how something long and dark moving under the water of Loch Ness. The video shows how the head of a creature hits the surface of the water during the push. In the picture also shows how his body creates a wave on the water surface as it moves in the direction of Inverness, said Evenight Times.

According to the

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U.S. will respond to blood Minsk jointly with the European Union

Society United States decided on its response to the brutal actions of the Belarusian authorities on election day. According to State Department spokesman Philip Gordon, it will be tougher sanctions against the regime and more sensitive support to civil society.

Such a statement was made by Gordon today's hearing in the International Committee of the U.S. Senate. Gordon said that Washington was going to renew sanctions against the "Belneftekhim" to extend the existing visa bans, to impose additional financial sanctions "against individuals and companies." U.S. to support the victims of repression, as well as democratic leaders.

Belarusian civil society

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