The party arrived in Mogilev Kupala more girls

Excerpt from the poem Kupala party started. It brought together the main girl.On the legend, in which one of the versions of the origin of Mogilev and Mogilev Kupala poem told historian Igor Pushkin. For his poem "Tomb lion" is topical for Belarus for a long time:"This understanding, went from our name — the name of man, society, civilization and town. Two approaches: the grave — it is death, it is death. This name is gone or whether that there killed people, or associated with love, life, the future. I believe that Masheka and Predslava — our future. It —

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In the House of Writers Olga Ipatova Anatoly Sidorevich Severin Kwiatkowski

LITPRATSESOlga Ipatova "come to the graves of freedom fighters""Freedom to the last breath" — the so-called newcomer Olga Ipatovoj book. It includes travel essay writer. But this is not just a literary notes of memories coming, and notes about the final resting place of public figures of culture and history and the fighters for freedom and independence of Belarus. This book — a special state necropolis visiting writer who encourages readers own. With Olga says our correspondent Ipatovoj Valentine Aksak.Valentine Aksak: "Olga, genre own recent book you have chosen not just travelers notes, and invites the reader directly for the

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Belgium noted Belarusians day memory of political prisoners

Chairman of the Belarusian-European unification Dmitry Pimenov:"Tomb of Rivne, it is for us a sign eraemnastsi between people of his generation and modern Belarusians, which also criminal regime forced to leave the country. Then could trapists in jail for no reason and now also for what is judged youth in Minsk. "Members of the Belarusian-European unification at the tomb of Nicholas Rivne

In Warsaw memorialize grandfather Paul Sevyarinets

Visiting the cemetery where Belarusians actually started from the morning — was necessary visit the graves in different parts of the Polish capital. Belarusians, and it was mostly young people — students and graduates — commemorated Minsk Belarusian Uniate priest and activist Vaclav Anoshko buried at Warsaw, then General Stanislaw Bulak-Balakhovich and success, the former manager of the Yankees GMS Navagrudak Zhamoytina.Member states share Anastasia Ilina.Ilina: "This is our history. First Global War, Second, later immigration. So it turned out that many Belarusians buried in Warsaw, Poland and elsewhere. "In This year young Belarusians living in Warsaw, also made a

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Survey in Minsk: what should be done, so there was abandoned graves?

Guy: "This is surely a major setback belarushchyny that link disappears kids and parents, kids and grandparents. In our country unwilling to bring real Young people, that will keep in mind past generations, the people who came before them, are not taught to respect and honor here this spiritual connection. "Lady: "I think it must educate the youth, the next generation, so they honored their parents, grandparents — and not just their own. And all those who have made our country. "Lady, "must often come to the cemetery on prazdnichkom — and not only. Comes with children, put flowers remind

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Unknown grave defiled Kuzma Dark

Military Cemetery grave desecrated in Minsk Belarusian writer Kuzma Chorny.This was said Chairman of the Belarusian Writers Union Ales Pashkevich. He said he called the lady who cleaned the grave nearby, and said that on the grave Dark Kuzma were traces and broken fence.Lady cleaned the grave of the writer. But fencing remained until broken. Sovereign Pashkevych take care that its days are corrected.Military Cemetery now been many people, who cleaned the graves of relatives.Knows one of the visitors:"His grave was removed. Brought new flowers, old thrown off. All updated and planted flowers alive. Brings a lot of eggs, candy,

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Nicholas grave Abramchik hard to find. But you can

"Place of burial Abramchik soon The number of lost. In several in recent years BNP friends conducted a study this topic, talked to people who were familiar with the President and could know his burial place in Paris: yankoy bugs, Alexei nuts, Zoe Smarschok-Zhelyazovskay, "- reports the initiative" Belarusian state memory. "From the father of Alexander and historical Nadson Natalia Gordienko in the Belarusian Library named Skaryna PNP activists in London and found the picture a rough plan. Looking considerable assistance was also provided by Dr. Janka Zaprudnik from the U.S., who also sent some materials. Most of the pictures

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Two procession, two rallies

Rally in memory ended by laying flowers on the graves of executed victims of Stalinist repression. Active participants of the action were not divided by party affiliation and together lit candles and laid flowers. First meeting became chairman BPF Lavon Barshcheuski the cross. Specifically, there gathered marchers who walked from the "East" cemetery. "Lists for the execution of people, of course, most of them exported to Kurapaty in 1937-1940 years, personally approved by Stalin and Molotov. Sadly recognizable list of September 15, 1937, where Stalin and Molotov put their autographs in condemning in the first category, and it means shot

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June: an abandoned tomb grandfather Maxim Bogdanovich

In an interview with "Freedom" Tsar Vladimir regretted that local authority has not fulfilled its promise, the grave of his grandfather classics Belarusian literature Maxim Bogdanovich in ruins."I knew that the opening of this tomb will be unnecessary headache for local authorities. Utilities damaged headstone. Tomb imposed sidewalk curbs, but two of them have already passed away someone — said Vladimir Daraguzh.In 2006 Sovereign Daraguzh found headstone Athanasius pulp (1814-1878). This is Mary’s father flesh — mother of the famous poet.Same 2006 Chervene authorities promised soon equip the grave of his grandfather Maxim Bogdanovich — put there fencing, set on

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Grodno: candles and white-red-white ribbons on graves

Correspondent"On the biggest cemetery in Grodno today as usual very many people — those who have relatives buried here and relatives. By tradition also honors the memory of public figures, artists, whose graves are there in different places of the cemetery. Democratic activists lit candles on the graves and tied white-red-white ribbon. " Journalist, member BSDG Vladimir Khilmanovich:"There is a large necropolis, the burial and thousands of thousands of people. Once a year we go to the grave to honor belarushchyny zealots who lived in the town of Neman, they were calling it was with great bukovkoy Belarusians. No accident

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