Evraregien Neman instead Kaliningradians came Ryazanians

But Kaliningradians was absent, represented Russia Ryazan region and the North West District of Moscow. Role of Lithuania and Poland in the fair was very modest. Organizers, incidentally, gave the first word of the Ryazan and capital bureaucracy, and the Consul General of Poland and Lithuania in Grodno — at the end. Consul General of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Krenstovski noted that the trade fair was visited by delegations of Polish towns of Suwalki and Elk also mayor Augustów sovereign Tseslik. The diplomat believes that is quite promising cooperation with the Grodno region in the field of tourism.As for

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Grodno oblast prosecutor was reprimanded for A.Sergeychik

Minister Interior Belarus oriented idea of evading law violations identified during the investigation criminal case against A.Sergeychik. The Attorney General also proposed bringing to disciplinary liability number of employees of the Ministry Interior.As reported BelTA board gave prosecutors Belarus fundamentally assess the facts of inactivity manifestations neprafesyyanalizmu by prosecutors Grodno region, which time has not stopped the criminal acts A.Sergeychik.

Winter storm in the Grodno region


07.12.11. December 4 in Grodno and Ashmyany storm thundered. This phenomenon is very rare in the winter. By the way, Ashmyany storm was incorporated on 1 December 1999, and in the regional center of the phenomenon in December was not for the entire period of meteorological observations.

On Sunday, in the Grodno region because of lightning without light were three settlements — Bogushovka, gardeners and Stone Rusota. Only 148 houses. Within an hour power was restored.

Source: Grodno newspaper "Perspective"



The prosecutor's office does not know who sprayed tear gas in Bruzgi

Society Grodno District prosecutor Anatoly Ivanyuk found the actions of the police on the evening of June 12 Unlocking the roadway near the crossing point "Bruzgi" lawful and appropriate situation.

BelaPAN reported in the prosecution of the Grodno region.

The District Attorney was present at the picket, which organized about 200 people before the checkpoint, blocking the road, said senior assistant prosecutor Vyacheslav Ignatik.

According Ignatik, in fact unauthorized picketing Grodno District Prosecutor's Office is checked for the presence or absence of the actions of the ringleaders of a criminal offense. Set man who sprayed tear gas, causing casualties

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Golden lion refused registration

Society Grodno Regional Court dismissed the complaint Slonim activists to regional justice department, who refused to register the association "Golden Lion".

Grodno Regional Court based its decision on the fact that the charter of the public association is no rule about how to appeal decisions of the leading bodies of the association.

However, in the first charter, which refused to register with the Department of Justice last year, it was the wording, and the same Grodno Regional Court declared good status. Later this part of the statute and did not object to the Supreme Court.

Human rights activist Yuri Chausov,

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General corrupt himself came to the prosecutor

Society Ex-police chief of the Grodno region Gennady Khotko, escaped from the investigation in Russia, returned to Belarus and he came to the prosecutor's office.

This incident reports BelTA referring to the prosecutor's office of the Grodno region.

Hotsko also admitted to abusing official position in the construction of their home and agrees to compensate the damage caused to them. In this regard, he changed the measure of restraint on his own recognizance.

Gennady Hotsko was wanted in February. With respect to the former Chief of police was initiated criminal case under part 3 of Article 424, "the abuse of

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