Simon Jones scours the planet to track down wild, weird and experimental guitars and his collection now includes rarities from the UK, America, Russia, Germany, France and beyond. Lars Mullen drops in.

It’s been seven whole years since Guitar & Bass ventured to the far depths of Cornwall to witness Simon Jones’ startling selection of guitars. Simon isn’t a man to stand still, though, and since that time many of his instruments have been put on the block to make room for yet more way-out custom guitars. Is it about time for us to pay the man and his remarkable

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Great article on Greeny in the August issue. The first time I saw Peter Green and this guitar was at The Beachcomber in Nottingham. This was when the soul band era was ebbing and the blues boom was taking hold: sad, in a way, as one could meet girls via soul, while the blues was blokes and bored girlfriends! Anyway, my hero was Jeff Beck, who I had seen with the Yardbirds, and Peter was the new guy in the Bluesbreakers: somehow I had sidestepped Eric Clapton twice. Peter knocked my socks off and I couldn’t wait for the Bluesbreakers

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The Reign Of Spain…

Many years ago, when I first learned what the ‘ES’ part of the ES-335 stood for, the strangeness of the label only added to the guitar’s allure. It was also a surprise to find out that it was part of a long and distinguished line of ES instruments that Gibson produced. The 335’s place in guitar history has long been assured, but this month’s cover story goes a fair bit deeper than that. Not only do we celebrate the ES-335’s majesty, we also look into the other members of the Electric Spanish family, and discover why this model gained a

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TAYLOR 522e & 618e

Mahogany or maple, medium or large, intimate or extrovert… there’s something for everybody with these two fine new electro-acoustics from the USA. Review by Huw Price.

Taylor guitars are hugely respected by countless big-name players. Available in a vast choice of sizes, timbers and appointments, they’re especially noted for accuracy of build, consistency of tone and the stage-worthiness of the pickup systems. In this review, however, we want to look a little deeper, to take one brand-new and one re-worked Taylor and try to find out how they rate for feel and inspiration – which, after all, is what we’re

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We love cedar tops – and now Tanglewood has a pair of guitars with just that, plus some spectacular pieces of tree for backs and sides, and all at a very good price. Review by Rick Batey.

The new Java series from UK-based company Tanglewood comprises a set of four guitars – well, two really, but with an electro option on each – with some tempting timber. Solid cedar, known for its easy-speaking tone, is used for the tops – that makes a pleasant change from sitka spruce. The backs and sides are laminated with rosewood on the inside, but

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Tales from the road

Strum Face

We all love the odd bout of air guitar but, as Adi Vines discovered to his horror, it’s all about perspective

Festival season is almost upon us again and a certain type of guitarist will no doubt be looking forward to the Oulu Music Video Festival in Finland, as this is the home of the Air Guitar World Championships. Justin ‘Nordic Thunder’ Howard will surely be looking to defend his 2012 title against stiff competition from around the world and everyone, both competitors and audience, can all bask in the competition’s utopian philosophy that ‘wars would end and

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Guitar wireless system


CONTACT: www.sony.co.uk

Sony’s new wireless system is optimised for guitar and bass players, offering high-quality 24-bit/48KHz linear PCM digital transmission, an eight-position ‘cable tone generator’ plus 9V, 12V and battery power options. Audio outputs include two unbalanced jacks for amp and tuner plus for balanced connection to mixers. Six channels operate in wide and narrow RF modes.

Frequency range is quoted as 10Hz-22kHz using Sony’s own RF technology and codec; the DWZ-B30GB is said to deliver reliable and secure transmission even in the vicinity of wi-fi and wireless microphones. The 2.4GHz frequency band is used

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Shaker Maker

To the fore on two rock’n’roll classics and more besides, the late Joe Moretti was one of British pop’s ‘guitarist’s guitarists’. Profile by Alan Clayson.

Prior to British beat music’s subjugation of the planet in the mid-1960s, only a handful of native recordings were really on a par with anything in the annals of US classic rock. Among these were Vince Taylor’s Brand New Cadillac and Shakin’ All Over from Johnny Kidd. Each song lived in their riffs – and the guitarist who played both of them was Joe Moretti, a man who rippled across the decades as an influence

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Set Up Shop

Scouring local guitar stores is far more fulfilling than buying on the web, but as Adi Vines found, it can still disappoint.

I’ve been out shopping again, as I deserved a couple of treats after a busy tour that barely paused for Christmas. I was therefore overjoyed to find a Slash Octave/Fuzz at a bargain price in Scarborough’s Guitar Gallery. The warm welcome and quality of banter immediately made me feel guilty for taking the easy option of buying a AMT Japanese Girl wah and a Korg Pandora online a few weeks previously. I should have been pouring my cash

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Composer Parlour Acoustic Guitar

Fancy a parlour guitar with a little more oomph that could also be a holiday buddy, but don’t want to sell a kidney? Peavey takes on the challenge. Review by Martin Wheeler

Although it’s a traditional wooden acoustic instrument, the genesis of the Composer can be traced back to 2010 when Peavey bought Composite Acoustics, a company specialising in carbon fibre and graphite instrument building. The first post-CA Peavey instruments were designed with features gleaned from the feedback of original Composite Acoustics players. The resulting top-end guitars were well-received, and it seems that some of the

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