The Guatemala air force.

As a result of the December 1996 Peace Accords that ended 36 years of brutal and tragic internal armed conflict, Guatemala is facing the greatest period of social and economic change — and opportunity — in its 178-year history as an independent nation. Like every other national institution, the armed forces are now in the midst of transitions reflecting changing values and outlooks, and the immense challenges of a nation coming to terms with its past, while moving into the future.

New missions.

For the Fuerza Aerea Guatemalteca (FAG), a period of reflective learning and reorganisationwill prepare it for new

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The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime released statistics Kill

Recently spread the good news: in New York, the day passed without a killing. True forgot to add that in Moscow, the murder rate is even lower. Here are the statistics from the UN report:

The murder rate in metropolitan areas, based on the 100,000 people according to the UN:

Country City Ubiystv/100.000

Caracas Venezuela 122

Guatemala Guatemala 118.3

Panama Panama 34.6

28.5 Nassau Bahamas

Jamaica Kingston 26.8

Colombia Bogota 17.4

Brazil Sao Paulo 10.8

Mongolia Ulan Bator 10.2

Mexico Mexico 8.4

Estonia Tallinn 7.3

Belarus Minsk 5.7

USA, New York 5.6

Moldova Chisinau 5.5

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Fuego volcano in Guatemala has become increasingly dangerous

Fuego volcano in Guatemala has become increasingly dangerous Danger Zone

According to geophysicists, the most active volcano in Guatemala has become more volatile. One of these days were recorded eruptions of ash that reached 2 kilometers from the summit crater and were scattered in the south-west at a distance of up to 20 kilometers above the cities Panimache, Morelia, Sangre de Cristo and Santa Sofia.

Kaqchikel, the Maya living in Guatemala, Fuego volcano called "Chi Gag." This volcano is of interest to scientists because of their activity: the constant eruptions are accompanied by earthquakes were recorded in 1524. The last

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New earthquake in Guatemala

New earthquake in Guatemala Natural Disasters

Guatemala again hit by a major earthquake. This time, there was a push in the Pacific Ocean at 27 km depth 30.4 km from the western coast of the country and the city Champeriko. The capital of Guatemala from the epicenter about 185 km, and to the border of one of the south-western Mexican communities Suchiate, only 43 km.

Propulsion was 6.5 points, but initially it was assumed that the earthquake had a magnitude less than a few tenths (6.2 points). After the main episode occurred some significant aftershocks, one of which

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Earthquake in Guatemala

Earthquake in Guatemala Natural Disasters

The Pacific coast of Guatemala, an earthquake of 7.4 points. In the list of the dead at the moment is listed 39 people who lived in the small north-western state of border with Mexico. Most suffered a small mountain village of San Marcos, located 128 kilometers from the epicenter of the earthquake. It destroyed about 30 houses.

On saving lives of six people buried alive under the sand collapse, more than 300 firefighters, policemen and villagers. The depth of the epicenter was about 32 km, its distance from the coast and the nearest

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The company with the Russian participation has received a license to produce nickel

in Guatemala

Companies Guatemalteca de Niquel with Russian participation has received an official license from the government of Guatemala to work in the fields in the country, said the director of the Department of Latin American Russian Foreign Ministry Alexander Schetinin.

This is a company with Russian management, working in Guatemala, resulting RIA Novosti Russian diplomat’s statement, made during his visit to Mexico. Schetinin stressed that private domestic investment are now the largest foreign direct investment in Guatemala. The volume of Russian investments into the economy of this country is $ 350 million

Schetinin told

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Guatemala's volcanoes continue to erupt

Volcanoes erupt in Guatemala continue to Natural Disasters

Volcano Santyagito, better known as Santa Maria, in the last few days has been very active. June 1, 2012 it erupted. The column of ash above the crater of the volcano reaches a height of 200 m Settling the ash had covered the news was almost Quetzaltenango, located in the east of Guatemala. Roofs, asphalt streets, the cars were covered with impressive layers of gray matter. Locals warned of the possible consequences of the volcanic activity. The volcano is located 206 km west of the capital, and has a 2500 m high.

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The largest in recent years, Fuego volcano in Guatemala

The largest in recent years, a volcanic eruption in Guatemala Fuego Natural Disasters

May 19, 2012 in Guatemala, there was the largest in many years volcano Fuego. The volcano, located 40 kilometers from the capital, threw a column of ash at a distance 5000 meters above the crater. The eruption was accompanied by a burning lava spurting fountain at a distance of 400 meters. National safety authorities warned airlines of a hazard within 40 kilometers from the volcano.

Despite the continuation of increased activity during the first half of the day May 20, 2012, Fuego

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An earthquake of magnitude 6.2 occurred near Guatemala City

March 26, 2013. An earthquake measuring 6.2 occurred on Monday Guatemala, epicenter was located about 10 kilometers from the capital, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.

While data on the possible destruction and casualties were reported.

In November 2012 the underground point magnitude 7.2 caused the death of a Guatemala 44 people, another 3.4 million people suffered property damage. Most affected 11 of the 22 departments of the country.

Source: RIA Novosti

Fuego volcano eruption in Guatemala. Video


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Fuego (Spanish: Volcan de Fuego — Volcano of Fire) — stratovolcano in the western part of Guatemala. Altitude — 3763 meters Located near the city of Antigua, is in a chain of volcanoes stretching along the Pacific coast of Guatemala, and is part of the basaltic volcanic complex. One of the most active volcanoes in Guatemala. Last erupted in 2010.

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