How to escape from the heat?

Prompt, whether suffering from heat pets? Can they somehow make life easier?

Our pets can not sweat, they are not endowed by nature with such an ability to cool. Therefore, in the heat they can get heat stroke. This is especially true «wool» and birds. Try not to make the cells to the balcony, do not stand on the floor and open the hot sun. Increase the amount of liquid in the drinkers. Small pets can be sprayed from a spray to put in a cell baths.

It is not necessary to water

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The amazingly luxurious synthetic grass custom-installed by Always Greener is far from typical. So are the creative Oklahomans behind the company.

On the side, lead installer Jose Paroles is a local fine art painter. Cliff Moser plays lead electric guitar in a rock band. Co-owner Brendan Parker is the lead singer in the children’s music duo Spaghetti Eddie. Holland Vandennieu-wenhof is a documentary filmmaker.

It’s been a winning combination for owner Carrie Parker and husband Brendan. First, they know artists take pride in quality workmanship for perfect installations. Second, they’re helping fellow local creative pursue their passions.

«We want to

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Botanical Reference

Motherwort five-blade — a perennial herb of the family Labiatae, 50-150 cm tall. Stem erect, covered with long hairs, slightly branched. Leaves are dark green above and grayish below, soft-fiber. The flowers are small, pink, collected whorls in the axils of the upper leaves. It blooms from June to September. On loamy and sandy soils on the edges, glades and clearings in coniferous and mixed forests is increasing all over the country motherwort five-blade. There are also other views -pustyrnik heart, which is different from motherwort five-blade with bare stems and smaller size flowers. Heart grass for cattle poisonous.

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All herbs

Strengthen the nervous system

Causes and main features of nervous disorders.

At the time in which we live, nervous disorders have become constant companions for most people. The intense rhythm of life, constant stress little help to strengthen the nervous system, but rather, on the contrary, oppress and undermine it. At first, gradually accumulates irritability, nervousness, then, and then pass the nerves. Even if a person looks calm, inner tension is still enormous. And the proof of this — is a disorder of the nervous system of humans and irritability, and in special cases, anger and vozmutimost on any

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Kobrin: farmer was left without property

Among other Vladimir Bantsevich accused that has been collecting pharmaceutical herbs that through the web and special editions implemented as herbal consistencies unhealthy people. Ministry of Health considered that the private owner is not allowed do it without a license. Position the Ministry of Agriculture — for harvesting herbs license is not necessary — in a conflict situation is not taken into account. Grass for 90 thousand dollars?For a couple of years of operation, as the tribunal decided Kobrin district, the amount of profit made Bantsevich above 170 million rubles. Taking into account the total amount of legal costs that

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Kobrin farmer left to serve their sentences at home — without pants

Farmer accused the midst of the rest of the collection was growing and pharmaceutical herbs, which were later implemented through web unhealthy people. But the Ministry of Health considered that the private owner is not allowed engage in such activities without a license. So start a full scan. With all of this official position Minselkhozprod another — for harvesting herbs license is not necessary.Ultimately Vladimir Bantsevich sentenced to restriction of liberty for three and a half years, the acquired property confiscated and fined almost 90 thousands of dollars.Since at so called "Chemistry" there is nothing to feed the convicts, the

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Farmer’s way: from medicinal herbs — to bitter Chemistry

By court Kobrin district from May 5, 2006:"Punish Bantsevich Vladimir Adamovich restraint of liberty for a term of 3.5 years with deprivation of the right to engage in farming activities for 5 years. Collect from Bantsevich in favor of the country’s 173 million 365 thousand rubles damage compensation and legal costs — 17 million 366 thousand rubles for the upcoming … Arrest forfeiture to the country: car "Opel Frantera" VCR "Sony" home theater "BBC Kay", stereo, copier, system unit, printer, monitor, computer speakers, a cordless home-warehouse on the street Zarechnoj. .. Real confirm that you want to "kill" 13 bags

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The mystery of the mystical circles of the Namib Desert unraveled


Scientists have finally found the authors' extraordinary rings in the barren desert in the south-west Africa — young artists run right under your feet.

These mystical circles, forming wonderful patterns in the Namib Desert, draw termites. Scientists have long been talk about the source of these markings, and more recently, researchers have found that it is the local termites are the authors of images. This hypothesis was suggested before, but it could not confirm due to lack of sufficient evidence.


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On Karmanovskaya GES (Bashkiria) released into the reservoir ton


Karmanovskaia plant (branch of LLC "Bashkir Generation Company") held its annual process of stocking the reservoir, which serves to cool the circulating water plant.

In the presence of a special committee, which includes representatives of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of Belarus, Bashkir generating company and Karman‘s fish farm, the pond was issued more than 1 ton of fry and fingerlings of grass carp and silver carp — only about 20,000 fishes.

Energy carried stocking Karman reservoir more than 15 years. On the one hand, it

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Stocking Proletarian and Veselovskogo reservoirs in the Rostov region

The expense of the Government of the Rostov region from 04 to 10 October 2012 carried stocking Proletarian reservoir Ltd. "Barter" yearlings carp, silver carp and grass carp. Stocking made with a view to improving fisheries management and reclamation of the commercial stock of aquatic biological resources. Total production of juvenile grass carp — 88 000, silver carp — 594,010 pieces, carp — 495,000 pieces.

On October 13, 2012 started stocking Veselovsk reservoir carp fingerlings LLC "rybkolhoz them. IV Abramov. " There should be released carp fry 1 million.

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