Brother Skrebtsov 10 million charge

10 million will be in addition to those amounts, which the brothers have to pay for the loan taken from the country and different penalties. In February 2006 Supreme Tribunal Belarus declared Manager deputy group "Respublika" House of Representatives previous convocation Skrabets guilty defrauding loans and sentenced him to two and a half years in prison. But in November, he was amnestied and released into the wild. At the trial in Supreme Court S.Skrebets pleaded not guilty and said that the verdict was politically motivated. Decision of the Commercial Court of the ex-MP described as "a continuation of political persecution

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S0 May — eighth anniversary of the disaster in Nyamiha

Most of those who managed to miraculously escape from this "hell", hitherto painfully tragedy. In her own lost friends or relatives — such events are usually strolling companies. …Olga, then BSU student, has already been buried under bodies. It was only then that her boy kept himself and until recently did not let go of her hand, eventually allowed to get out from under the already limp body. But again relive those minute, even in his memoirs, she did not want: "To be honest, not really hunting. Again Just to talk about it — it all once again to survive.

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Vitebsk: criminal case for beating fighter

The victim is being treated in Vitebsk frisky clinic care, and the commanders of the 103rd Mobile Brigade filed an application in the Vitebsk interpost military prosecutor. Guilty in the crime was arrested, instituted against him criminal case. As said Vitebsk human rights activist Leonid Svetsik, also appealed to him close fighter urgent service with complaints of hazing cases in the 103rd mobile brigade, which is considered in Belarus "elite" military unit. Svetsik offered his help in order to make up the military prosecutor appropriate application. But the unfortunate case with zbtym fighters occurred earlier than other disgruntled relatives gathered

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Tribunal found Vintsuk Vyachorka guilty but not punished

Referee Lyudmila Sebastian took into account the testimony of eyewitnesses — commandos and police recognized Vintsuk Vyachorka guilty in a small hooliganism (neprelichnaya abuse). But, since its viewpoint, minor violation, it does not assign any punishment.In Russian district court is happening and Tribunal over opposition activists Vyachaslavaam Siuchyk. It is expected that the verdict will be announced at 15.30.

Brest defiled monument to the victims of the Jewish ghetto

On This time unknown persons set fire to the flowers, with the result that has been scorched and the monument itself, which is at the corner of Dzerzhinsky and Kuibyshev.As said Managing Brest city Jewish organization "Brisk" Boris Bruk, the city council sent a letter demanding to find and punish the guilty.Monument to victims of the ghetto in Brest suffers from vandals not the first time, but usually do not find out the guilty.

Violence — the last argument of incompetence

Man: "Georgia is to blame, Our homeland than. "Man: "Violence — this is the last argument of incompetence. Our homeland is using the war for regime change, which does not suit Russian control. This, of course. "Man: "If the Russian military went to some acts — on the same bombing, means were reasons."Man: "South Ossetia — a part of Georgia. Our homeland is not have the right to enter their troops. Should have been given the mandate of peacekeepers neutral state, for example, Sweden, instead of, that has there specific interests. "Lady: "Management of Georgia! Was necessary reconcile people. They’re

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This is the same as a death sentence

Lawyer Dmitry Harachka said "Freedom" after the announcement of the verdict Zeltser and V. Bruskova, Minsk City tribunal which is now recognized guilty of commercial espionage and sentenced to 1 year and 3 respectively bullpen."Pryznvats guilty on such grounds — for me it’s slightly crazy, to be honest … will appeal against a Anyway, although we have no illusions. Zeltser’s health condition is very bad. This sentence is equivalent to death for him. "According Harachka articles, which blamed Bruskova Zeltser and do not require a closed trial.

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Who povinet in Russian-Georgian conflict?

Youth: "I think that Georgians blame. They provoked every day and Russia and Abkhazia." His friend: "I also think that Georgians blame. They did not have to start a conflict with Russia, beating two of their planes. Was necessary to the war. And again the world is the Olympic Games. History is always the case that during the Olympic Games all the wars stopped … " Man: "I can only judge from the television, that is guilty of Georgians since they first started the conflict. Though South Ossetia nobody recognizes as an independent country. General, there is hard to understand,

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Arrested on hunger strike

The fact that Paul Levinov starving in character protest that it is placed under arrest, a human rights activist told brother Andrew Levinov.Arrested asked relatives and friends that he had not passed any food or even drinking water.Ordered the arrest of Paul Lyavinau was issued on May 26. Pershamajski district tribunal found him guilty of disobeying police and small hooliganism during his arrest on March 27 near the apartment of journalist Vadim Borshevsky, in which KGB conducted a search. Levinov appeared there to provide legal assistance, and he categorically pleads not guilty rights violationsconcerning the order.The last six weeks defender

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Recognize whether the policemen guilty of human shield?

Case of the "human shield" entrusted to consider the arbitrator Ira Maiko. She belongs to understand whether the police and Dorogokupets Likhtarovich guilty of malpractice when the 2nd March Slutsky highway near Minsk suspended three personal cars and put their curtain to detain intoxicated avtaryzykanta. As a result of the tragedy later injured drivers and passengers of these cars.Contacts with journalists shall be removed until the police. Here’s what is clear about their position counsel victims Vera Stramkouskaya: "On this day, after familiarization with the case, it became clear that the police, who charged, do not recognize their own guilt.

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