UK considers US-style FMS regime

It was the possibility of a UK FMS like regime, however, that gained particular traction in some quarters of industry. Other European countries are reported

• The introduction of a US-style Foreign Military Sales system has been discussed in UK government and industry

• The idea is not being “actively progressed” though, with costs likely to be a barrier to have looked at similar options.

While UK industry sources have expressed enthusiasm for such a regime, rhe potential initial costs to government at a time of austerity suggest that the scheme will remain on hold for some time.

Sources close

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Seasprites Under Threat Again

AUSTRALIA’S TROUBLED Kaman SH-2G(A) Super Seasprite helicopter programme could be under threat of cancellation once again. Minister for Defence, the Hon Joel Fitzgibbon MP, made the revelation during an ABC Television interview after the government had announced on February 18 that it was launching a review of air combat capability (see p27). Fitzgibbon believes that Australia’s recently elected Labour government, has been passed a procurement mess, saying, «What I see horrifies me, I’ve inherited an absolute nightmare.»

He said the government was not ruling out any possibilities regarding the Seasprite project, including cancellation, but admitted that it would be a

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Head On Photo Festival 2013

Everywhere is a gallery;observed Head On Photo Festival Director, Moshe Rosenzveig, describing this year’s event which was the most extensive and diverse to date, making Head On the largest photographic festival in the country.

This year.

Ben Lowy and his wife, Marvel Lacar; Bangladeshi photographer and activist Shahidul Alam; and the American photographer Tracie Williams, all of whom had exhibitions in the festival. After interviewing Lowy and Alam about their respective exhibitions, it was a matter of cramming in as many exhibitions as I could into three days before flying back to Melbourne. At last count. I saw 30 exhibitions.

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Greece to Buy F-16 Block 52s

GREEK DEFENCE Minister Spilios Spiliotopoulos announced on July 19 that the Greek Government is to place a 1.1 billion euro order for 30 Lockheed Martin 1-16 Block 52 fighters, with options on a further ten aircraft. The announcement followed a meeting earlier that day of the Greek National Security Council (the KYSEA) to discuss its four-year arms procurement programme up to 2010. The aircraft will be ordered in a government-to-government deal with Washington, with the precise final cost still to be determined. Provision of maintenance support will be requested as part of an offset deal still to be negotiated. The

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Sustained funding uncertainty has French, U.K. defense industry on edge

Ask defense industrialists in France and the U.K. what they want most in the absence of larger military budgets, and they will say: some certainty and a sense of direction. Ask what has been missing in the past two years, and they will say: some certainty and a sense of direction.

There are certainly ample signs in both countries that questions about long-term spending priorities will persist. French parliamentary elections first have to be resolved this month, and then the new government plans to launch a major strategic review of

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France wants to halve the amount purchased for the Air Force and Navy Rafale fighter and expects to create more of this type of fighter for export production to save bandwidth, Defense News reported on August 2.   In the midst of potential customers «Rafale» French officials called India, Qatar, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates and Brazil. The French Government, represented by Socialist prime Francois Hollande (Francois Hollande) tries to «rein in municipal expenditures,» but on the financing of nuclear deterrence no configuration is not expected, because they are seen as important fundamental component of national defense.   According to

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Financial Times: Gazprom sent a signal to the future Government of Ukraine

"Financial Times" draws attention, warning that "Gazprom" appeared when the counting of votes at elections approached premature end and it became clear that the coalition of pro-Western forces overpowered and Yulia Tymoshenko has a chance to again become prime minister.Expected — says "Financial Times", — the return of Mrs. Tymoshenko cause tensions with Moscow. Tymoshenko campaign promised to deal with the "corrupt and opaque role of intermediary companies in the multi-billion dollar gas trade between Turkmenistan, Russia and Ukraine."Now, after coming to power, Tymoshenko’s government owed would pay for the debts of the pro-Moscow government of Viktor Yanukovych. In an

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The Commission congratulated the Ukrainian elections with fruits

Yulia Tymoshenko stated that the pro-presidential bloc along with her team is ready to make most of the parliamentary and form a government:"At the moment, parliamentary elections again defeated democratic forces Ukraine, and together we (as always) scored more interest than our opponents. It’s nice. And I wanted to be the president and all our shared democratic congratulate the team that we really now have a clear victory. "But Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych also said that his party has the right to form a new cabinet:"This is significant support for the Ukrainian people, the result of this improvement will of

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Bilingualism should be a value in favor of the state language

WhiteRussian language for the majority of Belarusians now — or something unusual or prohibited. Childhood itself read in Russian, and to a certain age do not think — why?

There are some phenomena — Belarusian and not speak Belarusian

I often hear: "I Byelorussian language I know, but I do not drink …" Previously thought so, but now I think that the language of religion as: someone born and brought up in it, and someone comes to her himself. At a certain time and under the influence of certain events. Personally for me became such lectures on logic at

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Bush at the UN in the midst of dictatorships mentioned Belarus

"Any civilized government anxiously for the fact that support people who suffer from dictatorships. Belarus, North Korea, Syria and Iran ruthless regimes deny their people basic rights enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights UN, "- said the president of the South American.George Bush expressed concern about violation Human Rights in Burma and called for new sanctions against the military regime this country. Bush also called on all countries to join the fight against terrorism and to support the struggle for democracy in Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon.

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