FATEZHSKIE funnel — the consequences of abnormal blasts spring of 1999, the cause of which has not been set. Site of the explosion and Dmitry Ushakov Fatezhsky area Kursk area surveyed specialists Emergency Situations Ministry and the Defense Ministry, however, did not find evidence of explosives, they are "written off" all the consequences of the fall of the meteorite.

May 29 — June 1, 1999 was held 63_ya expedition "Kosmopoisk" to study craters tion unknown origin. Were held instrument measurements, soil sampling, in the funnel found strange hollow education, interviewed eyewitnesses. Conclusion — the explosion is caused by

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Archive 2006 god.Na Don aliens dug tunnel stokilometrovy

Karst holes

In Don aliens stokilometrovy dug tunnel? Locals explain the origin of the strange holes in his fields extraterrestrial silami.Selyane afraid to approach the mysterious crater.

District alarmed hunters stumbled on the other day at the hamlet mound Orlovsky District at the strange failure right next to a dirt road. A strange hole in diameter — more than three meters.

— Looked with the men inside — one dark. Threw a stone — clunk. No less than 10 meters in depth!

— Edge of failure is very clear, — says Vladimir Kodenko hunter. —

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Mystery Dungeon

Karst holes

20.02.11.V center of Irkutsk, near the building of the Siberian Division of the Art Museum of Art, found a mysterious tunnel.

Regularly shaped hole in the pavement was formed a week ago in the courtyard of the Siberian Department of the Irkutsk Art Museum of Art on Karl Marx Street, 23. The failure of a depth of about 3 meters appeared between warehouses and the museum after the road drove heavy trucks. Steam coming out of the pit. Art museum professionals now are wondering what is in the ground: a tunnel, the old drainage or ventilation

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India: The eruption of the substantia nigra of the land has created a panic in Kurnool

Kurnool: Country phenomenon, black chemical substance poured out of the ground, creating panic in the village of Madikeri (Maddikera), Kurnool district on Monday(February 7). Also, huge cavities formed on 1 hectare of land belonging to a farmer Nogyahu of Madikeri, 100 km from Kurnool, soon after the black substance spewed out of the ground. Nogyah said it damaged the soil.

When the black substance spread like lava from a volcano, the surrounding grass on fire. A concrete electric pole collapsed.

Nagyah said he first saw the phenomenon two days ago. Officials rushed to the village to assess the strange

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In western Kazakhstan underground settlement fails

In the village of Berezovka Burlin district, which is located in West-Kazakhstan region, sags ground. Told Tengrinews.kz chairman Ecological Society "Green Salvation" Sergei Kuratov.

"There has been a failure under the house. Nobody can explain what it is. Such failures around villages have a huge amount," — said Kuratov.

Berezovka wrote a number of letters to the competent authorities to urgently conduct a survey of the territory. Public authorities have received the letters, after which came to the village and inspected the area. However, according to Kuratov, no action was taken.

In the environmental community, "Green Salvation" does not rule

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In Odessa tram rails have gone underground.

Tram painting went under the ground near the house number 45 on the street Admiral Lazarev. "Movement of the tram route number 11 suspended, and the route number 12 runs on the modified track — the train station, not to the station" Commercial "," — said the director of enterprise "Odesgorelektrotrans" Dmitry Polunin.

According to eyewitnesses, the failure was formed yesterday.

"I leave out the garbage and I see that on the pavement between the rails something black. At first I thought it was a bag of lies and went — and it is the ground one boulder fell. Looked

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Ivano-Frankivsk mudslides destroyed school


New failures soil Ivano — Frankivsk. This time, the rural school formed a two-meter hole. Therefore, the classes were cracked walls. While teachers expect the commission's findings, parents are afraid to let their children to school.

First failures and landslides on the school site began several years ago. Then simply place subsidence covered with earth. Of — for the heavy rains of August last year, crawled on the ground. A few days later formed hole.

On the walls of the two classes have a crack. They plastered, but in a few weeks, they appeared

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The ground water level was rising in England

Bans on the use of water continue to operate in some areas of England, despite the fact that the ground water level began to rise. Experts believe it will take much more time to get rid of the drought.

According to the latest drought continues in the south-east of England. Heavy rain failed to quickly restore water balance, causing local flooding. River level has stabilized, and in some places are already higher than normal, dry soil moist, and the reservoir is filling with water. This is due to an excess of heavy rains in the region of drought.

According to

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25.07.12.Gibel fish in the Penza region. Video


25.07.12.V arbekovskom Penza pond fish surfaced.

Not a single bite that morning. The bait Alexandra Telnova, catcher with 43 years of experience, the fish is not. But near the shore of a small goldfish and Rotanov abound. Aquatic inhabitants, according to all indications, were killed.

"Yesterday, when I came, I saw that the fish rose to the surface," — said the woman.

Alexander Telnova on disability. Fishing for her — an outlet and rest. The last 12 years every day, she walks with gear on a small body of water that the district Arbekova. It is located just 100

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China falls into the earth

Currently, more than 50 cities in China observed subsidence ground. The situation is compounded every year. It is predicted that in a few decades, some cities may disappear entirely. The main reason is the excessive use of groundwater.

According to a report in mid-March, the Ministry of Land and Natural Resources of the PRC, except for the major Chinese cities of Shanghai, ground subsidence is recorded in more than 50 cities. The total area of the surface subsidence of more than 200 mm is 79 thousand square meters. m situation is particularly serious in Beijing, Tianjin, Hangzhou and

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