Great article on Greeny in the August issue. The first time I saw Peter Green and this guitar was at The Beachcomber in Nottingham. This was when the soul band era was ebbing and the blues boom was taking hold: sad, in a way, as one could meet girls via soul, while the blues was blokes and bored girlfriends! Anyway, my hero was Jeff Beck, who I had seen with the Yardbirds, and Peter was the new guy in the Bluesbreakers: somehow I had sidestepped Eric Clapton twice. Peter knocked my socks off and I couldn’t wait for the Bluesbreakers

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THE Supernatural

Of all the British Blues Boom guitarists, Peter Green was perhaps the most mercurial and the most fascinating. Michael Stephens charts his astonishing run of creativity in Fleetwood Mac.

The so-called ‘Surrey Delta’ had its own trio of guitar stars in the ’60s: Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page. But for the best of the British blues explosion you had to also look a little further East, to London’s Bethnal Green. Peter Green was rarely considered part of the Clapton/Beck/Page coterie – he was two years younger than Page, for example – yet he was every bit their equal.

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The Best Green in the Best Hoods

Out of the 351,465 single-family homes in San Antonio (according to the 2012 state code assessment), approximately 1,000 have been certified green by Build San Antonio Green or LEEDS. Some are located in San Antonio’s most desired neighborhoods: Lavaca/ Downtown, Stone Oak and Willis Ranch. Others are scattered throughout the city.

Lavaca, the city’s oldest neighborhood in the back of HemisFair Park, has recently come alive with new and retro green projects. CVF Homes’ architect/builder Juan Fernandez is leading the trend, winning the 2012 San Antonio Green Building award for his energy-efficient/low-maintenance home for Corrie and Jeff McPherson on Leigh

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An iridescent green glass tile forms the backdrop of this renovated bathroom.

Beauty may only be skin deep, but sometimes that might be all you have to work with. Small spaces are a given in most apartment blocks in New York — and the rooms in this 1960s-era apartment were no different.

«The apartment was in its original condition when my clients bought the property,» says Alan Berman AAIA, president of Archetype. «We were contracted to carry out a complete remodel, which included updating the guest and master bathrooms.

«The construction comprised 75mm-thick concrete walls with wire mesh and

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You can smell the fresh fruit from outside the R a w l i c i o u s store, and you can hear the blenders go full throttle on delivery days. There’s also a small fleet of riders out to make deliveries throughout the metro, bringing freshly made green smoothies to a pool of over 500 customers. And if you speak to the customers or read their blogs, you’ll find fervent testimonials about the health benefits of Rawlicious’ products.

“It wasn’t always like this.

We used to have to force people to taste our samples! ” laughs Angela L

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P a n n a c o t t a

A People seem to have the impression that p a n n a c o t t a, the classic Italian dessert similar to flan, is difficult to make. In truth, it’s actually quite simple!

Try this panna cotta recipe at home when you want to add a little Asian flair to your meal. The inspiration for this recipe came from the milk tea shops I frequent. I’m so hooked on these sweet Asian drinks that I thought of flavoring the traditional Italian dessert with my favorite milk tea essence—green tea!

The important thing to remember when making panna cotta

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Now green is your valley?

One man’s idea, a friend’s plan of action — and eight years later more than 60 towns across the country have undergone a transformation!

One day, Hansie Wolfaardt, manager of a cheese factory in Bonnievale, was chatting to his friend Theuns Coetzee about how their town had deteriorated. This chat gave rise to the launch of the Bonnievale DREAM project. The entrances to the town were their first goal; after which they moved onto the main street, building benches, planting up pavements and decorating dustbins. Theuns says after planting the 5 500′ tree, they gave up counting!

National drive


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Maltas Auxiliaries

Normed originally from personnel drawn from the banks, the Stock Exchange and similar institutions in the ‘square mile’ of the City of London, 600 Squadron has a permanent place of honour in the wartime history of Malta. During its brief time on the island, the Auxiliary Air Force unit became a seasoned, and very successful, night predator.

When war broke out, 600 was operating Bristol Blenheim Ifs in the night defence role moving, in turn, to Northolt, Manston, Hornchurch, Catterick and Colerne, and ending up at Predannack in October 1941. While at the Cornish airfield, it converted to the Beaufighter

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Live Green and prosper…

There are plenty of things that unite us all as guitar players, and there are many times when the differences between us (technical ability, say, or musical preferences) are easy to identify, explain and potentially eliminate. But when it comes to notions of ‘charisma’, ‘mystery’ and ‘soul’, it becomes a tricky business. Cue this month’s cover story on the great Peter Green and his legendary Gibson Les Paul. Investigating what is it about the man in combination with this particular guitar that enchanted and continues to enchant so many wasn’t an easy job. There are plenty of stories surrounding both

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Thai curry shrimp

You will burn more fat during training, if you will prepare the food on coconut oil (not to be confused with cosmetic) — his health component disperse metabolism. A shrimp — a source of selenium and zinc, which are important for the metabolism and for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. Coconut oil (well, and the green curry paste, too exotic product) look in large supermarkets, shops or Asian products on the Internet.

I yam tubers (sweet potatoes

1 red bell pepper

1 red onion

2 h. L. coconut oil

1 tbsp. l. Thai green curry paste

2 h.

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