Whether you are new to mastering or an experienced engineer, the following few pages could change your life. Here is THE complete guide to a process that will transform your sound.

Any article that claims to be ‘The Complete Guide…’ is worth starting with a bit of a history lesson, so let’s look back at the early days of this ‘dark art’. Mastering began as a means of transferring recordings from magnetic tape to various media, such as vinyl, while maintaining as much of the audio fidelity as possible. Vinyl, for example, cannot handle much bass without the risk of


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Slleeping beauties. Check out our guide of what to expect at the Telford International Centre.

There will be new products galore as the leading bedding manufacturers gather at Telford.

AJ Foam will show its latest products from its Pureflex, Neptune and Memory Sleep brands.

Bodet and Horst’s Check Point fabric uses a hygiene sensor to signal when mattress and pillow covers need washing. Indicator particles integrated into the textile react to different contaminants such as dust mites, skin scales, bacteria, or bodily fluids. The color of the Check Point fabric changes to give the user a signal that cleaning is

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Hitachi C6UY circular saw

Good news! I think the Hitachi chief designer has been put on ‘gardening leave’ as the garish flashes and zigzags of black that seem to dominate anything new it launches have been removed, and this saw now looks more like then Hitachi of old, and if that matches the performance of old, then it’s a good thing in my book!

For a sami-diameter blade, this is a quick and sizable saw both in stature and cutting performance, and weighty enough to feel solid in use.

That’s down to a good build structure such as a hefty alloy base, 1300W motor

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Guide to the blues by Dan Aykroyd

The star of the film The Blues Brothers Dan Aykroyd is actually a lover and connoisseur of blues. You submitted them compiled a guide to the best samples of this genre.

Since then, he put on his iconic black hat, suit and sunglasses Elwood Blues in the blockbuster John Landis The Blues Brothers 1980, Dan Aykroyd became forever associated with the blues. This situation could be very painful, not so long ago if there had been an actor, dedicated and well-grounded in matters of blues fan of this genre. After talking with Dan during his recent visit to the UK,

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The equipment of the elevator shaft

In determining the size of the required elements of the frame and the cab cross beam rarely cause difficulties, because in most cases the calculations are quite simple. However with posts is not the case. Here, the cross section is more or less limited because the rack should occupy minimum space between the rail and the side wall of the cabin to cabin trim is not too wide. As a result, the bending strength of the rack in the plane of the car frame is limited, and therefore must be checked in the special conditions to ensure that they

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A foodie guide to Barcelona

Barcelona is probably one Europe’s most underrated cities. As the proud capital of Catalunya, Barcelona combines Spain’s cultural depth, Northern Europe’s progressive thinking and a dynamic Mediterranean vibe. A casual stroll through the city’s seemingly endless array of pedestrian zones will confer upon any visitor a simple truth — Barcelona offers visitors a window into what it truly means to love living life.

But in nothing is its zest for life more evident than in its culinary offerings — a city made famous for its molecular gastronomy perhaps, but with so much more to offer. Whether it’s cutting-edge culinary theatre,

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Copyright developing games

Ten years ago, young parents, having read a variety of books on techniques of early development, are taken to embody the cutting-edge ideas to life: glued and repainted wooden blocks (according to Nikitin), wrote at night speech on the cards (by Doman) was collected in the surrounding stalls 108 beer caps in order to fill the cubes Zaitsev.

Now times have changed, a lot of specialty stores educational games, and an inexperienced parent abundance of various allowances simply dazzled. Everybody knows the famous names — Nikitin, Zaitsev, Montessori and less well-known — or Kyuizener Denesh. Today we have

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In South Ossetia, the EU move and the U.S.

France, the Presidency of the European Union, said that South Ossetia sent representatives of the EU and the OSCE, to try to reach a ceasefire.This foreign minister Minister Sergei Lavrov said in a telephone conversation the head of French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner.For disk imaging of white houses, U.S. President George W. Bush expressed support for the territorial integrity of Georgia. U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice urged Russia to end the bombing and missile attacks on areas of Georgia and withdraw its troops. Previously, she spoke on the phone with representatives of all parties to the conflict in an

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Mat for yoga-sama from Manduka

Pad Shaman Manduka yoga from Guide presents

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If your favorite position during yoga classes — pose upside down, but you do not have a particular pleasure all the time in contact with the litter of polyvinyl chloride, immediately replace it with a mat made of 100% cotton, made in India. This mat is painted with natural organic pigments. Carefully woven edges and delicate fabric will guarantee stability and contribute to absorb sweat in the classroom. In addition, these rugs are more pleasing to the eye. Can be purchased at

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Personal Air Purifier

Personal Air Purifier Guide presents

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This unit will be surrounded by its owner airflow purified from numerous pollutants and dust. He has such a power, which is capable of removing from the air for more than 99% of harmful particles of any size. Cleaner due to its small size and great design will be a great addition the office or home decor. In addition, he is working on the filters, which in future could be at 100% recycling, and in active mode consumes only 23 watts of energy. Can

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