Beware of tomatoes.

One neighbor gave me good advice. Watch, said his wife buys some seeds. Well, my, that is only by color and strawberries, but in the spring, I noticed tomatoes glances. So far, only glancing, but it is a sure sign soon require greenhouse and resistance is futile!

I was just the same in the spring drove through the village after the war, to have some fence felled others slipped roof, while the third, fourth, fifth and tenth snow flattened greenhouses. And then it warmed me the idea that we do not have a greenhouse. Presented situation of people who

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Again, the «intensive greenhouse»

I want to thank the editors for the publication of my article «Intensive greenhouse» (№1-2, 2013). And try to answer the questions raised about my notes Tatyana Nadolny («And in a small greenhouse can a great harvest!», №4).

It all starts with misunderstanding

Dear Tatyana! Your note is felt long experience of growing cucumbers in teplichke, but also observed some conservatism. In particular, it is manifested in the 15-year-old using the same technology in the cultivation of the same three varieties of cucumbers (by your words). Noticeable and lack of information on other regions. And now — to the specifics.

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Grow Japanese trichosanthes

«Habits» trichosanthes coincide with his fellow cucumbers, with the only difference being that it is a tropical plant, than, for example, Nezhin cucumbers. That is, it is quite capricious foreign guest. The optimum temperature for the proper development trichosanthes — + 25 and + 30 degrees.

If the temperature drops to 10 ° C, the plant stops growing when a degree below — dies. It is clear that frost trichosanthes not survive. In addition, it is very moisture-loving culture — the soil should be kept moist, and atmospheric humidity in the greenhouse should be at least 70%. Trichosanthes usually

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What contribution Belarus in global warming?

"Belarusian degree" twice European standardBelarusian klimatolyag, PhD in Geography Paul Kovriga notes that Belarus’ contribution to global warming will take more. This "promote" first large industrial facilities, as well moree amount of traffic. From these causes is currently the average annual temperature in Belarus superior characteristics of many other European countries:"Belarus, which is a total global system, a single geographic shell, has its own a certain role in all global processes. And recent years notes, due to the impact of Belarus own industry, his creation, which has developed and operates, and thereby produces greenhouse gases, we have compared with the

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South Sakhalin State Farm Greenhouse increases the area

South Sakhalin State Farm "Greenhouse" will get extra land to grow crops in the open field. Currently, the farm faced with a shortage of land. "Greenhouse" is the largest producer of vegetables in the region protected and open ground.

This year there have collected 2.7 tons of potatoes, 3.1 million tons of field vegetables and about 3 tons — protected ground. Fields yield the highest, but the company is ready to grow even more. In this case, will be built and a new vegetable store.

Particular attention is paid to the modernization of agriculture. In November

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Chechnya: state farm Greenhouse harvests

With the onset of spring days in the state farm "Greenhouse" in the Chechen Republic began during the harvest season. Plants provide daily by several dozen kilograms of fresh cucumbers and with the onset of warmer months, the volume of increase.

 Point of sales were defined before transplanting. On the shelves of grocery market of the country every day comes all assembled for the day harvest. Thus, customers have the opportunity to buy fresh cucumbers and supplement your diet with vitamins.

In addition, the state farm and engaged in the cultivation of other

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Gelendzhik farmers prepare for a new crop

As part of the regional program "The development of small-scale farming in the agricultural sector in the Krasnodar Territory" in private farms villagers municipal resort town of Gelendzhik preparatory works for greenhouse vegetables.

In the village of Arkhipo-Osipovka created peasant farm, which at 400 square meters of greenhouses planned for the end of April — beginning of May to collect about 200 tons of cucumbers.

During the construction of the greenhouse complex used state support in the form of subsidized part of the cost for the construction of greenhouses and purchase of equipment for the conduct

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The greenhouse complex for growing cucumbers and tomatoes opened in Makhachkala

May 28th the company "Agrotech" held the official launch ceremony of the first phase of the investment project "Construction of the greenhouse complex to grow cucumbers and tomatoes."

The project was initiated, LLC "Agrotech", formed in 2010 as a joint Russian-Israeli production company. Today the Company "Agrotech" — a high-tech enterprise combining units for vegetable greenhouses, open ground, animal husbandry and processing of livestock products.

Plans for further development of the construction of the greenhouse complex on an area of 10 hectares. Development of the project has been the world leader in the construction of

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Greenhouse Complex opened in the Novgorod region

October 12 in the Novgorod region, in the village of Forest, opened the greenhouse complex, LLC "Novgorod greenhouses." At present, the first stage of construction. Greenhouses built on the area of 6.17 ha.

Total area of 24.7 hectares, the design capacity — 17 thousand tons of vegetables a year. This project will receive for each inhabitant of the region to 27 kg of fresh vegetables all year round.

Laying of the foundation stone took place on November 3, 2011. Total investment in the project — 2.9 billion rubles.

The glass greenhouse is made by innovative technology and is

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Greenhouse Complex in Churilovo (Chelyabinsk) got a second wind

Investors bought the office building of the greenhouse farm in the village of Churilovo and a place where used to be a greenhouse. The regional government has allocated 1.3 billion rubles to the enterprise in the form of state guarantees.

The total area of greenhouses will be 24 hectares. Who did the half. All completely demolished to the foundations, clogged with new piles, placed new greenhouse.

From a few of the old greenhouses products are already appearing on the market of the Chelyabinsk region in the new greenhouses landed plants.

In a new set of investors have already sent

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