Russian Finance Ministry did not give Belarus a soft loan

Deputy Director of the international monetary relations Russian Finance Ministry said Konstantin Vyshkovsky Radio Liberty, that the Government has not taken a final decision on the loan. Official Minsk Requests 1.5 billion dollars."Need additional refinement, clarification of our departments. After yesterday there was a meeting of prime ministers, and her final decision was taken." After agreeing on new parts MoF resubmit the report to the Russian government. But will receive official Minsk soft loan from the Russian Federation? Konstantin Vyshkovsky said:"We do not give preferential loans. Russian practice is not yet in sight. Conditions must be market and not preferential.

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The global decline in groundwater levels

Map of drought is based on satellite data and the results of Grace extended weather observations. Dark red color denotes the effect of drought in Texas this year. The new data analysis indicates Grace satellite to change the level of groundwater in the world. The information provided by NASA and the Centre for Drought Control from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. (GRACE (born Gravity Recovery And Climate Experiment) — a satellite mission designed to study Earth's gravity field and its temporal?'s Variations associated in particular with the processes of climate change — annotated. Interpreter).

December 23. Throughout the world,

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Melting glaciers on a global scale: 230 billion tons per year

The change of the ice thickness in centimeters per year in the period from 2003 to 2010. Blue-loss of ice mass, red — growth

A new global study shows gigantic scale melting of ice on the planet.

According to experts from the University of Colorado Boulder, glaciers and ice caps outside of Greenland and Antarctica are losing every year 150 billion tons of ice and raise sea level by 0.4 millimeters.

The researchers used satellite measurements made by space mission GRACE. First large-scale and comprehensive study clearly indicates that since 2003 annual melts around 148 billion tons, or

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Japan earthquake shifted the gravitational orbit satellites

Tohoku earthquake that struck Japan on March 11 changed the Earth's gravitational field, so that affected the orbits of satellites.

This suggests that the earthquake was stronger and deeper than shown earthly instruments.

It is a spacecraft twin GRACE (Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment, «Climate Experiment and gravitational perturbations"), which fly 220 kilometers apart in a polar orbit about 500 kilometers above the Earth. Objective of the mission is to establish a map of the gravitational field of the planet. Satellites do it by controlling the impact of subtle changes in the field

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Tibetan glaciers are rapidly shrinking

Most of the glaciers on the Tibetan Plateau and its surroundings is fast receding, state the results of the new study, based on 30 years of satellite and field measurements.

Yao Tandun, a glaciologist at the Institute of Tibetan Studies (China), and his colleagues published their findings in the journal Nature Climate Change (online article is not yet available). Today it is the most comprehensive study of the region, said the commentator Bolhov Tobias of the University of Zurich (Switzerland).

Tibetan Plateau and surrounding mountain ranges, including the Himalayas, Karakoram, Pamir and Tsilyanshan, constitute a vast region known as

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Defense Minister of Belarus confirmed previously announced plans to purchase Russian weapons

Comprehensive programm weapons Belarus provides for the purchase of aircraft in Russia of S-400 "Triumph", "Tor-M2E" and UBS Yak-130, the Minister of Defence of the Republic of Belarus Yuri Zhadobin, reports ITAR-TASS.According to the views of Yu Zhadobin, purchase of S-400 could begin in about 2013-2015.

Y. Zhadobin statement confirms the previously announced by the Ministry of Defense control Belarus plans for the purchase of Russian weapons.

With regard to the likely timing of the delivery of S-400, then back in June of this year, deputy director Konstantin FSMTC Biryulin said in an interview to "Interfax-AVN," that "we expect

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Descent of Holy Fire (2013) Full Movie

Once a year, on the eve of the Orthodox Easter, into a sublime Saturday, almost two thousand years in Jerusalem descends Beneficial Fire. Look at this magic every year going to 10's of thousands of people from around the world. Beneficial Fire emblem is the blessing of God the human race. It is spread by pilgrims throughout the Orthodox world. From Jerusalem Beneficial Consuming a particular flight will be delivered to Moscow to the top of the Easter service at Christ the Redeemer, headed by the Patriarch of All Russia and Metropolitan Kirill.

Faith and Religion

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Lukashenko builders working abroad: paying communal and 100% for medical care

Society Concessional lending to housing will be reduced, the city residents have to build themselves a home for yourself, builders working abroad, will make a 100% pay for public services and health care — it was announced today, Alexander Lukashenko, visiting the construction site in the neighborhood of the village of number 5 "East "in Minsk.

On concessional lending to housing

People should just say that to the extent concessional lending to, we can not. Free to the extent to build more housing we will not.

Concessional lending will not be stopped, but it will be reduced by the

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Black Label

"Many surgeons can probably remember from his practice when the patient is not dangerous to the ordinary operation suddenly said I could not bear the operation."

This is not fear. Says the patient naturally and calmly, as inevitably expected event. The patient was examined before surgery — everything seems to be in order — and, nevertheless, careful surgeon will not operate …

"Anna has already bought the sunflower oil"

It is well known that at a critical time of severe disease outcome — live or die — is largely dependent on the willingness of the patient. And not just

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