Superyagodny frozen yogurt.


200 ml nonfat Greek yogurt

1-2 hours. L. powder of acai berry

350 g of any fresh berries

1 banana, chopped

In one portion

83 kcal

6.5 g protein

11.8 g carbohydrates

_11,1 G sugar _

1 g fat

0.1 g saturated fat

The secret ingredient of this dessert — acai berry, a native of the Amazon jungle. Nutritionists acai attributed miraculous properties — they are anti-oxidants (help restore muscles after a workout), and digestive stimulant and remedy for joint pain. Greek yogurt you can easily otyschesh in any major grocery and powder of berries easier to order online.

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Greek AF Update

While many nations are planning savage cuts to their military forces, Greece is pursuing a policy of steady modernisation, particularly of its Air Force. A report by Rene van Woezik.

ON MARCH 31, 1993 the F-104G was officially withdrawn from service with the EPA (Elliniki Polemiki Aeroporia, Hellenic Air Force). The 336 Olympus MK (Mira Kerou, Fighter Squadron) at Araxos air base was the last squadron operating the One-O-Four. The other Starfighter squadron, the 335 Tiger MK, was deactivated in May 1992.

In October 1992 the first F-104 replacements, namely A-7Es, were scheduled to arrive at Araxos. The Corsairs are

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Volcanic activity on the Greek island

Volcanic activity on the Greek island of Danger Zone

On one of the Greek islands of Santorini (also known as Thera or Thira) notes the increasing volcanic activity. More than 20 monitoring stations indicate that the caldera woke rapidly deformed.

"After decades of low activity, in January 2012, by a series of aftershocks followed the deformation of the caldera, and the equipment in the northern part of the island moved by 5-9 centimeters. Magma chamber is full, so the activity of the volcano is closely watched, "- said Andrew Newman, one of the researchers.

The last eruption of Santorini was

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Shame so called Western democracy

Every last day adds another touch to the portrait of the fraudulent so called "Western democracy".

The entire western world was outraged that the Greek prime minister announced that he would give the Greek people to decide their own fate instead of her so decided among themselves a bunch of banksters, politicians and bureaucrats, leading by taxpayers "negotiations" in the French resort of Cannes Mediterranean.

The Greek economy is shrinking the fourth year in a row, and it lacks the revenues to service its own debt, which have a private European banks. Banks do not want to lose even

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The Greek community of St. Petersburg will pay recreate the Greek Church in October Concert Hall

Greek church built in 1862 with money the Greek Orthodox community, architect RI Kuzmin. It has become an architectural dominant Greek area — as the Kazan Cathedral, Aleksandrinsky theater Nevsky Prospect. Greek church — a copy of the church of Hagia Sophia in Constantinople. Lev Gumilev about the church Demetrios wrote: "It was a one of the world’s best examples of Byzantine architecture."

She survived the war. Miraculously survived — ranked in the temple bomb did not explode. Therefore, in 1962 the church was blown up to build a concert hall "October" for the 50th anniversary

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An alternative to the Bosphorus: Railways will cargoes around Istanbul

Greece lobbying for a project to create w / d corridor, an alternative sea route through the Bosphorus. Already, they are very interested in the big foreign companies, especially the Railways.

In search of a way out of the economic crisis Greece does not cease to surprise investors lucrative offers. Thus, the general director of the Greek Eurobank Property Services Dimitris Andritsos suggested the possibility of a land transport corridor bypassing sea straits of Bosporus and Dardanelles. According to him, the engine of the project, which will connect the Bulgarian ports of Varna

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BDK Black Sea Fleet Novocherkassk carried out a routine visit to the Greek port of Piraeus

During a routine visit the Greek port of Piraeus crew large landing ship (BDK) "Novocherkassk" restocked fuel and water, and also took part in the Russian-Greek and social events.

Black Sea sailors honored the memory of compatriots buried in the Russian cemetery of Piraeus "Anastasios" where Russian sailors buried, dead and dead near the Greek coast, the soldiers and officers who find themselves in Piraeus after the Civil War.

Requiem for the dead and murdered celebrated the Russian Orthodox Church, Father Alexander (Nosevich). Greek sailors, public representatives, headed by Vice-Mayor of Piraeus Anastasios Karlis, representatives of

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Earthquake in Turkish resort

Earthquake in the Turkish resort of Natural Disasters

6 strong earthquake on the Richter scale occurred on Sunday in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Turkey. Data on victims or damage were reported.

According to the Observatory of Bosphorus University tremor was registered at 15.45 local time (16.45 MSK) and most strongly felt in the resort area of Fethiye — popular with tourists from Northern Europe. Quake lasted about 30 seconds. Many residents rushed out of their homes and within an hour were on the street. A number of witnesses from the Mugla Province reported that the

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28.12.11.Kity stranded Corfu



28.12.11.U west coast of the Greek island of Corfu (Kerkyra) experienced massive stranded beaked whales — large marine mammals of the order Cetacea.

According to Greek newspaper Ekathimerini referring to the coastal patrol and witnesses, from late November to shore alive emissions around ten beaked whales. According to unconfirmed reports, the number of animals can be five times higher. Finding and keeping accurate records is complicated by difficult weather conditions in the area.

Residents of the village of Arillas, first faced with a disaster, tried to return the animal to the sea, but, as usually happens when

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Troop ships of the Northern Fleet went to the Greek port of Souda

In Mon 14 January detachment of the Northern Fleet (NF) as part of a huge anti-submarine ship (BPK) "Severomorsk", a rescue tugboat "Altai" and the average sea tanker "Dubna" made a routine visit to the Greek port Court.

During the visit of Russian crew BOD acquainted with the programs of military sailors conducting anti-piracy training center in the multinational maritime special operations. Northern Fleet will exchange experience with foreign military sailors and conduct joint training on the actions of groups and Inspection release of hijacked ship.

In the course of the business of call Russian sailors will join the

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