Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier

Hard on the heels of Pearl Harbor, US forces flooded into Britain to join the Allied nations, ready to turn the tables in Europe. A staggering number of airfields became USAAF bases. We take you on a journey across the length and breadth of the UK to chart his astounding heritage, base-by-base.

Hard on the heels of Pearl Harbor, US forces flooded into Britain to join the Allied nations, ready to turn the tables in Europe. A staggering number of airfields became USAAF bases. We take you on a journey across the length and breadth of the UK to chart

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Unsinkable Aircraft Carrier — part 2

BEAULIEU, Hampshire

Station: 408

Location: East of Brockenhurst, between the B3055 and B3054

Previously: RAF from Aug 1942

Major Units: Ninth Air Force, 365th Fighter Group — P-47s

Code letters: 38th Fighter Sqn ‘D5-‘, 387th FS ‘B4-‘, 388th FS ‘C4-‘

Afterwards: To RAF Sep 1944 and a base for the Airborne Forces Experimental Establishment until 1950.

See also below. Returned to heath land 1959

ESTABLISHED ON Hatchet Moor in the New Forest, the P-47Ds of the 365th were followed for a month by the Martin B-26 Marauders of the 323rd BG before the airfield was returned to the RAF. In

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Stile Council: The Monday Group

Harold Rowling МВE has spent every Monday since 1961 making the country footpaths of Sussex accessible. Harold founded the Monday Group 51 years ago to give walkers access to the many legally recognised footpaths in the area by building and installing wooden stiles and occasionally bridges. Now in his 90s — though you certainly wouldn’t guess it — Harold still runs the 35-strong volunteer group and actively partakes in the work, from the designing of stiles to their installation and maintenance. We spent a wintry Monday morning with Harold and two of his team to see them at work.


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Ster Group

The seemingly unstoppable growth of Kurdistan is inseparable from the construction industry, and Ster Group is crucial to the sector’s positioning in the economy. When the broad range of diversified activities the company is engaged in is taken into account, one takes stock of the sheer importance of Ster to the Kurdistan adventure.

Mr. Sarwar Pedawi, chairman of Ster, is keen to stress the importance of ‘‘keeping up with the Joneses’’ (the West), so to speak. Where before, construction companies could shirk on quality in order to save on costs, such compromises are frankly no longer tolerated. With an increasingly

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Chin Chin was created in February 1990 at the initiative of the singer Vladimir ‘Istomin, who previously worked with the not very well-known metropolitan ensembles Tangram and Mystery Bouffe. In addition to his Chin Chin has played four musicians: guitarist Sergey Yalpaev (Diva, Supermarket), Viktor Ivanov, guitarist, bassist Boris Bolshakov (Attack) and drummer Andrei Grishin (Supermarket, Mr. X).

Given that a part of the former musician turned two supermarkets and Istomin personal preferences, you can easily guess that it will be about a band playing in the spirit of good old AC / DC. The way it is. But unlike

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KAR Group

KAR Group is the Kurdish oil and gas leader in more ways than one; it also stands apart for its range of activities and ambitious vision.

Owner of the largest private refinery in all of Iraq, KAR’s performance is notable for its success in downstream activities. Indeed, such is chairman Mr. Baz Karim’s burgeoning reputation in the industry that he was rewarded as Downstream Man of the Year at the Kurdistan-Iraq Oil and Gas 2012 Awards. A grandiloquent title that doesn’t do the group effort justice; in his own words, ‘‘It’s the reflection of the successful story of the team.’’

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H-House bang by min emerging design group

Located on a site that slopes eight metres from top to bottom, this complex. narrow private house steps up |or flown] in a series of volumes articulated by their materiality Not only was the section going to be inherently challenging. the programme didn’t cooperate it was to be a house to accommodate three different generations of the same family, and even on its lowest level, it had to offer daylight and access to fresh air.

Privacy was important, obviously, but also community. because the family wanted to be alone yet together as demanded. The solution turned out to be a

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Group The Smashing Pumpkins, came to Moscow on August 8 — is the brainchild of one man, his personal way to communicate with the world and what is called a «personal army». But unlike the traditional situation where the team becomes a spokesman of the will of one man, as an exception from the orbit of its other founders, The Smashing Pumpkins were once made «by itself»: this is their strength and their weakness in this


Invented the event born in Illinois: Billy Corgan, was born in a small town in a working class family, an


End of space vacations.

As you know, these guys are hot Canadian started his career with Ghastlier giperpankovogo blekushnogo roar and rattle, diluted for greater joy nightmarish screams of someone clearly torn by the clamp apart. However, everything becomes clear only one of the group’s name, borrowed from some tribe of cannibals prowl in search of prey at the edge of the gloomy Morgoth in ancient times.

However, over the subsequent decade music Voivod has undergone quite tangible change, to mutate from a rabid furious thrash in a mix of punk, avant-garde and psychedelic rock, comparable except that only the early Pink Floyd,

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VV Shmytinsky Art. Researcher LIIZhT

As stated earlier, the main difficulty of using PCM systems on the network of departmental communication is the organization of the group of channels. This is due to the fact that the industry does not produce digital data transmission system, allowing to organize such channels. Despite the fact that currently is developing the necessary equipment, the first phase of the implementation of PCM systems appropriate to provide for the maximum use of existing instruments, subject to a minimum the introduction of additional equipment.

Consider the simplest design options group channels using PCM-30 apparatus. In

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