Chin Chin was created in February 1990 at the initiative of the singer Vladimir ‘Istomin, who previously worked with the not very well-known metropolitan ensembles Tangram and Mystery Bouffe. In addition to his Chin Chin has played four musicians: guitarist Sergey Yalpaev (Diva, Supermarket), Viktor Ivanov, guitarist, bassist Boris Bolshakov (Attack) and drummer Andrei Grishin (Supermarket, Mr. X).

Given that a part of the former musician turned two supermarkets and Istomin personal preferences, you can easily guess that it will be about a band playing in the spirit of good old AC / DC. The way it is. But unlike

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Vitaly Zyblyuk: Perspective musicians have, but not in Belarus

Bushlyakov: "Now — a day of solidarity. Did you take part in promotions for a day of solidarity?"Zyblyuk: "Namely, we participated as a group of" Umbrella "- last year, when he was" Denim Fest. "Then our concert singer began a huge task, it was fired, and now need to return 8 million … Besides myself at one point, the house lit candles in all the windows in the evening … You know, solidarity — the question whether to take a one-time role, you must keep this in mind always. A lot of people remember it, but not everyone can in

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Icy Guth

Society Icy Guta hiding in the dense forest at the very Belarusian-Ukrainian border. Forest rises to most homes, planted a vegetable garden and abandoned, overgrown with weeds, farmsteads. Therefore, the green color in all its shades in frosty Huta prevails over the other. Indigenous people in the village is decreasing every year. All major vegetation Gutowski gardens — the result of hard work of gardeners. And this village would be another housing estate that he settled here Gomel musician, a man with a classical guitar, a great composer Igor Shoshyn. And thanks to him every year in early July, the

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