Space farming

Written by Jonathan O’Callaghan

Future astronauts will need to grow their own plants in artificial environments if they are to survive missions far from Earth.

For future human missions beyond Earth orbit, out of reach of cargo spacecraft, it will likely be necessary for astronauts to grow their own food in order to survive. To achieve such self-sustainability they will need to grow food on their spacecraft, and perhaps even a future lunar base or other such habitat will utilise space farming to ensure the survival of astronauts.

If you think space farming is something from the distant future, however,

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Southerners AWAY

In recent years, some previously considered purely southern culture moved far to the north.

Among them — persimmon, apricot, peach, cherry and walnut. Attempts to expand the range of growth last taken at different times, both scholars and enthusiastic gardeners.

Almost 30 years experimenting with walnut dedicated professor A.K.Skvortsov. In 1977 he laid the first experimental plantation, which became the basis for the seedlings grown from the fruit trees growing in the Moscow enterprise «Experimental Plant NIUF.» Later they were joined by plants from other places. Over the years of plantings were closely monitored, but the final conclusion that A.K.Skvortsov

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CROP is not the one he grew up, and the one taken from the garden

Nearing the end of the fifth year of seven-year period. Gardeners state and collective farms worked hard and raised a rich harvest of fruits and berries, despite the fact that last winter was severe in some areas and caused considerable damage to fruit trees.

In the North Caucasus from peach and apricot podmerzli to 30% of fruit buds. In areas of low temperatures in the spring of Transcaucasia and prolonged rains in the flowering period adversely affected the pollination of fruit crops. In the gardens of Moldova, located in the lower places, much podmerzli fruit wood in some varieties of

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IN AUGUST your thoughts begin to turn to warm season eating, so as the winter rotations of brassicas, carrots, parsnips and yams begin to finish, we can start thinking of sowing spinach, silver beet, peas and lettuce. Soon after that it’s time for parsnips.

We have found through trial and error that it is best to plant parsnips in early spring as this long-maturing crop needs plenty of time to grow to a good size and provide eating for both mid-to-late summer and the following winter. Roasted, mashed, in soups, casseroles and curries, all are good

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Cucumber gods and emperors

This is an annual climbing herbaceous plant of the Cucurbitaceae family hails from Southeast Asian culture has long been cultivated in southern China and Japan, the Philippines and New Guinea, Indo-China, India, Indonesia. In ancient times, because of the unusual flavor and a variety of useful properties of this vegetable is considered a medicinal and ritual in China consume Momordica food could only imperial family, and in India and does momordica plant was called Gods.

We know quite a lot of varieties of this plant. Some varieties are only suitable for the cultivation of ornamental as houseplants, some varieties

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Carpet Zamora

Groundcover a lot — look at first. But among them there are champions in the shade and in the sun on wet and dry soil

Sun — dry

Sedum (Sedum acre) extremely unpretentious, thanks to a fine texture decorative foliage and bright yellow flowers. He is very fast growing, forms a continuous cover.

Cypress spurge ‘Fens Ruby’ quickly mastering space, having time to visit in the spring of purple, yellow and green in the summer and a little reddish in the fall. Often used not only in rockeries, but in the parterre flower beds, which requires limitations.

For decorative

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A well-known proverb advises: «Eat breakfast myself.» For children, this is not recommended, as a rule, because they are doubly necessary energy: to form a growing organism, and to the learning process is successful.

Why do I need breakfast:

Schools often cause a child mental stress (especially the first lesson, when the student has the least sensitive), and stress on an empty stomach provokes gastritis. Fed same person transfers much easier to increase the emotional background.

Timely and regular meals will help students maintain normal metabolism, which has a beneficial effect on the work of all organs, including the brain. Improves memory, increases the rate of reaction.

Another indirect benefit of regular breakfast time is that the child is accustomed to the regime and systematic action. This skill is useful at any age.

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Fry potatoes cucumber …

Chayote in the garden I grow more than 15 years. Today it is a major vegetable crops in my garden. For all these years I have never had while growing chayote face his disease or pests. Fruits chayote grows before our eyes and reach maturity in 7-10 days. On my site Mexican cucumbers grow to 700-800, the Mexican cucumber was grown seedling method I, and planted in the ground directly to the seed. Cutting the cucumber lengthwise, take out the seeds, wrap in a damp cloth, then in plastic and stored in a refrigerator at a temperature of +

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10 anti-inflammatory plants to grow

Nature has a number of anti inflammatory plants in its natural pharmacy While traditionally the veterinary industry has looked on alternative therapies, in particular herbal products, with a degree of scepticism, they still have put in place sophisticated tests to determine whether a horse in particular has been fed herbal remedies during competition.

Herbs and crude extracts cannot be patented, making them cheaper than mainstream drugs since they have not undergone expensive double-blind studies. The financial returns on non-patented drugs do not justify the enormous outlays required for patented drugs.

The last century lias based much of its modern medicine

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